January, 2002 to March, 2002

Date: March 25, 2002
Journal Start Time: 2:05am
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: no one
Stuck in my head: nothing...surprisingly
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? i guess i could really answer either way...
I really should be: studying physiology. ick
quote/fact/thought: they're here..somewhere...maybe next time
Oh I just can't wait: noon, april 15th...hurry up!!!
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: i'll let you know when i actually understand it all
The last show I saw was: Flyn' West
Updates: nothing...soon, probably though
Link: Playbill Online: they've actually had some good stories on there lately. eh

the first time in forever when i want to update, and of course i can't get access to tripod. so this will be delayed, i guess. i'm sitting here watching the oscars and wishing so many things. watching the tribute to new york and wishing so much that i could be there. noticing at the end that i had a slight smile glued to my face. listening to all of the classic music scores, and wishing so much that i could be sitting on that stage playing those songs along with all of those incredibly talented musicians. just simply wanted to be recognized. have someone notice what i do have and done, and possibly influence and drive me to do more. or maybe i should just stop thinking so much...

Date: February 22, 2002
Journal Start Time: 12:42am
On IM/ICQ/MSN with: Ty
Stuck in my head: "do you remember your old home. the mountain path where we took walks..." Memory (i sang it last year, and was part of a concert i saw yesterday
In the cd/tape player: 2001: A Musical Odessey (my high school's cd)
Is it on? nope
I really should be: reading soc. but just the thought of it makes me feel sick
quote/fact/thought: oh dear...left them all at school
Oh I just can't wait: til...i don't know.
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: that although i have made a lot of bad choices when it comes to friends and who i allow myself to trust, i'm incredibly lucky to have those few who just refuse to give up on me
The last show I saw was: Flyn' West with The Last Session and 42nd Street in there too
Updates: just the pictures from the last update that went journal-less
Link: cuz it's fun, and now i know where to send my check. yes...

so, it's been another forever. and once again, too much has gone on since then. i guess the best part would be the recent nyc trip. it being reading (wait, no, study) week and all, it only seemed logical to slip in a trip there for myself. friday was insane. i had a psych test that i finished pretty quickly, so was back at residence at noon. my bus to toronto left at 2 and i hadn't started packing. i got to my house at around 5, i think...and my bus left for new york at 9:30. no time to think in there!

the bus ride was ok...except for teh guy sitting next to me. he smelled like he was enjoying himself a little too much at each rest stop. oo, that sounds wrong...anyway, he smelled really bad. and only once was it cigarett smoke. anyway...i arrived at erica's door step promptly (45 minutes early...much to her dismay) at 7:15am. we just kind of sat around, half asleep, for a few hours. then went to meet eling for lunch at the stardust diner!!! what a perfect combination. well, except that we were sitting on teh second level (which i'd never seen open before) so we coudln't see the singing waiters. erica and i shared our first milkshake of teh trip at lunch. yummm

the plan was originally for us to go take a dance class that afternoon, but i wasn't feeling so well and my feet hurt and my knees were sore (yeah yeah...) and on passing teh theatre, erica suggested we get student rush to see 42nd Street. it took a little convincing on her end for various reason, but i finally gave in and we stood there waiting for an hour. but not before a trip to teh new toys 'r us in time square and a big goodbye from eling.

tickets in hand, we went back up to barnard for me to take a nap and for erica to pretend to start working on a paper. then it was off for food and some wonderful theatre. my only critisism about the show...i couldn't see their feet! but i guess that's what happens when you pay $20 and are sitting in teh first row. a bunch of stuff happened after teh show, but that's a whole other story that i'm not quite in teh mood to get into...and this is probably not the place for it anyway.

so, let's move on to sunday. erica's dad came to pick us up, but not before taking us to lunch first. such a good grilled veggie sandwich! and then we were off to Stamford, CT to see Flyn' West...cuz erica managed to ebcome friends with the director who got us free tickets :) and i'm not quite one to give up free tickets to a play, even if it is in a city i've never heard of. the show was actually really great. a few lines that got confused, but very funny and a lovely story overall.

after teh play, we were off to serendipity for "dinner." we got there to find that there would be an hour and a half wait, but erica assured us that it's never as long as they say. so we went to a HUGE candy store and then to blumingdales (where we decided against me buying a bed...though thought it could have been a good way to get in another new york trip...anyway!) we arrived back at ye ol' restuarant 45 minutes later, and they said it will only be another half hour. so, a half hour passes. then 45 minutes. oh, by the way, it's a very very windy night here. so erica manages to squeeze into the restaurant so we'll know if our name is called, but meanwhile, i'm standing outside with her dad, a little on teh chilly side. finally, after about an hour, we're called. you know was a long wait...but it was TOTALLY worth it! i had the Strawberry Fields sundae...just thinking about it makes my mouth water. in total, we stayed in teh restaurant for 15 minutes though, which i found kind of amusing considering how long we waited, but anyway...that was sunday

Monday i slept a whole lot...and did some sociology reading (gasp) before meeting up with erica for lunch. we ate our leftovers from the day before...outside!!! we were over around lincoln centre...such a nice area. i then took a nice walk over to H&M on 5th to meet up with sarah. yay :) we did some random shopping. i wound up with a stuffed dog for erica...and sarah got several random things on our walk that took us from 51st and 5th to macy's at 34th and 7th. i love it. then we were off to meet jason, who brought sarah a singing! and to the mariott washrooms :) la dee da...then we were off to friday's from dinner, and it was back up to barnard for me. last day :( but just as good as all the rest (until that whole leaving thing happened). went down for some kind of brunch type meal with erica around 11:30, so i wouldn't starve, cuz i was meeting matt for lunch, but not until 2. i left a little early to meet him cuz i'd seen the Songs for a New World book the day before and decided it desperately wanted to live with me (or possibly vice versa. who knows). i kind of went blind in teh store and couldn't find it (hello, it's in alphabetical order...oy) so asked someone if they had it and made teh mistake of glancing to my right, where the Aida music is sitting, calling my name. so, i figured i hadn't spent much money on teh trip so far (comparatively) so i bought myself two presents this time rather than just the usual one.

so, matt arrived (almost) on time and we headed down to food at hudson and perry...or something like that! i'm probably wrong. i had some yummy'd been a long time since i had good sushi. we ended up doing quite a bit of walking and talking. it was nice. we ended up at ben & jerry's (which was my ha! kind of...) where it took me probably about an hour to finish what i ordered (kiweeeee) and then it was time for matt to go :( which meant i was heading up to barnard for the last time in who knows how long.

not that the fun ended there. there was some insanity with a rosie magazine cross word going on in erica's room until around 8pm :) that's about when i realized i'm goign to want somethign to eat some time before i get back into toronto, so it was off to Tom's. we got our regular broadway shakes (which was hadn't had together since july, 2000!!!) and i got me a bagel and cream cheese. i watched a bit of skating, and then headed down to teh subway (which took waaaay too long to come, of course). and i guess that's kind of where my trip ends.

well, that was quite an entry. sorry...i have no idea when another will follow. school's just too much these days.

Date: January 14, 2002
Journal Start Time: 8:02pm
On IM/ICQ with: nobody loves me :(
Stuck in my head: nothing, i'm listening to a song i've never heard before. but i had christmas songs in my head all day, which was kind of random
In the cd/tape player: Footloose...last time i was listening to a cd i was cleaning my room at the same time...and that's the only cd that makes cleaning fun
Is it on? see above
I really should be: finishing my kin105 lab that's title is too long to write out. but i'm sick of it
quote/fact/thought: "Do contain yourselves!" "there are some things in life that you never ever do. Another is making love with your socks on." "The integral of dx - rhymes with sex - that's now i remember" "Now i'm gonna give it one heck of a yank, so be careful" "you're starkers! no bed sheet! no bed!" "you've gotta come! Yitzach Pearlman's here. two of him" "how many of you are Libras? How many of you like to have food smeered all over your body?" "someone suggested that a human is simply a featherless biped. until the butcher threw a plucked chicken at him" "great. i've got eight minutes to crap all over newton. so here we go." "you know what? lalalala i still believe what i believe. lalalala" "see, he's not affraid to commit. you'll make a woman very happy some day" "can you describe its essencial banananess???" "have you used crack in the past 48 hours?" "see, some people are behaving like subatomic particles in this class, 'i am in innert gas...'" ~dr. smith, dr. frazer, dr. burris, and thomas :)
Oh I just can't wait: ...i was hoping to have a rehearsal to look forward to, but that's not happening. Queer as Folk season premier next monday, i guess
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: a whole lot! most significant was probably every muscle in the body (less a few back muscles and head/face muscles) and actually proving that i knew them care of my exam marks. oh, i also learned that some people are so oblivious of the world around them that they don't notice when someone's obviously pushing them away...oh well
The last show I saw was: still A Chorus Line :( i really need to get myself into a theatre sometime soon. i did go see a syncronized skating show though, which was kind of neat
Updates: i have more pictures uploaded that i have to actually'll happen, i promise!
Link: University of Waterloo: i can't think of anything else...sorry!'s been a while, once again. lots has happened. first term is over and done with. thank goodness. i managed to survive exams, somehow. i still havne't quite figured out how that happened. i actually did pretty well, too, which was a lovely little added bonus. classes are decent so far this term. except physiology. well, one of the physiology courses is good...but not the real one. see, they have kin students taking a kin physiology and a bio physiology. it's the bio one that's completely gone over my head so far. but i guess i've got a while to grasp it. a month exactly actually. i have my bio midterm at night on valentine's day...that just seems mean!

i was hoping to get myself back into music this term, but it looks like that's not going to happen for a couple reasons that i probably shouldn't write about here just in case certain someones actually read this. if you really care to know, i'll probably tell you. unless you're one of those people, in which case, tough luck. i'm not so happy about any of it though. i really need music in my life to keep me sane, which i think in part was why last term ended up being so hard for me...but i guess things won't be any different this term.

what crazy is it that i have to start looking for housing for september already?? and the fact that i start applying for co-op jobs on WEDNESDAY!! that's two days from now. and of the 15 jobs that are listed as "to be posted" for my faculty, there's one i'm the least bit interested in. they're pretty much all for camps, in some way, which kind of sucks, cuz i was hoping to get away from that whole camp scene this year. i mean, i know i haven't done soo much work with camps, but really it's the only work i have done, excluding co-op. i'm not even qualified for a lot of teh camp jobs, because they require coaching and/or sports experience. oh well. something will work out. i hope.

well, i guess i should get back to my lab. hope everyone had a good new years!

Journal End Time: 8:29pm