Me and my dorm on our day trip
One of the younger dancers, Kristen, doing what I blieve was her first areal

Me and the rest of teh musical theatre girls...yes, there were only girls this session
All of those who took part in the visual arts program
The older dancers of the session
All those who took part in the writing program
Me and my dorm dressed for the activity on the first night of camp...we're a rainbow...
For that activity, our yellow-loving counsellor was, well yellow...
Half of my dorm during one of our dorm hours
The other half of my dorm during the same dorm hour
Well, one of the art projects was to take headshots of the musical theatre people. This is of me telling the person who was taking the picture where the button to take the picture can be found...well, she found the button before i'd finished telling her
This is the second try at the headshot...she took it before I was quite smiling...but it is an improvment
Jooby all dressed up looking sooo cool!
My dear Kayty needing to pour everyone's juice at every meal!
The musical theatre program director and the other main musical theatre staff
Me and my dorm with the golden broom we finally won on the last day of camp...and oh did we deserve it!
Dress rehearsal of the song What I Did For Love
The sunset on the last night at camp
Me and most of my dorm right after the final performance...and then we all said goodbye
my dorm's banner for the last night of camp

Putting on make up using someone else's's quite messy!
Me and my friend, Jenny, doing the dance we choreographed to Will I?
Me and Jenny, still doing our dance
Part of a group of people who did Pretty Fly
Sarah adn Leah performing their poem...Sarah, i'm still impressed!
One of the younger campers, Jamie, singing I Dreamed a Dream
The LIT dorm singing
Esther singing Bring On The Men from Jekyll and Hyde