May to July, 2000

Date: July 30, 2000
Journal Start Time: 3:48pm
On IM/ICQ with: Cow
Stuck in my head: "the gods love nubia" Aida
In the cd/tape player: Aida
Is it on? yup
I really should be: cleaning the mound of crap in my room
quote/fact/thought: "Saving love doesn't bring any interest."
--Mae West
Oh I just can't wait: next summer...
Today I learned: that my bed is a lot harder than i thought it was
The last show I saw was: Aida
Updates: i acutally think i updated soemthing before i left but now i can't remember what
Journal End Time: 4:57pm

Well, I'm back home again. and of course, everything's just as i left it. it's too bad i didn't like what i left a little more. well, there isn't much i can change about that now.

considering i pretty much didn't update here at all while i was gone, i thought i'd outline what i did every day. i realize that's pretty boring for anyone else to read, but this way i can remember if you don't want to read about it, don't!

Sunday June 25
We left new jersey at 10:15 and got to Barnard at about 11. i checked in, learned i had a roommate and went on a tour of the campus. I then went with my parents to a little grocery store down the street to get somethign for lunch. we ate in riverside park, and then went to a meeting for parents and students at 2. at some point we went on a search for the books for my classes, and only found the two for dance. oh, and i got a tiazi from starbucks:) there was a barbeque at around 4 and my family sat with my roommate, pam's family to eat. then our families said goodbye and we were all left unsure of what to expect. we had our first suite (half of our floor) meeting at 7 and then joined the other suite on teh forth floor to play some kind of nyc jeopardy. afterwards tehy shoved us full of ice cream before going to sleep.

Monday June 26
In the morning we had a meeting about safety and the school's policies adn things like that. not soo exciting. after lunch we had a discrimination workshop, which i don't think was as awful as most people made it out to be. i'm not sure it accomplished what it was supposed to, but it was kind of neat. i acutally think it would have been better to do later int eh program when we knew eachother a little better. at night i went on a neighbourhood tour and then a trip to Tom's Restaurant, which is teh place used as the outside for the restaurant in seinfeld.

Tuesday June 27
We started our classes today. at 9:30 i was in room 229 milbank for Theatre Production in NYC. the teacher came across as being very friendly and approachable and just fun. we started by introducing ourselves and talking about where we're from and why we're takng the course and stuff like that. (i'll do more later...talking with clare :))

July 13, 2000

Hey, look at that...two updates in a week! i'm not really sure what to talk about czu i already listed the shows i saw last weekend! hey, i saw lion king tuesday though. i guess that was righ after updating. i went mostly cuz i wanted to see a good simba...and let me tell you, jason is a GOOD simba! cow says toronto simba whose name i can never remember, has taken voice lessons or something...but i know he could never compare to jason. i was really impressed by the cast. mind you, i basically saw understudies for the whole cast except jason! sarabi, nala, rafiki and one of the giraffs were understudies. but i also got to see the original mufasa. i swear he's a lion dressed up as a person dressed up as a lion!

alright, i've been distracted once again. i will have ea real update here sometime...promise!

July 11, 2000

I don't have much time to write now cuz the library closes in 10 minutes, but i thought i'd start writing about what's been going on. Things for my brithday ended up going pretty well. we went out for dinner (though we'd all already eaten) and then had a surprise cake (that i knew about and they knew i knew about...) but it was all fun anyway. The weekend was lots of fun, just as last weekend. i sawy jesus christ superstar friday night. oy, luther makes me laugh way too much. saturday i met up with lisa and her mommy and we went on a walking tour of wall st. but kind of didn't end up doing that in the end. we then saw dirty blond together (me, lisa and erica). then erica and i saw saturday night fever together at night. sunday we lined up for rush tickets for aida. WOW, amazing show. (this entry had to be ended quickly cuz my keyboard stopped working really suddenly.)

July 6, 2000

I'm not filling out that whole thingy i usually have, cuz most of it doesn't apply. you have have realized that the date that i was looking forward to has passed, which means in turn that i am in ny now :o) i'm having an absolutely amazing time. my friends threw me a little birthday party last night (a night early...ahh, i'm the hell did that happen?!). soo much has happened in the past while. i saw footloose friday, the ballet and miss saigon saturday, rent sunday and the laramie project on monday. they were all really really good. i'd write more about each of them, but i don't have the time now cuz hte library closes in 15 minutes! i think i'm going out tonight for dinner, which will be nice. hopefully i will see saturday night fever tomorrow night. yes yes, i know...i really shoudl see it on saturday...too bad! alright, i should get going...maybe do some reading or something. i will write more when i can!

Date: June 20, 2000 (happy summer)
Journal Start Time: 8:42pm
On IM/ICQ with: no one
Stuck in my head: too much chemistry floating around up there to have a song stuck in my head as well
In the cd/tape player: TLS is in my NEW walkman
Is it on? nope...too distracting (right, and the computer isn't...)
I really should be: looking at the chemistry sitting next to me (we seem to be developing a theme in today's entry)
quote/fact/thought: Translations of the Bible that include the phrase, "My cup runneth over," are in error. The original just says, "My cup is full." The only way it runneth over is if you over- poureth.
Nor does the Bible say, "Money is the root of all evil." It's not money itself but "the love of money" that will leave you with the Devil to pay.
Oh I just can't wait: JUNE 24!!! and 3:00 on friday
Today I learned: that Cirque du Soleil is almost as much fun on screan as it is just makes you a little more dizzy
The last show I saw was: Rent
Updates: i tried to update my Rent section by filling in names of performers i saw in whichever show, but i didn't get as far as i thought i would...i can't seem to find a few programs.
Journal End Time: 9:15pm

I really shouldn't be updating now but I don't feel like looking at chemistry so I'm going to anyway. Quite a bit has happened since last Friday. So, I shall begin with Saturday. I was bored and mad at a lot of people and needed to get out of the house, so I called my trusty cow. Turned out that she and Laura were going downtown and she asked if I wanted to join them (ok, I kind of implied that I wanted to, so she asked :o)). We went to the Pantages and found people then all of us went to the Eaton Centre and then to the stage door after the matinee. People then either went to Lisa's or stuck around, I think. I went home cuz I had a father's day dinner to go to (yes, I know father's day was sunday, but my aunt from Ottawa was in on Saturday so my grandfather had a choice).

Sunday I went down to the Pantages as soon as the subways started running (in the POURING rain) to see if someone would be able to hold me a ticket for Rent that night. Somehow we figured it would work and, after helping put up a tarp to keep the rain away, I went to my dance dress rehearsal. It ran really late, so I arrived back in line around 1...just in time for Shani, who was holding my ticket, to go see the matinee...phew! It was an interesting afternoon...but no one thing really sticks out in my mind. 5:30 slowly rolled around and we got our tickets. I ended up at the right of the front row of rush seats. Lisa, Mary and I then jumped into Lisa's mommy's car and went to her house for a little dinner and to change and so Lisa could shower.

Next, showtime. It was a really great show...but i don't feel like writing a review-type thing now, so I won't :o) Maybe another day...but probably not. I decided I was too tired to go out after the show so I took the subway home with Alice. While waiting on the bus, a friend of mine came on. Now, it's not exactly common to see a friend and neighbour on the bus at 11:30pm...but then he had to get off to use the phone cuz he forgot to call someone, or something like that. So, that was about where Sunday ended.

Yesterday was Monday, right? right. I started watching Cabaret (cuz I watched all but the last little bit last year at camp and still hadn't had the chance to see the whole thing) but only got through 15 minutes of it before I got in touch with Mariapia to plan what we were going to do. Yorkdale is where we ended up cuz I needed a walkman and she wanted to get film developed. I ended up getting a gift for a friend's bday that I have to exchange cuz I ended up buying the wrong thing by accident.

Once home, started getting ready for my dance show that night. I really hate the taste of lipstick. you'd think they'd make it taste better knowing it is going to end up in your mouth. It went pretty well thought. My only complaint is that is seems the better dancers in my class don't feel the music they're dancing to...cuz they always seemed to be ahead of the beat so it looked like I was behind. The one thing I know I can do in dance is be with the music no matter what...even if there's no chance of me getting whatever moves or steps we're working on...I'll mark in time with the music! I am definitely a musician before a dancer...oh well.

Today was a fun day. I did some chemsitry in the morning but got really bored of it REALLY quickly. Katie and I decided on the time we would see Cirque du Soleil Journey of Man. So, i got there early...and waited and waited and waited...she was 20 minutes late and i was 10 minutes do the math. We arrived right on time. I really enjoyed it. My only complaint is that the classes fit really funny and left a dent in my head, which has since gone away...phew! Basically, since then I have done everything possible to avoid studying. I helped make dinner, talked with my brother's old best friend's mom and helped her write the french section of a speach, ate ice cream (we have ice cream in my house!!!) and stared at chemistry for quite a while.

Well, on that note, I suppose i should actually start paying attention to teh pages and pages of notes on equilibruim and electrochemistry and whatever else is waiting to be learned. Salutations

Date: June 16, 2000
Journal Start Time: 4:55pm
On IM/ICQ with: Denis, Aislinn
Stuck in my head: nothing, acutally
In the cd/tape player: rien
Is it on? it's hard to play nothing
I really should be: i don't think i have anything to do
quote/fact/thought: "We are the artists, the lovers, the dreamers. We cannot save this world, but we can make it worth saving."
Oh I just can't wait: JUNE 24!!! and sunday
Today I learned: that i have some friends who really do care...but more who don't
The last show I saw was: Giselle (ballet)
Updates: i don't think i can call the background an update any more
Journal End Time: 5:11pm

well, i'm a chemistry exam away from not being in grade 12 any longer. we had our last day of "classes" today...but no one acutally went to class. we got our yearbooks. usually, that woudl be a good thing...but not this year. it's a long and boring story you may want to skip.

at the beginning of the year i was in a Z homeform, which means i didn't have a first period class...but i soon changed that so i was in 12B. the thing is that i paid my student fee to 13Z, so i had to get my yearbook from there. it took me and elana FOREVER to figure out where we coudl get our yearbooks...and when we finally did, i was told that i had outstanding textbooks (which means no yearbook til it's cleared up) and that i did in fact have to get my yearbook from 12B. i was really thrilled to learn that i was down for owing a textbook, cuz i knew i'd handed in all my textbooks, which means i have one stupid teacher.

So, i stand in line for about 45 minutes to find out which of my teachers were messing up my day for me. turns out it wasn't just one, but two...physics and chemistry. so i have to go searching the school for my two teachers so they can write me a note saying that i dont' owe a textbook for teh course. then i go back down to where i wasn in line the first time adn give in my notes so i can get a pink slip sayin gi'm allowed to get a yearbook. she sends me up to my homeroom, which just happens to be on teh third floor (i think this was probably my 6th or 7th time climbing from the first to third floor).

I get to my homeroom only to find that my teacher sent down the books 5 minutes ago so i had to go to the store room (on teh first floor of course). an hour and a half later, after waiting in three lines, i had my yearbook in my hand...but no one to sign it. i coudlnt' find my friends anywhere. i went to get a few teachers to sign it and found a couple friends...but that was about it. turns out all my friends went out for lunch and from what i understand, didnt bother to look for me. i mean, it's not like i was hard to find...i was standing in lines that weren't moving anywhere.

well, that was my day...what a wonderful last day of school. at least i get to leave in 8 days.

Date: June 14, 2000
Journal Start Time: 9:50pm
On IM/ICQ with: ALANA, Brian
Stuck in my head: " the storm is passing over..." funny, cuz it has nothign to do with the fact that a storm just did pass us over...and now that i've said that i'm sure you don't believe me
In the cd/tape player: rien
Is it on? it's hard to play nothing
I really should be: umm...NOTHING...for once!!!
quote/fact/thought: If a person counted at the rate of 100 numbers a minute and kept counting for eight hours a day, five days a week, it would take a little over 4 weeks to count to one million and just over 80 years to reach a billion. But if you did this, it would only take 35 minutes to drive the person sitting next to you completely batty.
Oh I just can't wait: JUNE 24!!! and possibly sunday...lisa, are you sure i can't bring candles??
Today I learned: boy george, i can do calculus!
The last show I saw was: Giselle (ballet)
Updates: new background on the main page thanks to Nick
Journal End Time: 10:24pm

Today was my last real day in grade 12. tomorrow i don't really have any classes and friday we have all our classes so we can get yearbooks and get marks. i made cookies for my french class. someone told me he'd come to school if i made chocolate chip cookies for our class...and i didn't have anythign else to i did! i don't think he expected i acutally would.

have you ever wondered why, when baking, you're always supposed to put the dry ingredients into teh wet ingredients? today i learned why. in the recipe for the cookies i baked, it didn't say which to put in which, so i put the wet in teh dry...but half the wet ingredients stayed in their original bowl. now, if it'd thought it through a little, i woudl have put the dry in the wet (as most recipes tell you) cuz then you can get it all out without scraping the sides of the bowl. sorry, random tangent.

I leave for new york in TEN days!!! i'm soo excited about this trip. i'm acutally going to be spending 5 weeks in nyc...pretty close to a dream come true! i can't wait to see all of you down there :o) i'm worried i'll just never want to leave. either that or i'll be sick of it and never want to go back, which woudl make my parents happy...but i'm not counting on it! even if i did get sick of the city, the people would still be there.

alright, enough of me. byebye

Date: June 12, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:21pm
On IM/ICQ with: Denis, Brian
Stuck in my head: " well you don't know what we can find. why don't you come with me little girl, on a magic carpet ride." Magic Carpet Ride, thanks to Denis!
In the cd/tape player: my interview for French
Is it on? no
I really should be: studying calculus or music or physics of sleeping
Spell Checker

Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait a weigh.
As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the error rite
Its rarely ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it
I am shore your pleased two no
Its letter perfect in it's weigh
My chequer tolled me sew.

Oh I just can't wait: JUNE 24!!! and possibly sunday...lisa, are you sure i can't bring candles??
Today I learned: that my chemistry teacher coudln't possibly be any stupider...he forgot our test today...the second one he's forgotten this year
The last show I saw was: Giselle (ballet)
Updates: new background on the main page thanks to Nick
Journal End Time: 11:33pm

Date: June 6, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:17pm
On IM/ICQ with: Nick, Denis, Ty
Stuck in my head: the tune to a song from Scarlet Pimpernel, but i don't know any of the words
In the cd/tape player: The Last Session
Is it on? nope
I really should be: studying the physics that's sitting next to me
quote/fact/thought: how can something be "new" and "improved" at the same time?
Oh I just can't wait: JUNE 24!!!
Today I learned: that is it possible for turtles to pull off music isu presentations, but only with the help of AMAZING friends
The last show I saw was: Giselle (ballet)
Updates: new background on the main page thanks to Nick
Journal End Time: 11:45pm

Date: June 2, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:00pm
On IM/ICQ with: no one
Stuck in my head: the heat is on in saigon Miss Saigon
In the cd/tape player: The Last Session (i acutally don't know if it is, but i'm assuming so...)
Is it on? nope
I really should be: sleeping
quote/fact/thought: If you choke a smurf, what colour does it turn?
Oh I just can't wait: Tonys on Sunday, for june 6 to be OVER, JUNE 24!!!
Today I learned: that sometimes you end up finding a wonderful friend where you least expect it
The last show I saw was: Giselle (ballet)
Updates: i forgot to say that the background on the main page as been changed, thanks to Nick
Journal End Time: 11:27pm

I think this has probably been teh longest week i've ever been through. it feels like it shoudl be about next wednesday by now. overall it was a pretty bad week, but some things are beginning to take shape. my good news for this evening is that i will be co-president of my school's music council next year :o) i acutally only decided to run for the position on monday (ok, my teacher kind of told me to...) but i knew i wanted to be a part of the council and i'm really glad it all worked out.

my music isu is turning into about as big a disaster as expected. people cancelling on me at the last minute, people not wanting to take part with 4 days left before it's performed...and then there's goh, who is my saviour. he sings and plays guitar and knew everything that he was doing before even one rehearsal...and ALL out of the goodness of his heart. now, if all human beings were as wonderful as goh, which world would be a much better place! we're supposed to be rehearsing tomorrow but who knows who will show up when.

Let's see...what else? it was announced today that a grade 9 student from my school died victoria day weekend. i later was told that he committed suicide. it's kind of been haunting my mind since this morning. i acutally have no idea who he was...i think his name was gavin potts. so, if you can, think some warm thoughts for gavin's family, as i'm sure they can use as many as they can get.

ok, enough of that. tonight was the music banquet from my school (which is when next year's council was announced). it was pretty good. i ended up talking with my new friend karen for most of the time. i was supposed to be going to music camp with her...oh wait, that's another story...anyway, we removed ice from someone's shirt, went to talk to someone who looked lonely, cleared teh tables...and not once (ok, only once...) did she yell at me to dance! we did some good, healthy bonding.

now, about music camp...i'm going to KILL mr hazlet. he called me last sunday to ask me abut my exam schedual, so i told he i had to write chemistry on the friday...what, it was fine. but, right before he hung up, i reminded him that i had to leave early. mistake. "oh, well then you can't come," says mr. Hazlet. so, he called me monday to say that i coudlnt' go for sure...and i explained that i don't care about the money or anything like that...i just want to be there cuz i had an amazing time last year and learned so he calls back again to say i'm not going for sure. this after sending him THREE letters to remind him that i woudl have to leave two days early. he said he blames himself completely and understands if i'm mad...well, of course i'm mad. i've only been planning my next three weeks around this week at camp. it's going to be such a waste of a week now. nothing will be happening at school or on teh weekend and i'll sit around doing nothing for three days avoiding studying chemistry, i'll write my chem exam and pack. it'd be so much more benificial if i could go to tmc. AUG. i'm soo mad at that man.

alright, i think i've used up my quota of complaining space. salutations.

Date: May 26, 2000
Journal Start Time: 2:08pm
On IM/ICQ with: no one
Stuck in my head: nobody knows the bottom better than you. i don't. i don't. nobody has the right to tell you what to do. i don't. they don't. The Last Session
In the cd/tape player: The Last Session
Is it on? nope
I really should be: doing just this...there's nothing left for me to do (i'm at co-op, not at home)
Quote and/or fact: (don't have access to my little list cuz i'm not at home...)
Oh I just can't wait: for june 6 to be OVER, june 15 and JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: there are lots of stupid people in my french class
The last show I saw was: Bonjour, Monsieur de la Fontain
Updates: i really am going to get around to uploading that picture of tamara and kenna
Journal End Time: 2:19pm

lots has been going on lately...and it's not going to let up any time soon. next monday i have quartet in teh morning and a chamber concert at night. tuesday i have my music solo, i'm not going to co-op cuz there isn't time, i'm having a rehearsal for my music isu and then have a violin lesson. not too much wednesday. thursday i'm playing for my school's co-op breakfast, having another isu rehearsal (i hope) and then am playing at night for grade 8s and their parents. friday is my school's music banquet...and the week after just gets isu presentation, english evaluation over two days...i'm sure there's more. then the following week i have two days of physics evaluations, my calc evaluation (the test last year with an average grade of under 50..goodie!), my french and music evaluation (on the same day of course), two dance shows plus the dress rehearsal...but then thursday i got to tmc :o) that is if i don't just dig myself into a hole too deep to get out of before all of that's over. honestly, i woudln't be suprised...

Date: May 20, 2000
Journal Start Time: 12:01am
On IM/ICQ with: Cow, Brian, Denis, Aislinn, Nick
Stuck in my head: our house is a very very very fine house. with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard. now everything is easy cuz of you
In the cd/tape player: The Last Session
Is it on? nope
I really should be: finishing my stupid music isu
Quote and/or fact: If you stand in the bottom of a well, you are able to see the stars even in the daytime
Oh I just can't wait: june 15 and JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: that when the weather can't make up its mind, my joints and nose pay
The last show I saw was: Bonjour, Monsieur de la Fontain
Updates: i have a pic of tamara and kenna that i keep meaning to upload but still haven't...i will sometime...probably...maybe :o)
Journal End Time: 12:55am

the reason i update so rarely is cuz i feel i have to write something afterwards and i just don't have the time to do that often. so, i'm copying cow, again, and will fill out my little questions more often and write bigger blurbs when i have the time. today i just don't feel like i'm not going to :o) it's been an extremely long week and i baked a total of 37 chocolate cupcakes in three days.


Date: May 13, 2000
Journal Start Time: 7:45pm
On IM/ICQ with: no one :o(
Stuck in my head: nothing
In the cd/tape player: Miss Saigon
Is it on? yup
I really should be: typing with two hands
Quote: "The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it."
-- Franklin P Jones
Oh I just can't wait: june 15 and JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: (last night) that sushi is good!
The last show I saw was: Cinderella (the ballet)
Updates: i have a pic of tamara and kenna that i keep meaning to upload but still haven't...i will sometime...probably...maybe :o)
Journal End Time: 8:01pm


it's us, the animals. cow and i are both typing. one hand each. or should we say one hoof and one foot. i think we need to go steal a moose to make the party complete. maybe julie can help us. she's probably too busy with that stupid green bird. we may have to hunt her down.

the turtle in cow's garden came alive while she was grazing the lawn and attacked her. it was scary.

turtle is wearing a pretty new light purple fuzzy vest. it's fun. and she bought parachute pants but she's not wearing them. we're off to the pasture for more fun. care to join us? mwahahahahahahahaha...

Date: May 2, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:11pm
On IM/ICQ with: Denis, Brian, Jennn
Stuck in my head: "I know that the night must end, and that the sun will rise, and that the sun will rise. i know that the clouds must clear, and that the sun will shine, and that the sun will shine..." Lion King
In the cd/tape player: Lion King
Is it on? nope
I really should be: continuing on my music isu
Quote: i dont' have the energy to go looking today
Oh I just can't wait: JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: that sometimes writing two awful tests in one day can turn out not pretty well
The last show I saw was: For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again
Updates: this journal has a title...after endless harassement from a cow
Journal End Time: 11:33pm

Alright...happy may! less than two months til new york...yay :o) I handed in my big co-op project today...which was a huge load of my back. i'm so glad that thing is finished..well...almost. i still have to do a presentation in class, but that shoudn't be anything at all. i really want to do it in french so my class can do nothing but give me perfect cuz they don't understand me! but no...i have to do more work than everyone else once again and translate it into enlish in my mind..aug! why can't i have a FRECH co-op teacher for a FRENCH co-op?!?

today i got back the two tests i had on friday..calc and chem. i expected them both to be pretty bad...but i was pretty wrong! first i got chem back. now, i had an 83, which was just fine by me...but then we told him that we didn't get the sheet that explained two of the now i have an 89! again, just fine by me! i was REALLY not looking forward to getting back my calc test though. i was expecting maybe 20/30...but no more. well, i was wrong again and pulled of an i was a very happy turtle!

I wrote a physics contest this morning...not sure how it went...not spectacularly well or anything, but i don't think it was awful either. my physics teacher yelled at me for not paying attention to his lesson today. you see, i was finishing up the worksheet he gave us while he pretty much told us exactly what we had on our sheet. of course, the rest of the class had their heads down and we're listening to a word he said...but i was luck and was singled out...again. whatever...he'll be out the window soon enough...