DEVIL MADE THEM DO IT: It happened to catch the opening of Cats at the Princess Of Whales Theatre last Tuesday.

Great seats. Sandwiched between Jeanne Beker and Sandra Shamas and their kids and/or renta kids.

But if I hadn't, I could always catch them (catch as Cats can, as it were) at the Red Devil Barbeque & Tavern on Duncan St.

Cast from shows like Cats, Rent, Chicago…regularly hit the Red Devil to jam and jive to The Red Devil House Band.

Last Thursday night, it was a clutch of Cats and assorted Rentals, including Tamara Podemski, Jai Rodriguez and avid St. Louis.

As for an amateur, Stan Davidson, Devil's resident p.r. man, did a rousing rendition of "Stand By Me."

Or, as One Wag dubbed it, "Stan By Me."