Tamara was Mark's mom in the original Canadian cast of Rent, which began at the end of December, 1997. On June 5, 1998, we learned that Tamara was offered and accpeted the chance to continue her role on Broadway. She left Toronto on July 7 and reprised the role on July 10. December 6, 1998, was her last show as Mark's mom...she was given the chance to play Maureen on Broadway, and did until October 3, 1999. This is a collection of pictures of Tamara with various people in Toronto and New York, all having something to do with Rent.

The last pictures of Tamara used in the Rent Playbill
From the page with everyone's picture
From the family tree type thing in the middle of the program

I'm not sure when these first few picutres were taken, but they are all taken in Toronto and are in appox. chronological order
Waving a set of keys...would you really want to get into a car with that face?!
With 2 people, but I don't know who they are
snuggling with David, I believe near the beginnings of the Toronto cast of Rent
With Cary Shields...both of them look very cute
With Dani-Lee...Tamara's eyes are closed, what a suprise
With Nat...she looks really good here
a profile nicely showing the Toronto tattoo
Tonya and Tamara
looking confused
Saskia and Tamara
Tamara and Alice
alone with a nice smile
The Canadian cast's line up of the front row for Christmas Bells
With Danielle
With Luther
With someone...I don't know who though

December 7, 1997
Saskia, Robert, Melanie and Tamara with flowers at a gala presentation for Sheena's Place

April 17, 1998
With Mark

May 17, 1998
her back while she's talking on the phone, taken from above
Tamara with Steph and Kate

June 4, 1998
my first picture with Tamara
with Elizabeth

June 12, 1998
Tamara and Elizabeth
me and Tamara

June 19, 1998
me and Tamara with her hands full
with Elizabeth

June 20, 1998
with Elizabeth after the matinee
with Elizabeth after the evening
me and Tamara, who didn't realize a picutre was being taken

June 21, 1998
alone grinning

June 28, 1998
Tamara, stick, Lara
me and Tamara
With David St. Louis...there is a story behind the stick...i'll just say she was sick and was on as maureen that night
with Mark and someone else

July 5, 1998
Tamara, Elizabeth and Cary
me and Tamara

July 7, 1998...this was the day of Tamara's last show in Toronto
me and Tamara, for once we both look good
Tamara putting her hair behind her ears
making a funny face
smiling big with a cactus
with Alice
with Tonya
When asked to pose for a picture this is what she came up with...a nice way to lighten up a sad day
with Dev

It was at this time that Tamara was offered her role of Mrs. Cohen on Broadway and was off to NY...

More pictures without dates, but this time in New York
A funny face
Signing something. This is one of my favourite picutres of tamara...Matt's shoulder is on the right!
with Steve
with steve
Tamara and Jessica
Tamara and Matt

August 15, 1998
a stalker-type picutre...candid pictures seem to capture the best of people!
with Shannon

August 22, 1998
This was taken on my trip to NY this summer for my birthday. It's one of my favourite picutres of us together

August 28, 1998
a side view stalker-type picutre
with Elizabeth and the back of Luther's head
making a strange face

August 29, 1998
another small wave
looking kind of scared
a kind of crooked Jai and Tamara
a profile
Elizabeth and Tamara
looking scared again with a nice view of the NY tattoo
just standing there
talking on the phone
kind of just standing there
with Dev
signing something else

September 12, 1998
with Shannon

November 1, 1998
a little wave

November sometime at a performance by a few cast members at a Target
Seasons of Love
Seasons of Love
Seasons of Love
Take Me or Leave Me
Take Me or Leave Me
Take Me or Leave Me
Take Me or Leave Me
signing stuffs

September 25, 1999
Me and Tamara in New York on my crazy, spontaneous trip!

March 12, 2000
From The Toronto Star (not an article, just a picture) with Darrell Dennis at the opening of a restaurant

August 6, 2003 *NEW*
Tamara performing at the El Mocambo. The picture is quite dark.
Tamara singing and Lani Billard doing backup and playing the bongo drum. Not quite as dark as the previous one, but still not great.
Me and Tamara.