Me holding my little cousin Samantha at our family Chanukah party in 1998 or 1999 *NEW*
With my mom's friend's house in '97 showing off how much taller I am than my mom
My brother and mom with me on our trip to New York. August, 1998
Me and the Charlie Brown orchestra from my school right before our last performance
Me and my mom's friend after she took me to get my hair cut, Sept, 1999
Me and Jessica outside the Neder (note the matching shirt and paint colour...) September 26, 1999
Most of the people from Toronto who went to see the Benny cast of RENT Buffalo. December, 1999
Me with Nick just before saying goodbye :o( December 30, 1999
Me and Tonya with the cake for Lara's 19th birthday. January, 2000
With my wonderful friend, Erin, in our school cafeteria of all places! January, 2001
The Northern Music Council of 2000-01. That's Chris, Katie, Wendy, Becky, Mira, Dean and myself. January, 2001
Me and my daddy on the beach in florda :) February, 2001
Me and my grandmother on the same beach. February, 2001
Matt, Sarah and myself at Sbarro. Matt decided the magazine needed to be in the picture, too. March break, 2001
Me and Erica just before she got on a train to go home. We have both decided it was just a bad hair day in general. March break, 2001
Chris teaching Bridget how to dance at our school's Spring Swing dinner dance. March, 2001