Tamara was in 10 episodes of the children's series Ready or Not. She played the part of Carla Slavinski, someone who Busy and Amanda meet when they are transfered to a new school for grade 9. She was there for the 4th and beginning of the 5th season.

First Day of Junior High
in the hall holding a sandwich
in the hall squinting
in the hall pointing
in the hall profile

First Serious Party
listening in on Amanda and Busy talking about having a party
arriving at the party
dancing at the party
after she thought monkey ears threw up
after monkey ears showed her that he didn't really throw up

What's yours is mine
performing gentlmen of verona in the school yard
still performing in the school yard
dressed in black with monkey ears
still dressed all in black
yes, dressed in black yet again

Your 15 Minutes are up
talking to Amanda about thier audition pieces
with Amanda in a stair-well, discussing how to celebrate thier acceptance into the theatre company

Cross my Heart
with Amanda and Milan doing warm ups
"doing her own thing"-doing relaxation exercises on the stage
doing more of a dance on stage, but still her own thing!
talking to someone in the theatre
looking quite distraught over losing Pheobe

When a Kiss is Just a Kiss
looking at Ernie's picutres of Busy

Saint Carla
by herself in rehearsla for Romeo and Juliet, as Juliet
on the balcony with Milan as Romeo
wearing funny glasses and getting her lunch
with cute pigtails
on the steps of the balcony