While I was in the middle of finals, Erica suggested I go to New York the first week I was home. So I did...

We spent most of one afternoon wandering around the middle section of central park. The camera came in quite handy. April 22, 2003
Another one in Central Park. Of the angel on the fountain this time. April 22, 2003
Max and Erica sitting with the bronzed cast of Alice in Wonderland. April 22, 2003
Me with Marissa Jaret Winoker after seeing Hairspray again. Unfortunately my eyes are shut b/c a man took a picture of us right before my camera went off. Still not sure why the man was taking the picture, but anyway. April 23, 2003
Me and Matt Morrison also after seeing Hairspray. Here I just look scared. April 23, 2003
The set of The Caroline Rhea Show. It's a lot smaller than it seems on tv. April 24, 2003
Also at The Caroline Rhea Show, but looking over where the band stands. Chris Bodey and Judine Richard (one of the Dynamites in Hairspray who happened to be in the audience so sang for us for about 20 minutes) are over at the right of the picture. Judine's got the big poof of hair. April 24, 2003
The poster for Zanna, Don't! that you see while walking west along 42nd street to get to the theatre. April 24, 2003
We went to see Shayna Steele perform at THe Cutting Room (I think). She's on the right. Sining with her are Danielle Lee Greaves, Justin Johnston and a girl whose name I can't remember. April 25, 2003
On my and Erica's way up to Barnard from Serendipity, we made a stop in Times Square to watch part of a dance show that was going on. When we got there we found that the street was blocked off b/c debris was falling from one of the buildings. But this is what Times Square looks like with no cars! April 26, 2003
A beautiful magnolia tree on Barnard's campus. So much prettier in real life, but still pretty in picture form. April 26, 2003

Melanie Durrant singing from her new album at the Toronto street festival on Yonge. July 6, 2003
Melanie again. Her mom was one of her backup singers - you can see her on the left. July 6, 2003

The plan was supposed to be that I went to New York the weekend of Erica's birthday to surprise her, but that didn't quite work out. Insted I went teh following week for five days (August 2 - 6)

Laura and I finally met up in NYC for the first time (after insane subway delays and a very illegal cab ride) eventhough we've been there at the same time sooo many times before! Here we are before seeing Movin' Out. August 4, 2003
Me and Pam also before I saw Movin' Out. Silly girl closed her eyes! August 4, 2003
Me and Erica after I saw Movin' Out. I like how well we match :) Ausut 4, 2003
The next few are all from the time it took me and Erica to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately it was a really cloudy day, so everything is quite grey. This one is of the Manhattan Bridge, with a very faint Empire State Building on the left. August 6, 2003
The Brooklyn Bridge up ahead of me. August 6, 2003
Similar picture, slightly different angle/view. August 6, 2003
Once we crossed the bridge, we made it to a pier where an art class was taking place. There was also a nice big ship floating past. August 6, 2003
Once back on Manhattan (via water taxi), here's a church in the middle of several office buildings. August 6, 2003