Toronto Music Camp

Thomas and Elyse...aww! (and yes, she is wearing a shirt...I promise!)
A whole bunch of handstands. I'm sure there was a story behind this one at one point
Katie and Sonia
Nic with his face in a container of pudding. I guess we couldn't find a spoon

The Schachars' Cottage

Now THAT was relaxing. But very hard to steer
There are such beautiful sunsets at this cottage... here's a picture of another one :)

Chesley, ON (visiting my mom's friend Andrea, who really loves her camera...) *NEW*

I should preface this three pictures by saying that, whenever I visit Andrea, I always do a puzzle. I spent 3 days in Chesley and picked a 1000 piece puzzle that Andrea warned me i wouldn't be able to finish. See for yourself...
And she's off
looking good...
and what's that she said about not being able to finish it...??? :-P
i told you she likes her camera...
and strange wood men, too, apparently

San Diego

My the trunk. I would have locked him in, but there was a way to unlock it from the inside just incase you...lock yourself in...
Balboa Park
and again
and again
and again...
and again :)
My parents and brother next to a fountain in the park *NEW*
A funny looking cactus. Not the funniest one we saw, but the other pictures didn't turn out
hehehe. and he's not even a family member of the zebra. go figure!
My brother stole my dad's hat. I don't know...I think it's cute
Ah! where'd his legs go??
Me and my brother. hehe
Save me. Take him. (yeah, so i'm not as caring as joseph's brothers)
outside the Olive Garden with my mom and brother plus my great aunt and uncle who live in LA *NEW*

Time with friends before moving to the Loo *NEW*

chris and bridget playing piano at bridget's house, where they made me an amazingly sweet goodbye dinner
same night, same house, same piano. but from the back this time. i just love this picture