October, 2001 to December, 2001

Date: December 1, 2001
Journal Start Time: 8:25pm
On IM/ICQ with: no one
Stuck in my head: surprisingly, nothing
In the cd/tape player: still Tick...Tick...Boom
Is it on? roommate's watching Buffy
I really should be: studying. stupid finals
quote/fact/thought: still haven't looked for those physics proff quotes. if i'd payed a little closer attention to The Matrix last night, maybe i'd have some fun stuff. but you're on of luck once again...sorry :(
Oh I just can't wait: for 5:15, december 18th...i'm FREE!!!
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: that i'm not the only one who thinks about the world the way i do.
The last show I saw was: STILL A Chorus Line!!! but i will be seeing something new on sunday...yay!
Updates: i'm home next weekend and will be in need of some serious procrastination...
Link: Until There's A Cure: it's world AIDS day...think about it

so, december, huh? how'd that happen?? means i've been here nearly 3 months. that just doesn't seem right. i don't know if it seems i've been here longer or for less time, but it's just wrong. mind you, it always does in similar situations, so i'll just leave it alone.

Classes officially end monday, but one of my classes isn't happening, so i get to sleep in! no more anatomy least that's a happy thought. just one more chem, physics, and psychomotor behaviour class. it does feel strange that my classes are ending after only three months...i'm used to having them for a full 9 and a half months.

alright, the Rugrats Chanukah is much too distracting...i'm loosing track of what i'm saying, so i think it's time to go. happy december

Journal End Time: 8:43pm

Date: November 25, 2001
Journal Start Time: 11:37pm
On IM/ICQ with: Matt
Stuck in my head: the theme from Harry Potter...not really something i can type out
In the cd/tape player: Tick...Tick...Boom (it's been in there since i last wrote...until tonight when i listened to my newly purchased Harry Potter
Is it on? nope, giving it a rest for the night.
I really should be: studying. stupid midterms
quote/fact/thought: i've got more random crazy quotes from my physics prof, but i don't know where they are and it's dark so i woudln't be able to find them anyway.
Oh I just can't wait: for 5:15, december 18th...i'm FREE!!!
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: there is a town (though rather small) actually called waterloo outside of the university
The last show I saw was: STILL A Chorus Line!!! but i will be seeing something new on sunday...yay!
Updates: so, i'm a little behind...what can ya do...?
Link: 1Matchmaker: whatever...weird site. kind of fun in some strange way.

so, it has been brought to my attention that i have been severely lacking in updates lately...well, not that i needed reminding, but the fact that someone reminded me means that someone actually reads this, so here's an update., it's been a while. hum, well, midterms are finished...finals start on tuesday for me. well, not really officially til the 10th, but i do have my chem lab midterm tuesday. blech. it shouldn't be too bad though. all my anatomy lab ta's have warned us that the physics lab final is awful. good thing about that is that the chem lab final is worth 40% of the lab mark, and for physics it's only 25%...not too awful. i'm scared out of my mind for december's anatomy final day. not only do i have my three hour lecture final, but i have my lab final that is in teh form of a bellringer...96 questions! that course is already driving me crazy and i haven't started studying for the final...though i probably should have.

my roommate's got a car up at school this week, so we've actually been going out. went to see harry potter on tuesday. we both loved it. she hadn't read teh books and completely wants to now. i read them, but over a year now i'm dying to reread them. or at least the first one. though that's easier said than done...they're in kingston at queens with erin and i won't be seeing her til mid-december! anyway...what else...yesterday we just went food shopping...not so exciting, but good to get out none the less. today we went on an adventure with corrie adn rik to a mall in an unknown land. well, not really unknown...unknown enough though. kitchner. it was INSANE in there. sooo many people. we were probably the only people in teh mall not christmas shopping. well, me and krista at least. i got myself teh harry potter soundtrack and a pretty shirt that was on sale at thrifty's. considering teh two came to a total of $40, it wasn't too bad.

i've been thinking lots about how i'm goign to get myself to new york this winter break, and i'm running low on ideas. biggest problem is that i don't know if i can stay with anyone, and i'm not about to pay the rediculous sums of money it costs to stay in hotels in that crazy city. anyone got an inch or two of floor to lend me sometime between dec 20th and jan 2nd? any time? eh, didnt' think so. alright, it's bed time so i can be awake for anatomy tomorrow...yipee. good night!

Journal End Time: 12:04am

Date: October 29, 2001
Journal Start Time: 8:38pm
On IM/ICQ with: Erica
Stuck in my head: "Rivers belong where they can ramble. Eagles belong where they can fly. I've got to be where my spirit can run free. Gotta find my corner of the sky" Pippin and multiple random bits of Tick...Tick...Boom! all alternating to form big blurs
In the cd/tape player: Tick...Tick...Boom and i don't think it's going to be coming out for a while
Is it on? nope...roommate's sleeping
I really should be: studying. stupid midterms
quote/fact/thought: "a 15 kilowhatsit mass..." "you know jolly well how - oh, i'll shut up" "boy have i got myself in a muddle" "this next thing is the best thing since brown bread. no, that's not right. oh, sliced bread, i should say" "if you've got a weenie object going like a bat outta hell it'll have a lot of momentum" all care of my physics prof. there are more, but i don't know where they are.
Oh I just can't wait: for 9:30am, November 12. it signifies the end of my first set of midterms. not that i'll be able to breathe then either, cuz finals follow extremely shortly after. so maybe i should just be safe and say december 20th.
Since I Last Wrote, I learned: that i actually did learn stuff in physics last year. who knew?!
The last show I saw was: still A Chorus Line :( not that it was bad...i'm just feeling extremely theatre-deprived.
Updates: isn't this good enough?!
Link: Plastelina: crazy fun games...wonderful for the purpose of procrastination (as is this whole journal updating thing...)

so,it's been a little while, huh? i have no excuse better than anyone else's...i just got busy. things have been really crazy. i don't even know where to start! the whole sept. 11th everything came as a huge whack in teh head to me. i still can't watch the news cuz that's all they're talking about. it just makes me so mad. and now everything going on in afganistan. i just don't get why they have to now go and kill piles more innocent people. doesn't that make the americans just as bad as the terrorists? i mean, in a different sort of way...but when it comes down to it, the end results is essentially the same. right, i'm not going to get into that here...too many thoughts i don't want to think about

so anyway, i'm here at waterloo. things are going pretty well. i'm not entirely sure my program's for me, but everything other wise is fine. i'm getting good mark...still seems the less i study the better i do, which is bad czu i then loose the insentive to study...but i'm trying to keep up. i've got my 5th midterm wednesday. smart little ol' me managed to forget my course notes for it at home...and of course all we have for the course is course notes. so i photocopied someone else's notes for now...but mine will be arriving tomorrow at noon..or so i have been told. the last midterm for this class was pure least this one has more concepts and ideas. straight memorization is not fun. why am i in kinesiology, you might ask...good question.

well, i have to go wake my roommate and continue making notes and possible watch Third Watch, so i'm off. and hopefully i'll be back i less than two months this time...

Journal End Time: 8:58pm