I changed my mind. I used to want to use this section to show some of who I am. But now that I'm at school and don't have my piles of photo albums with me all the time, I'm going to use this as a replacement. I don't know if that'll make a difference to you, but it likely means that i'll have more pictures in here that have more meaning to me, rather than just some nice pictures. ok, that's all
Note: The secions said to be *NEW* contain the pictures I've put up most recently

the end of April, 2003 through until August (two trips to NYC, a concert and NMC2003) *NEW*
From September, 2002 to April, 2003 (second year in Waterloo - roommates, NYC, Rent in London and a bunch of randomness)
From May to August 2002. (a birthday, a trip to new york, music camps)
From September 2001 to April 2002. (frosh week and other pictures from school, The Last Session in Rochester NY, and reading week in NYC)
From all over during the summer, 2001 (cottage trips, San Diego, ect..)
Taken before, at, or after my formal. June 16 (??) 2001 at Arcadian Court.
Black and white proofs of my grad photos. Warning: some of them are just stupid. I blame the photographer. I'm not sure that the picture we actually bought (ie the good one) is even in there though! February, 2001.
Some more recent pictures of me with other people
Me with cast members from various shows
This is my attempt at being creative...well, either i think the photograph is neat, of it's a picture of some of my own artwork
From April 26-29 the music program at my school had its annual trip, this year to Cleveland. These are just a fraction of the pictures I took there and those that have been given to me by other people since we got back
A few pictures taken at the beginning of March at the music camp Voices at the Boyne, held at Boyne River Science School.
Pictures of me and friends (and bears!) at NMC '99
These are of me and friends at Centauri Summer Arts Camp, where went for two weeks during the summers of '98 and '99, for second session both years. First I was in the dance program and then I tried the musical theatre program. It's all been a wonderful experience. So, here are some of my memories...
Pictures of me and other people (or the other people alone) when we were all littler (1986-1995)
Not-quite-as-little me's. From 1990 til 1997 (ages 8 to 15)
Little me's...from the beginning til 1990