April, 2002 to October, 2002

Date: October 24, 2002
Journal Start Time: 9:56pm
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: katie, matt, and brian
Stuck in my head: nothing stuck. singing along to stuff
In the cd/tape player: Tick Tick Boom
Is it on? yup it is. it's almost over though.
I really should be: i'm sure i have some reading to do...but you know what? too bad!
quote/fact/thought: "You have to have opportunity. ie. the cheese" ~Dr. Brawley (social psych)
"if I could just show you a position. A position?!! I won't show you any positions!" ~Dr. Bols (bio)
"I don't know but i can tell you stories about chitin." ~Dr. Bols
"Let me put up my Elton John metabolic pathway" ~Dr. Bols
"Here's the famous crown Zot" ~Dr. Bols
"I'll give a prize out. A hunk of salami. I've gotta get rid of it. remember, it was bad." ~Dr. Bols
"if you lived anywhere else you'd know that the leaves here are #1. except the maple leafs aren't #1" Dr. Bols
Oh I just can't wait: winter break. starts december 14!!!
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: a crap load of biology! and that i won't listen to something until i'm actually ready to hear it. that one's probably more important, huh?
The last show I saw was: still Rent in Hamilton with Keri. i was supposed to go to Stratford, but max had to do research
Updates: LOTS of pictures!!! from the summer and last year and the summer before. i had fun with a scanner over the thanksgiving weekend.
Link: The Toronto Star. keeps me informed and slightly less bubbled from last year

So, it's been a while. as usualy :) lots going on over here. i never thought it possible to be as busy as i was these past two weeks. in 6 days i had three exams and two labs due. now that was fun! but, i got 100 on one of the exams, so it's all good :) i got my bio mark back, and i'm extremely happy with it considering i didn't take oac bio. and i haven't gotten back the third exam mark, but i have agood feeling about it. yeah, things in that department are going a fair bit better than last term. well, the last real term. nothing will ever beat last term and the lovely calculus :P

So, big news for me since i last wrote would be that i'm changing programs. for sure. the decision had to do wtih the whole "not listening until ready to hear" thing. someone made me realize at the exact perfect time that it was stupid to be in a program i hated. i think human biochemistry is what really pushed me over the edge. i absolutely couldn't stand that class. at first i figured i'd start catching on after a couple classes. and a few weeks later i was still clueless. most people were putting up with it b/c they need the credit in order to graduate with the degree they want. i, on the other hand, couldn't care less about the degree. so that was that. i'm transfering into science, and will apply to be a psych major in a few months. it's kind of scary not knowing what to expect and having to start everything all over again...but anything has to better than where i'm at now. right? well...i hope so, at least.

so..what else is going on here. apartment-related stuff is working itself out pretty much. there are still things that really get to me, but i'm learning to just deal with it. the only things that really get to me are the ones that i have brough up and no one has listened to. but i guess i just have to keep at it. i can hear two of them having fun doing dishes right now, actually. i did a massive stack of those last night. the plates were piled up higher than the rim of the sink. now that was fun! that's what happens when three people in an apartment have insane numbers of assignments, labs, and midterms and the fourth one isn't there!

alright, i'm just rambling on here. so i'm going to stop. i keep thinking of things to write when i don't have time to actually write them i know there is plenty more i wanted to put down. maybe another time.

Date: September 18, 2002
Journal Start Time: 11:27pm
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: no one. but that's my own fault
Stuck in my head: "dum dadadum dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada dum dadadadadum dadadadadum dadadadadum dadadadadaaaaa" that's be the William Tell Overture...if you couldn't tell...
In the cd/tape player: i don't think there's anything in there, but just realized i have some mozart to listen to, so i'm about to put that in
Is it on? now it is...
I really should be: reading. i have so much reading to do
quote/fact/thought: i have to start writing down some of the stuff my bio prof says...
Oh I just can't wait: til i find something to look forward to...
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: that eventhough OAC bio isn't required to get into my program, it's assumed that we know everything from the course already.
The last show I saw was: Rent in Hamilton with Keri. thank you keri! it's funny with that show...i got over two years not seeing it once, and then see it twice in a month!
Updates: i have a ton of pictures to scan and upload, but that'll have to wait until i'm back in toronto where i have a scanner
Link: Weather: University of Waterloo. where i go every night to figure out what i'm going to wear the next day. exciting, i know

well, i'm at school. i have been for three weeks with a 4 day break back at home in the middle for Rosh Hashanah. things aren't great. what i expected, i guess. human biochemistry might just kill me. my music class is nice and easy...just how i want it. i'm really disliking money these days...realizing how quickly it can just disappear without noticing.

things in the apartment are good. everythign's running nice and smoothly so far. I haven't been doing nearly as much work and reading as i should have been doing. my plan is to get myself completely up to date on that this weekend. although this weekend could prove to be busy. i know for sure i'm doing teh AIDS walk here on sunday. if you want to sponsor me, send me an email :)

what else. i got my calculus mark from over the summer and it's quite rediculous. i'm not complaining or anything...quite the oposite, but it's rediculous none the less. and on that note..i can't think of anything else to write in here other than piles of complaints, adn that's boring for someone not living my life. so byebye until next time!

Date: August 19, 2002
Journal Start Time: 12:26am
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: Brian and Lisa cow
Stuck in my head: "oh J A N E T i love you soooo" Rocky Horror Show
In the cd/tape player: Parade, i think
Is it on? nope. it's on another floor
I really should be: asleep. i have to be up soon. oops
quote/fact/thought: you know...i had one...but i have no idea where it went
Oh I just can't wait: until 9 hours from now, i guess. going up to national music camp. thought it does mean a trip up to waterloo is soon to follow...arg
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: that..well, i already knew i care more about some of my friends than they care about me...but i guess i learned the extent of that fact...
The last show I saw was: Rocky Horror Show SOOOOO good!!! and i saw Chorus Line the day before. two out of the three i'd hoped to see before camp
Updates: still none. oops again
Link: ToolKit Productions. go visit this site and then call the box office number and buy tickets for Rocky. you'll love it. i promise

so, not much time left at home. camp starts much too soon...which means school is only three weeks away. well, classes are at least. waterloo is looming in the slightly nearer future. which means no internet for me for a while. so, adios. not that you'll miss me here, b/c i rarely update anyway


Date: August 11, 2002
Journal Start Time: 10:54am
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: i was talking with erin, but i don't know where she went.
Stuck in my head: nothing, because i'm listening to songs i don't really know. though i had jason robert brown songs and a new brain in my head all day
In the cd/tape player: mm...nothing...
Is it on? well, no, but i'm listening to random urinetown songs
I really should be: asleep. i pretty much forgot to do that last night
quote/fact/thought: "It just looks like a clear bunch of worms. they used to be happy dancing onions."
~Mariapia on the phone last night
Oh I just can't wait: oh boy...not much to look forward to now. well, NMC is in a week, which would be fun...but then i have to go back to school the day after i arrive home, which won't be so much fun. i'm looking forward to winter break though...
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: just because they're used for their name, doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be bad
The last show I saw was: Rent. with Joey Fatone. hehe. between now and the last time i wrote, i also saw Into the Woods, Urinetown, and The Full Montey (and have hopes of seeing three more plays in the next week...i'm making up for this past year :))
Updates: i've scanned more pictures, but haven't linked them. and now i have more pictures to scan. who knows when that'll happen
Link: a graphing calculator! i just finished calculus. so sue me :)

sooo. it's been a while, as usual. i wonder how many entries have started with those exact words...or close, at least. World Youth Day happened and passed. i could go on about that for a while, but i'll spare you. basically, it mostly bothered me because it did not include the world, at all. that and it in no way was just a day, but whatever! now those bags are everywhere though, and i cringe whenever i see them. not that the people wearing the bags are bad people...just the memories of the stuffed street cars and subway. anyway...

so, if you couldn't tell by the list of shows seen, i went to new york city. i was planning to go for 4 days, maybe 5...and i stayed for 6 :) i saw everyone i was hoping to see, including one who i completely didn't think was going to be anywhere near that area, so that was a nice little bonus. so what did i do for 6 days? good question! i wandered a lot. one of my favourite things in the world to do. it was REDICULOUSLY hot for teh first 4 days. it was really hard to sleep comfortably. oh yeah, erica didn't have air conditionning. so you basically wake up drenched in sweat. it was worth it though :)

besides the theatre part, i did do a few things. we (myself, staci, erica and pam) went to Serendipity after seeing Urinetown (well, erica didn't see it) and then erica and i watched the dvd of Serendipity the movie in her frien'ds air conditionned room. i was actually cold! it was great. Erica and i made our usual stops at Ellen's and Tom's of course. we also finally went to Mars2112, which we've been talking about doing for 2 years! Shani came with us there.

oh, i took a hip hop class! that was...interesting, to say the least. of course the studio wasn't air conditionned either, so it felt like it was 200 degrees in there by the time the class ended. that and i'd barely eaten that day b/c i wasn't feeling great. it was just interesting in every respect. we went to john's pizzaria after teh class, which helped get rid of the headache i got after the class. the class was nearly a week ago (6 days) and i can still feel it in my muscles. it's pretty pathetic actually.

tuesday was lindsay and erica day, and it was just perfect. first of all, the weather turned beautiful, which was just amazing. we started off the day relatively early, and went down to wall street. we wandered there a bit. went into a beautiful church. and then made our way over to the WTC site. i'm still not sure how i felt about being there. it was kind of strange. i'm glad erica's the one i was there with, though :) after a little bit, we went over to the water and just sat there for what felt like a really long time, though it probably wasn't. i have no concept of time anymore b/c my watch broke at teh end of exams and i don't wear one now! but after a while we walked over to South Street Seaport and had lunch and Uno...mostly for teh fact that they have an oreo brownie sundae :) except they forgot the oreo that's supposed to come on top! it was pretty amazing though, especially for us oreo lovers. we looked in some of the stores there for a while, and then headed into midtown. oh, we both got fried rice from Ollie's that good! and it was teh first time i ate chinese food out of a little carton thingy. it was very fun :)

so, i've been back in reality for 4 days now, i guess. i wrote my calculus exam yesterday morning, which i think went pretty well. i found it quite easy...which always worries me. makes me think that i just totally missed something for sure. she only really seemed to be testing the general concepts of teh course...nothing tricky or anything. i guess we'll see when i get my mark back though. who knows when that happens!

now i'm just spending my time trying to get ready for school and camp. i need to buy a bunch of furniture and have next to no money with which to buy it, so that could be intersting. starting to say goodbyes. i've only got a week left in toronto, and then it's back to waterloo after 2 weeks of camp. i really can't believe summer's so close to being over. it's crazy crazy stuff.

Date: July 20, 2002
Journal Start Time: 12:03am
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: Matt and Eling!
Stuck in my head: "neighbour to neighbour. father to son. one for all and all for one" Seize the Day Newsies
In the cd/tape player: Tick...Tick...Boom!
Is it on? the battery is dead, so no
I really should be: sleeping. oh well
quote/fact/thought: "Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget"
Oh I just can't wait: for next weekend i hope...supposed to be going to a friend's cottage. and then for two weeks from now...supposed to be going to nyc
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: Chiquita Rivera was in Kiss of the Spiderwoman. the red devil isn't fun anymore. sight reading isn't like riding a can easily forget how to do it. and my hair is now long enough to tie into a big knot...which makes buns a lot easier to make
The last show I saw was: still Blast!. was supposed to see the dream in high park yesterday, but that didn't happen. maybe next week
Updates: i still have to scan those pictures...
Link: scroll down to the bottom. i'm famous.

so, it's been a while again, hasn't it. less than a month though, which isn't bad by my current record. so, what's been happening. i turned 20. that was rather...well, it wasn't anything special. there was a major strike here, which included garbage collectors. so the area in the beaches where i've got for my birthday for the past few years was apparently quite smelly. i ended up walking along Queen West with my parents, it was pretty boring. though we went to the Beaches on Monday and it wasn't so exciting either, so it may have been boring either way. i got my last birthday present a couple days ago...the second version of teh Moulin Rouge cd, and i'm enjoying it very much. I don't have teh first version, but this one looked like more fun.

lately all i've really been doing is going to camp ("volunteering" at summer strings again this year) in the morning and coming home and doing nothing. well, not completely nothing, but not too much of anything. camp's going relatively well. some little problems here and there, but overall pretty good. the violin-ing side of it's been kind of painful, but i try not to think about it. in general, the kids are great and really motivated though. the staff situation seems better this year than last..or maybe it's just b/c this year i've been there from teh beginning, so have had the chance to really get to know some of them. regardless, it's nice.

alright, well i guess this will have to do for an update for now. i'll be back...eventually

Date: June 29, 2002
Journal Start Time: 12:09am
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: Jackie
Stuck in my head: i don't knwo what it's called and i can't figure out why it's stuck in my head. i have no idea why i know it.
In the cd/tape player: 2001: A Musical odyssey an NSS recording. woohoo
Is it on? i really hope not
I really should be: well, i guess technically i should be catching up on calculus. but who's going to do that after midnight??
quote/fact/thought: "Humor is just another defense against the universe."
~Mel Brooks
"Musical comedies aren't written, they are rewritten."
~Stephen Sondheim
Oh I just can't wait: for...i'm not sure. monday's canada, but everything here is cancelled because of stupid strikes. well, teh strikes aren't stupid, but they've pretty much cancelled canada day in toronto, and that's stupid. and then tuesday i start camp, which means finally teaching some violin again, so that should be good. i hope. then august 10th is my calc exam, so i'm looking forward to AFTER the exam. especailly cuz that's when i'm *hoping* to go to new york (depending on erica's schedual). then august 19th is NMC, which i'm really looking forward to, but i have to go back to waterloo teh day after camp ends, so that's not so much something to look forward to. there ya go, teh run down of the rest of my summer
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: that there isn't much to be learned from first year calculus, even when you're oac calculus teacher was awful.
The last show I saw was: Blast! this past Wednesday. oh wow. i am SO glad i caved and spent the money to see it. it was completely worth every penny.
Updates: i finally went through some of the links...basically deleted those that no longer exsist. i got pictures developed today, so those will be up eventually.
Link: Blast! Homepage: because that show deserves more than one mention here.

soo...what have i been up to these past 3 weeks?? good question! oo, sorry, got myself distracted looking at the blast website. so yeah, i saw that on wednesday with beth and her sister and it was so much fun. i wasn't going to see it because i just couldn't justify spending the money. but then beth wanted to see a show with me, so i suggested either blast or a TSO concert, and she loved the idea of blast, so i ddin't feel so bad about the money anymore. not that it was so much, but when you aren't even making a month's rent over teh course of teh summer, every little bit seems to count more than it used to. anyway, after teh show we went back to the house where beth's staying with cake and ice cream in hand and of course proceeded to eat a whole lot more than any of us really meant to. i stayed over there (aug, it was hot!) and breakfast was made for me in the morning! and then i went home.

let's back track a little to last thursday. last year i had a slightly delayed little birthday dinner thing, so decided this year to plan a little more in advance (as well as before the bithday, not after) and managed to combine it with a trip to toronto by next year's apartment-mates. anyway, this took place on thursday. jackie arrived early, and we did the preparing of the main dish type thing. and then everyone else came with the rest of the food! i was so happy with how things worked out. very few of my friends actually know eachother, so i'm always worried that everyone will just sit in silence for hours and be miserable. that is what happened to begin (though i hope people weren't miserable) but by the end everyone was talking with everyone else and lindsay was a happy turtle!

Jackie and krista stayed overnight so that we could go apartment-stuff shopping the next day. we went to Zellers and Canadian Tier and found everything we needed, including some Vanilla Coke, which was quite enjoyable. Krista left Friday night after a huge rain storm and a lovely dinner with my family (and jackie) at a great new restaurant around the corner from me. Jackie stayed over until Saturday when she left for a get together in Orangeville. but unexpectantly returned on Sunday for a few hours :) just before jackie left, i spotted Danielle Braidwood across the street, so we went over there so i could say hi. we talked for a couple minutes, and then jackie had to go :( overall it was a really great 4 days. yay

alright, it's late now, so i should go to bed. or something like that

Date: June 10, 2002
Journal Start Time: 12:48am
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: no one
Stuck in my head: Songs for A New World not sure what the song's actually called
In the cd/tape player: Into the Woods, Winter Moons, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, Tick...Tick...Boom! and something else, but i can't remmeber what
Is it on? it's no
I really should be: sleeping...which i was so close to doing while watching a movie and hour ago, but now i'm not tired...hence the update
quote/fact/thought: "The mind is like a parachute. It only functions when open"
Oh I just can't wait: for june 20th. yay for fun dinners. and for a visit from the roommates :)
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: that sometimes, as boring as it may seem, you just have to do nothing for a while. and eventually it will start paying off
The last show I saw was: Wayne Brady and friends friday night. SOOOO funny
Updates: no such luck. not much to update these days
Link: Mount Allison University: because it's so wrong that my brother's looking into going to school here already. he's still 8, right? oh dear

hello. long time no see. or whatever you might call this. i keep meaning to update, with all kinds of thoughts to type out...and then i manage to find other things to do. i didn't know there were so many "other things" i could find to do, but apparently i've managed. things have been pretty busy lately, surprisingly. especially this past week. spent time with adrienne...probably more time than in teh past 5 years combined. she's back in toronto to stay now. well, until tomorrow when she goes to europe for 49 days, but after that it's for good. had a crazy night with max doing nothing we planned and having so much fun doing it. we ended up going glow-in-the-dark mini least i think that's what they called it. it was really quite strange. we also saw THe Importance of Being Earnest, which was a very very fun movie. I would definitely recommend it.

Yesterday I bought purple pants, which i'm loving very much. they're tear-aways and i keep forgetting i don't have pockets and stick my hands in my pants, but i'll figure that one out eventually. yesterday was also my elementary school's 75th birthday, so there was a reunion type thing, and of course the one person i was hoping wouldn't be there was there. she didn't even look at me, so i guess that was fine. kind of reminds me of someone, never mind that. i was really hoping one particular teacher would be there, but he wasn' i'll have to track him down some other way. he's the only person who has ever taught me anything in english, and if i might say so, he did a damn good job. i went from not knowing how to spell in english at the end of grade 4 to actually being a good english student when grade 7 rolled around. i did see my best friend from about grades 3, 4, and that was nice. didn't talk for long, but it was something.

things for this week are looking less busy than last. going up to my aunt's for dinner wendesday night. i'll have to get a bunch of calc in...maybe two lectures tomorrow. hm, yes, i think so. then i can get myself ahead so i dont have to worry about it when things get busy again.

alright, it's inching on 1am, so i think i'm going to make an attempt at the sleep thing. maybe i'll be back a little sooner next time

Date: April 24, 2002
Journal Start Time: 12:02am
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: no one
Stuck in my head: Parade in general
In the cd/tape player: Rocky Horror Show i think
Is it on? it's on another floor
I really should be: sleeping, probably
quote/fact/thought: "the world is a garden. dig it."
Oh I just can't wait: to visit jackie. though i have no idea when that's who knows
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: that as i get older, so does everyone around me. sounds stupid and logical and all that, i know. but you don't really know it until it hits you. ok, enough
The last show I saw was: Alice at Northern SS. interesting...
Updates: pictures
Link: TD Canada Trust: because it helped me pay tuition this morning, so i thought it deserved a special mention

i know there's plenty i want to say, but feel weird saying it because i have no idea who reads this.

going to another funeral tomorrow. i guess it never gets easier, though i supposed it'd be a bad sign if it did. that should make for a cheery morning

these past few days haven't been half bad. i've been birthday present shopping >:) i don't feel i've been all that successful, but my bank account keeps telling me i have been, so i'll take it's word for it.

went down to the eaton's centre to meet beverly today. good times were had by all. she showed me a bunch of her photography and design projects she completed this year, and they were all pretty amazing. i'm so glad she's doing something she loves.

yesterday was good fun at teh doctor's. she told me nothing new, which is pretty much what i expected. then i did something else...oh wait, maybe i didn't. i started moving things around in my room. my plan for teh summer is to paint and reorganize funature. problem being i'm anxious to rearrange the furnature, but really shouldn't do that until it's painted. oh well. i just really need a change in there. it feels too much like last year with everything in exactly the same places as they were when i left. too much has changed in me since then for my room to be exactly the same. it makes sense, just trust me on this one.

let's see...sunday...went out for an amazing dinner. mmmm. very nice italian restaurant up on avenue rd. i believe just south of wilson. yum. what happened before that...went over to jesse's for about 3 minutes...and something else. maybe it was more birthday shopping. sure. we'll go with that.

saturday i accidently slept until 1. i really needs to get my sleeping habits sorted out, or i'm goign to be in big trouble when i have to start waking up to go be productive. anyway, after doing who knows what, i went over to Northern with Jesse to see this year's mainstage. it was an extremely confused verson of Alice in Wonderland. they were in her head psychoanalyzing her. now, if that's the real story, then maybe i had just never heard this version. it was very dark...and apparently was going to be even darker...but it's certainly a good thing it wasn't.

so, where am i now...i guess that'd be friday. friday i went over to Northern to see Bridget and whoever else was around. i ended up having a really nice conversation with chris for just over an hour. realized it was the first time i'd had a real conversation with him! talked a lot about next well as numerous random topics. it was lots of fun. oh, it was also absolutely BEAUTIFUL on friday. so chris and i were talking outside, then i walked home (stopping by Sugar Mountain...yummm) and then my mom announced we were going for a walk. so we went in the other direction along eglington. my feet were so tired by the end of the day!

well, i believe that is as far back as i can remember...and i should probably get to bed so i can wake up at a decent hour in the morning. goodnight..

Date: April 17, 2002
Journal Start Time: 1:20am
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: Jesse, Irene, Krista, Stacy, Mike
Stuck in my head: "now don't tell me what to do. and don't tell me what to say" i have no idea how that got there...
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? now that'd just be silly
I really should be: doing this :) yay for school being finished
quote/fact/thought: they're still packed amongst a whole ton of, well, everything
Oh I just can't wait: hmmm...well, yesterday was teh day i'd been waiting for for 4 months, so i don't really have anything new to look forward to. oh wait, yes i do. seeing jackie for her birthday!!!
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: ok, i know i learned a whole bunch of stuff, but i tend to forget everything after the final to make room for all the new stuff i have to learn. and since in my last final was biomechanics, i don't know anything.
The last show I saw was: Flyn' West
Updates: the pictures are scanned and they just need to be linked
Link: just because

it's taken me forever to fill that all in, and now i'm tired and won't be able to go to bed for a LONG time, because my bed is covered in all my stuff from school. i guess you've probably figured out that i'm back home now. had my last exam monday morning, and moved out pretty much exactly 24 hours later. it's really strange being home. it definitely has not sunk in that i don't live in residence any more. my room isn't mine any more. i will likely never see many of those friendly faces i so often saw wandering the halls of EC.

it hasn't been a bad year, but it hasn't been the best either. i can say, however, that i met some of the most amazing people. i learned more about myself than i ever thought possible in such a short span of time. this year has been one that i know i will remember, always.

now who's going to eat my tomato???