November, 2002 to January, 2003

Date: January 20, 2002
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I really should be: asleep. or reading. stupid 8:30 lab tomorrow. it doesn't even have anything to do with what we're studying
quote/fact/thought: "you know you have a problem when the salt's frozen..."
"snow certainly does come up"
"don't be the bunny" ~Urinetown
Oh I just can't wait: now that's a tough one. i honestly can't say...well, the end of the term, maybe
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: luther's stalking us!
Show(s) I saw/have seen since I was wrote: and Hairspray and Flower Drum Song and and a bunch more that weren't quite live
Updates: i know i scanned some things when i was home, but i haven't put them anywhere where others can see
Link: Luther Creek: Warning...frightening!

so, it's been a while, hasn't it? I wrote myself a few notes about what I've been doing this past month, but it seems to have vanished, so I'm on my own to remember now. I just read over what i wrote I would be doing for about a week after I updated, and I believe everything worked out pretty much exactly like that. So I'll start at monday when i was going to Sarah's christmas party. I went to Sarah's and didn't really know anyone, though I didn't expect to. We were a year apart in high school, so I recognized a bunch of them, but didn't know any. Until Bridget finally arrived. I hadn't seen her since the summer and we didn't think we'd end up seeing eachother since she was leaving for her farm and then heading straight back to New Brunswick. Luckily things worked out. Except that she couldn't stay long at Sarah's because she was invited to another party that night. So, rather than leaving me at Sarah's, she called the girl who was having the other party (who I didn't know...) and asked if i could come with Bridget. so I did that. I actually knew more people at teh second party eventhough I didn't know the hostess. I ended up talking with Bridget's best friend for like 45 minutes about McGill and how much she loves it. So that's a definite possibilty for me for next year (going to visit some time over reading week).

I guess maybe I should backtrack there a little. I believe i mentioned before that I've officially switched programs..I'm now a science student studying psychology. and for next year, I am goign to transfer. I dont' know where yet. I am going to apply to the University of Toronto and maybe McGill and the possibly (probably?) Barnard and NYU. So, that's where things stand on that front. Now back to a recap of the holiday

I'm trying to remember what I did on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. OH! that would be christmas eve day, chrstmas day and boxing day...i know exactly what i did! Well, kind of. I saw The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers which i loved more than the first one. I think I was able to follow it better because I knew what was going on more than I did with the first one. So, that's all i can remember from the 24th and 25th, but I know on the 26th I did lots and lots of Boxing day shopping! It was incredibly exciting since I hadn't gone shopping at all since the summer. and even then almost never bought anything for myself since money these days only goes towards school, rent, and food. sad, isn't it? anyway, I got two pairs of jeans and three sweaters and a pair of black dress pants with kind of shiney pin stripes and a tank top and a kitchen. I think that's all. well, the important stuff at least...because I can't remember anything else.

the real fun began on the 27th. I packed most of the day :) then Adrienne came over in the evening and we talked and finished my packing and i fed her and she drove me to the bus station :) and then max arrived around 9...and we left for NYC. The bus ride wasn't particularly exciting. it was really really hot though. and we spent two hours at the border. AUG! but it was soo worth it.

ok, so now i want to write in more detail...but i should go to bed so i'm awake for my lab tomorrow. I'll finish this up tomorrow...i hope! night night

Date: December 17, 2002
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I really should be: sleeping. or anything away from a screen
quote/fact/thought: "not going to new jersey isn't procrastinating. it's common sense"
Igby Goes Down
Oh I just can't wait: the 28th, i think (hope...)
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: i'm officially in science!!!
The last show I saw was: i guess still La Fille Mal Guardée
Updates: i've got some pictures and articles to put up, but they're not there yet
Link: Studio180. How completely random is this? they do their first ever production in Canada and not only bring it to Waterloo, but actually to the university. A university with an almost nonexistent drama program. not that i'm complaining (about The laramie Project...not the drama department)

So. hello. it's been a while. as usual. i finished exams on saturday. they were an average of ok. the first two (which were both on december 6...muscle physiology adn music) were pretty good. the second one on the following monday (social psychology in physical activity or whatever it's called) was pretty awful and the last one (cell bio) was ok. so, like i said, an average of ok. my dad came to pick me up on sunday. i was hoping to go to the KW chamber orchestra's concert at 3 b/c i'm hoping to join the orchestra next term, but things didn't quite work out that way with my dad's torn muscle and my mom's 24hr illness. but, what can ya do? we went to get me and my mom new watches b/c there was a big sale in downtown kitchener (my first time outside there...) and we got somethign to eat and then headed home. we got to toronto just as the heavy snow was starting up, so good timing in the end.

sunday night i saw a wonderful movie with max called Igby Goes Down. My parents had seen it the night before and said it was great and sarah saw it a while ago and i remembered her saying she loved it, so off we went. of course max wanted food after so we headed over to lick's. i have to go back there sometime when i'm actually hungry b/c just seeing it reminded me of the wonderfulness of their veggie burger. mmmm. somehow max ended up with two cokes, which we still can't figure out. it was all very confusing, trust me. anyway, after max ate he took me home and i went to sleep b/c i was a very very tired turtle.

monday i woke up feeling kind of odd, but i didn't think anything of it b/c i often don't feel well in the mornings. i emailed serena telling her 6:30 that night would be fine...she invited me to go with her to a preview of the movie Chicago, which i was extremely excited about. after sending the email i went to watch the last episode of Cirque du Soleil: the fire within that i had taped b/c it was on while i was at teh movie sunday night. and i started feeling a little more not so good. long story short, by around 3 i knew i wasn't going to make it to the movie at night. i was NOT a happy camper. the rest of teh day's kind of a blur. i was feeling better from about 5 until 6 but went downhill once again. i couldn't sleep b/c i felt too awful which i don't think has ever happened to me before! anyway, i barely slept all night and woke up feeling really odd. and by around 1pm today i was finally feeling ready to drink something (my parents were getting mad at me b/c i wouldn't even drink water yesterday b/c it made me feel worse. they kept saying it would make me feel better in teh long run b/c i wouldn't get dehydrated, but what's the point on drinking it if it doesn't stay down?!). i actually ate some solid food incorporated into teh chicken soup my dad made, so that was probably the day's highlight. the excitement of being sick...

so, i'm feeling a million times better now than i was at this time last night. i've got some wonderful things planned for the break. tomorrow i might be heading up to yorkdale with erin adn kristi (it's going to be INSANE up there!). thursday jackie's staying with me and we'll be watching our Survivor finale. plus i'm planning on making dinner thursday and i'm going out with my grandmother for lunch. friday jackie and her sister are staying with us so they can get to the airport nice and early saturday morning. friday afternoon i'm baking cookies with jesse and then having some dinner at her place as part of a christmas type festivity. umm...monday is a christmas party at sarah's. and...what else? i'm *hoping* to be going to new york on the 28th, possibly with max. i'm almost positive i'm going to go, especially since this transit strike didn't happen yesterday over there! i'd probably come back to toronto on the 1st or 2nd, hopefully with sarah with me (different sarah from teh one with the party on the 23rd...) and on the 2nd *hopefully* there will be some "sewing bee" shopping :) and a music doctor appointment. and then...well, i guess it's back to waterloo. which sucks. i'm trying to find someplace else for myself come september. that's the plan.

well, my fingers are all typed out. so, happy tuesday to you all.

Date: December 1, 2002
Journal Start Time: 11:40 pm
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I really should be: reading. studying. basically my head should be stuck in a book regardless of the purpose
quote/fact/thought: mmm, none today
Oh I just can't wait: 5pm, Decmber 14
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: that i care too much
The last show I saw was: La Fille Mal Guardée
Updates: Tamara updates
Link: World AIDS Day: Link and Think on December 1st

i started this entry fully intending on being awake enough to write about what i've been up to, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. i'm exhausted! but, now that i've started i may as well write something more than that.

so, it's december, which is rediculous. it's also chanukah...again, rediculous. so far i've received some very fun things...a book about the creation of West Side Story and another book about Tommy (the musical) as well as a ceramic colander. today was the massive family chanukah party, which was very nice. Steven Page (aka the Barenaked Lady cousin) was there with wife and kids, who are all too cute. i had my usual attachment named Samantha keeping me incredibly busy throughout the entire affair. i love this kid! she didn't want to leave because she knew i was still there :) what else...i ate too much, but what else is new.

ok, i think that's all for today. nigth night

Date: November 25, 2002
Journal Start Time: 3:47 pm
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Stuck in my head: "buggin' you is easy 'cause your..." well, just go see for yourself :)
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Is it on? nope. b/c i'm supposed to be doing work
I really should be: see above
quote/fact/thought: how do you eat a vegetable?
from the wheelchair up :P
- Mark's Quote O' the Day
Oh I just can't wait: 5pm, Decmber 14
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: i'm trying to do too much. oh wait...i already knew that...
The last show I saw was: La Fille Mal Guardé's a ballet but it still counts!
Updates: nothing for a while now
Link: Periwinkle Homepage: an event that took place in honour of an amazing dance teacher and wonderful person. i only wish i'd found it earlier...

So, i had the most insane weekend! actually, only saturday. i went home this weekend because max had a dance thing at Ryerson and he was actually going ot be on stage, so i thought it'd be nice to go. my aunt (who works at ryerson) got me two tickets, so my mom and i were going to go.

first i have to backtrack to friday, though. when i got home, my mom told me i should call my grandmother because her sister might have an extra tickets to the ballet for saturday night, which indeed she did. my mom also mentioned that they (my grandmother and her sisters) were going to my mom's cousin Kenny's dance show. Kenny is a fairly well known dancer. anyway, she said that i'd probably really have loved to go, but since i was going to max's dance show, i'd have to wait for another of Kenny's shows to come around. ok...back to saturday agian now.

i met with her at shul...where i had to wait a while so shoudl could finish eating. so i'm standing there talking with my mom, and my french teacher's beside me. aug. now, i only had two french teachers in high school...mme cockburn for 3 year, who i loved...and ms bartlett (yes, ms, not mme) who, well, if i spoke to her in french, she's reply in english. enough said. so of course it was ms bartlett who was there. luckily my mom's friend came to talk with us. seems normal enough...right? would have been, except that she starts by said "he hates when i do this, but could i give my son your number?" right...a little strange. but hey, why not?! then we go on to find out that she knows people in all the right places at both U of T and McGill, which just so happen to be the two canadian schools i'm looking to transfer to. alright, so finally my mom's ready to leave and my dad drives us down to ryerson.

we got there quite early, so we were in the lobby reading some of teh dancers' biographies, when my mom notices that one of the girls mentioned something about how thankful she was for teh chance to work with Kenny. so that was pretty neat...him being famous and all :) finally they open the doors and we go in and sit down and start looking through the program. and oddly enough, we come across Kenny's name again. he was the director of Max's piece. and it grandmother and her sisters are going to be at the same show we're seeing! so we're looking around for them...only to find them sitting a few rows back during the pause between teh first adn second numbers.

intermission roles around and i go up and tap my grandmother on teh shoulder...and she's just a little confused to see me there! i don't know that she fully understood how weird it was that we ended up seeing the same thing. just the fact that i couldn't see Kenny's show because i was seeing Max's show...and sure enough they're the same thing. anyway, my mom and i then make our way into the lobby again...and there's Kenny. and he's quite a bit more surprised to see us than my grandmother was. we explained why we were there and that i'm friends with max. he was saying how great it was to work with max and that he'd he a great actor. hehe. it was all just extremely amusing. but the fun didn't stop there!

max told me that he was in teh last piece and that it takes him a while to change afterwards...and now i understand why. the dance was hilarious! i couldn't stop laughing. and of course max was wonderful :) since i really should get back to work eventually, rather than giving a full run through of the piece, i'll just say that, at the end, max was Batman dancing to Climb Every Mountain. right...

we saw Kenny for a minute after teh show but he had to go backstage to see if everything is alrihgt. finally max comes out, and the first words out of his mouth are "so, Kenny's your cousin??" hehe. just a little strange for all involved! we then went our seperate ways and my mom and i started working our way down to Front where i was meeting my grandmother and her sisters for dinner. so, we're sitting in Shopsies eating dinner...i assumed i'd outlived the possibilities for strangeness for one day. until teh director of my old dance school walks in teh door...go figure! i assume he was also going to the ballet, and kind of wish i'd been able to talk with him for a minute, but it was enough for one day!

i'm just surprised i didn't run into someone else on the subway home...

Date: November 1, 2002
Journal Start Time: 11:59 pm
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Is it on? mmm...yeah. i hope so at least
I really should be: sleeping. or working. but my brain's sleeping, so working is too hard
quote/fact/thought: "it's a heart fart!" - Jackie, on myocardial infarctions
Oh I just can't wait: 5pm, Decmber 14
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: that even i don't want to be around me when i get less than 5 hours of sleep a night for a week
The last show I saw was: Rent. who knows when i'll get near a theatre again
Updates: Still promoting those pictures b/c there are a lot of them
Link: because i can't think of anything else

so, i'm incredibly tired. but i wasn't when i started fixing little things here, so i'm going to write something anyway! i had a nice visit from my brother and dad tonight. they went to Windsor for the day b/c my brother's applying there for next year and they had their open house today, so they stopped by here on the way home. my daddy took us plus my three roommates out to dinner adn the Mongolian Grill. i LOVE that place. if it only wasn't so damn expensive. they didn't stay long, but it was still fun. my dad brought me a bunch of things, including a ton of halloween candy. oh dear! i guess it means i'm goign to have to eat it. my brother was going to stay over, but has a birthday party to go to tomorrow, so he decided to go home insted of spending quality time with his sister :P

my aunt's coming in to waterloo tomorrow to visit. plan is lunch and a trip to the grocery store. i'm enjoying the prospect of good food WAY too much. Mike's coming to waterloo tomorrow, too, so hopefully i'll get to see him and maybe leslie. should be an overall enjoyable day.

i had my last midterm thursday. everyone was making it out to be an awful impossible test (i wrote it thursdya b/c i had bio lab tuesday night when most of the class wrote it...there were about 30 of us who wrote it late) but i didn't find it too bad. i think it was actually the exact same exam as the one given out on tuesday, which helped b/c one of my roommates actually wrote it tuesday and told us a few of the questions she had to know, so of course i realized i didn't know those things adn went and studied them. i'm hoping i'm not just being overconfident b/c i've done well in my other midterms so far this year. i think my average on my midterms so far is 95, which i think is hilarious considering i'm switching programs, but whatever. i'm not staying in kin just to prove to myself that i can succeed at something i can't stand. especially now that i've found something that (i hope) i'll enjoy more.

look at this long update...i get this feeling thre isn't going to be another one for a while! no real reason why...just based on my current track record here! i figured i'd organize my entries from the past 10 months and start again, fresh. maybe it'll motivate me to actually write in here every once in a while. i feel like i should try to change the way i write and what i wrote about in here. i feel like all i do is talk about my day adn when's happening at school. which is quite boring to an outsider. i'm sure i've said this before...but i'm really going to try. b/c i write so infrequently, there's always this little voice in teh back of my head urging me to just write whatever's on the surface of my life. and there's always tons more than simply a surface layer!

i think there was something else i thought of writing, but i can't remember on that note, i'm goign to go hide my chocolate from myself, finish my book (Wild Swans...7 pages left, damn it!), possibly start my next book (The Red Tent...very excited to read this one), and then go ot bed whenever the book falls on my head. ok, byebye!