The Last Session: February 10, 2002

Jen, Steve Schalchlin, myself
and again...
Jen, Danette Sheppard, Steve Schalchlin, myself
And my favourite: Jen, Max, Danette Sheppard, Steve Schalchlin, Jackie, myself

New York City: February 16-19, 2002

Erica with Eling underneath an amazing doggy at Toys 'R Us
Me with Erica and that same doggy
Myself and Erica outside of Serendipity. Little tip, if going for dessert, forget about dinner!
Myself and Sarah, I think in the subway
Myself and Erica just before saying goodbye...
...and just seconds later we went insane. Though most will argue that happened LONG ago.


Karen, Merene, Hilde and me at dinner at Philthy's right before Monte Carlo night during frosh week
also during frosh week...all dressed up for the toga party!
That would be me talking on the phone. Now try to find the can openner, dollar coins, bandaids, paper towel, hair clip, and wind chime
Jackie and her sister, Helen
Jackie and Hannagin :)
Myself and Hilde in my room
"See, I did wear my snow pants!" (that would be me and Krista)
half of my section of my room as it was right before i left
this is the other half of the section of my room
The tree that i walked past all year and thought "i should take a picture of that tree" and of course waited until the middle of april, when we had a massive downpour of snow. the next week we were all wearing shorts.