Me, Mira, Julia and Sarah at dinner the first night
Everyone who went on the trip outside the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Me and Juila in the science centre playing with a fun machine that made different sounds when you touched it
The botanical gardens
Julia being pensive
Most of music council holding Dean's leg
Julia and Sarah at in garden
A pretty purple tree
Dean, Becky, Sarah and Juila dancing during the dinner/dance cruise
Music council sitting on the couch in our hotel's lobby...except me...I'm falling off the couch :) Becky, Mrs. Lomp and Mira in the back, me, Dean, Katie, Wendy and Chris in front.
Mira, Becky (back), Dean and myself on the bus home
Mrs. Lomp, me and Julia in the mall we stopped at in Erie PA.
Sarah and Julia on the bus home