The appartment-mates! just before three of us went off to Hamilton. That's Shelley, me and Jackie, with Krista peeking through in the back. yay for self protraits! September, 2002
Sonya (on the floor), Lara, Tim, Chana, Jacob and myself in Kingston for Sonya's Bat Mitzvah. it's the junior bees! November 10th, 2002.
Also in Kingston, Lara, Chana and myself. Sonya was in the picture too, but she looks like she's about to sneeze, so I thought I'd take her out. November 10th, 2002
My mom and dad, me, and my mom's cousin Kenny at our annual family Chanukah party. December 1, 2002.

New York City: December 28, 2002 - January 1, 2003
Me, Max and Erica in front of the pretty Christmas tree watched us eat a whole lot of ice cream at Serendipity. December 29, 2002
Stalker picture of Harvey Firestein outside of Hairspray. December 30, 2002
Stalker picture of Marissa Jaret Winoker, also outside of Hairspray. December 30, 2002
Me and Sarah after lunch at Cosi. yum yum. December 31, 2002

The junior sewing bee girls: me, Sonya, Lara and Chana. We went to Yorkdale for an afternoon of shopping after a morning of cookie-baking. January 2, 2003
My mom standing next to a giant sheep (my mom's on left in case you can't find her) in Montreal over reading week. February, 2003
Laura and myself in London (Ontario) after seeing the non-equity touring cast of Rent. March, 2003
Krista with Kevin Spencer, who was Roger in the Rent cast mentioned about. March, 2003
Elham and myself after a pre-exams lunch at Mongolian Grill. Also the day school was cancelled due to ice pellets falling from the sky. April 4, 2003
The roommates as of reading week: Michelle on the left, Shelley behind, Krista in front and me on the right. mid-April, 2003
Shelley and myself on our big ugly brown couch. We spent way too many hours on that thing watching tv and "studying"...ah the memories. mid-April, 2003
Krista and Michelle on the infamous couch. mid-April, 2003 *NEW*