February to April, 200

Date: April 29, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:57pm
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Stuck in my head: "Yona yona yona yona yona yona yona yona yona yona yona...." Lion King
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Is it on? nope
I really should be: sleeping
Quote: "Oh, Lord love a duck"
--Streets of Blood
Oh I just can't wait: JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: that when you know you need to go east, don't assume that just cuz a tiger told you to go right, that right is always east...especially when facing south!
The last show I saw was: For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again
Updates: this journal has a title...after endless harassement from a cow
Journal End Time: 12:33am

I'm so proud of myself...i made html co-operate with me in record time! AND i didn't break anything...bonus! I saw For teh Pleasure of Seeing Her Again today with Tonya. i called her this morning to remind her that we were seeing it cuz i completely didn't have the time to call her this week...and it's a good think i called early cuz she had forgotten. I went down a bit earlier than when we were meeting and i had my lunch in a park in the GORGEOUS sun. It was really beautiful out today. the sky so clear and the sun so bright...k, enough charlie brown!

I've now done as much of my co-op project as i can on my own. i need to do my interview on monday and i have two questions for my french teacher...but otherwise i'm finished! 8 damn french...oy. i'm pretty happy with it though.

Plans for tomorrow: work on music project a whole lot! and i have dance in teh afternoon...goodie. We're also going to a music garden down at teh lakeshore to see flowers that we planted for a friend in the fall. i'm sure they'll be beautiful...

Date: April 28, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:56pm
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Stuck in my head: "I think i know what you mean...the tango maureen" Rent
In the cd/tape player: rien
Is it on? nope
I really should be: doing exactly what i'm doing...taking a break from life...cuz i deserve it after last week
Quote: "If i fall it's because I am pushed...or I jump"
Oh I just can't wait: JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: that my physics teacher's an jerk...oh wait, i already knew that!
The last show I saw was: Happy...but I saw Lion King on Thursday :o) :o) :o)
Updates: yes, at long last! i finally linked the picture from the paper in the "rent" pictures section down at the bottom. i've also added two new links to the "other" section.
Journal End Time: 12:21am

Bad bad bad LLOOOONG 4 day week. Last weekend (the 5 day weekend...) i think i went outside 3 times at the most. I got to see Adrienne for about an hour on sunday which was really nice cuz we haven't seen each other since last winter break. the rest of sunday and all of monday i did more work and more studying and i was a wreck by monday night. it's a good thing that that's all i did this week too so i didn't have the chance to recover...and really have nothing to show for everything i did...which is always a wonderful feeling.

I did have one break this week...Lion King! I was really blown away by the show. the colours and the sets adn the costumes and the talent (for the most part) were just incredible. anyway, i'll write more when i can think of more to say! ta

Date: April 22, 2000
Journal Start Time: 10:28pm
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Stuck in my head: "And dance like it's the last night of the world" Miss Saigon
In the cd/tape player: Songs for a New World
Is it on? nope
I really should be: studying chem/physics/calc...doing one of two music projects...writing an english essay...ahhh
Quote: "How much does a man live, after all?
Does he live a thousand days, or only one?
For a week, for several centuries?
How long does a man spend dying?
What does it mean to say 'forever'?"
--The House of the Spirits
Oh I just can't wait: til Lion King in 4 days...and til JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: that no matter how much time i spend doing stupid homework, i can't get enough of it done
The last show I saw was: Cyrano de school
Updates: yes, at long last! i finally linked the picture from the paper in the "rent" pictures section down at the bottom. i've also added two new links to the "other" section.
Journal End Time: 12:28am

Happy Passover...yay...ok, enough of that. I didn't realize how long it's been since i put up a real update here. i guess The Rant there in the middle kind of threw me off. Let's see...the 16th...last was my mom's birthday. my brother and i ended up convincing my parents that we are old enough to know how to behave in a nice restaurant so they let us go out with them. i must say, it was a very nice dinner.

Hum, monday...i don't remember monday at all acutally. Tuesday i had a really good violin lesson. i played a passage for my teacher that i'd never played as fast an accurately for him as i did and he kept saying how wonderful it was and how much i've improved just made me feel really good to be reminded that i can acutally play. Oh, i remmeber physics teacher was an ass on tuesday! he announced in class that we were to have a huge unit test...on thurday! so, i raised my hand to say it was passover...and he has the nerve to say that it isn't written in any rule book that you can't have a test on a jewish holiday, but that i coudl write it after teh weekend. well, i was planning on going to school that thursday...but when he came over and asked me what i was going to do in class, i told him i wasn't coming. i was soo pissed off at him. first of all, you're not allowed to plan a test less than a week before it happens...and he announced it THE CLASS before...AND on the one day that many people who celebrate passover will take off from school. AUG. The one good thing that came out of this was that all tests had to be cancelled for Thursday in teh we all got our way anyway! actually, knowing him, he had it everythough he wans't allowed to. I'm just so mad at him. i acutally found out after class that his oac class is really mad at him too cuz he gave them an insane amount of work and there's no way they can go it all...wahtever, he's a bad teacher.

Ok, after Tuesday comes wednesday. wednesday during the day was pretty uneventful. oh, on my way to co-op i bumped into the other co-op student so we started walking together...and realized that we were both limping...turns out she sprained her ankle dancing on the weekend and then me with co-op the last was pretty funny...ok, maybe you had to be there. i got home to find that adrienne was home from new brunswick and had called me...made me VERY happy :o) we had our first passover seder on wednesday night. it wasn't all bad...i just don't particularly like the majority of passover food...which is kind of a problem.

Thursday..i didn't go to school cuz of stupid physics teacher. plus there were threats at my school saying that "all prepies will die" and "columbine was nothing" so only a quarter of the school showed up. personally, i found all the threats in schools to be pretty a lot of people blew it off as being stupid and nothing to worry about...well, not that i wanted somethign to happen to prove my point...but something did happen and there was a stabbing in ottawa...and to think what coudl have happened had a gun been readily available...aug, that's not something i want goign around in my head.

Anyway, i went to synagogue thursday morning. it was a nice service and it made my parents happy that i was there...what more can i ask? i did homework in the afternoon adn then we had our second seder at night. it was...umm...interesting. my dad's cousin and her family joined us for this one...but her children are kind of hyperactive...especially the younger one. it was more interesting than the first one though cuz my dad makes his own haggada every year with little bits of stuff you acutally care about rather than just the straight story.

Friday: homework, homework, homework, homework...then i went over to see my friend annie who used to live two doors away but then went to u of t so i barely get to see's kind of strange how well we get along and how we can jsut talk about anything and everything so easily. we're really very different people.

Today i did a lot of homework and then had lunch with annie's family so spent some more time with her. and now it's tomorrow and this took way too long to write!

The Rant

Hey, I'm not a lumberjack or a fur trader.

I don't live in an igloo, or eat blubber or own a dog sled. And i don't know Jummy, Sally or Suzy from Canada (although I'm certain they're really, really nice)

I have a prime minister not a president.

I speak English and French, not American, and I pronouce it "about" not "aboot."

I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack.

I believe in peacekeeping, not policing, diversity, not assimilation, and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal.

A toque is a hat, a chesterfiled is a couch and it is pronounced "zed" not "zee" --"zed."

Canada's the second largest land mass, the first nation of hockey and the best part of North America. My name is Joe and I am Canadian!

Thank you.

Date: April 15, 2000
Journal Start Time: 9:02pm
On IM/ICQ with: Denis, Tanya, Aislinn
Stuck in my head: "And oh, you're suddenly a stranger" Songs for a New World
In the cd/tape player: Songs for a New World
Is it on? it was, but then my computer went really strange and i didn' tbother to turn it back on again
I really should be: doing homework...or doing homework...or doing some more homework
Quote: "Just as when we come into the world, when we die we are afraid of the unknown. But the fear is somethng from within us that has nothing to do with reality. Dying is like being born: just a change."
--The House of the Spirits
Oh I just can't wait: til Lion King in 11 days...and til JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: that it's not a good idea to hoble around downtown on a hurt ankle...though it may prove to be LOTS of fun!
The last show I saw was: Cyrano de school
Updates: i finally uploaded the new just to link it...
Journal End Time: 9:34pm

Well, today was a fun filled adventure...playing downtown with cow :o) We began at Theatre Q's...where i finally got Songs for a New World..and am loving it as much as i did the first time i heard it. We stuck around there for a little while...and left just in time for Lion King to be let out. so, we decided to go see Saskia! she was really sweet and seemed quite happy to see us. she assured us that she isn't broken...yet! From there we went to find lisa a hotdog and i ended up getting one too...yum. Then, we went on a moose hunt! yay for meece! there's a very nice moose, all dressed (painted...) in working clothes and king and bay...and there are many more to come in the next few weeks! we're goign to go on a real moose hunt when i can walk again.

So, Thursday, after i wrote, i went to play at massey hall. it acutally wasn't all that bad...we played the best we've ever played teh song all teh way through...but we were really pretty awful to begin with so we kind of had to improve. it was just a fun night, aside from the whole not being able to walk thing. all those stairs were just plain evil. I also ended up seeing in the finale, which was a Fame medley...i was supposed to sing it with choir but i refused, so we sang with another school's choir...and it was fun. apparently the audience couldn't hear the choir anyway!

Well, school's been driving me crazy. I've got project after project...test after test...assignment after assignment...and still, i do nothing at all on a saturday...oops!

Date: April 13, 2000
Journal Start Time: 5:05pm
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Stuck in my head: "There's a lot I am not certain of. Hello twelve, hello thirteen, hello love" Chorus Line
In the cd/tape player: Chorus Line
Is it on? not any more
I really should be: filing my nails so i can play violin tonight
Quote: "Hello, it's APRIL!"
Oh I just can't wait: til Lion King in 13 days...and til JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: 1) my chem isu lab is more of a disaster than we originally thought 2) when they tell me not to come early to co-op because they will have nothing for me to do, they are lying
The last show I saw was: umm...I saw La Bohème last weekend and i saw Il faut qu'une porte soit ouverte ou fermée and Un Capris from Théâtre français yesterday
Updates: nothing recently...but i'll have a new picture up when i get around to uploading it
Journal End Time: 5:21pm

I haven't updated in forever...and i do have my reasons...but i'm not telling them to you, so ha! it's been a very crazy time in the life of the turtle. i didn't go to school today but i still had to be up and out of the house from 8 til 4:30. I went to the police department's breath test lab type thing this morningand it was acutally quite interesting...only problem is he told us why our lab isn't giving consistent results and i think we just might start all over again...goodie! like we haven't spent enough time in that stupid room. oh, plus he told us that the chemicals we're working with are carcenogenic. now, you'd think our chem teacher would have warned us about that before we went inhaling it for three weeks...i'm a little pissed off about that. anywya, then i went to co-op and ended up being there for 4.5 hours. i rolled over my ankle pretty nicely...which isn't exactly pleasant...but the problem now is that i have a concert tonight and the only bice black shoes i have to wear have a heel that i'm not sure i will be able to get around in. i've also done something strange to the hip on the same basically i'm just not goign to walk! oh damn, that's a problem...i'm going to have to get up and down like 594 flights of stairs at massey hall tonight. have any of you ever been to the top balcony at massey hall? let me tell's not fun. you have to climb a gazillion stairs and then you sit down, only to find that there is NO leg room...its so bad. so yeah, we're playing there's for a toronto school board concert thing...and we're awful! yay! it's going to be pretty bad. hum, maybe i can use this ankle thing to get out of it...except that myt eacher woudl kill me...oh well, to massey hall i go. boy, that was a long paragraph. i'm goign to end for now...i'll try to write more another time. salutations

Date: April 2, 2000
Journal Start Time: 12:03pm
On IM/ICQ with: not feeling talkative
Stuck in my head: "I'm so tired, I can't sleep. I'm standing on teh edge of something much too deep"
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? nope
I really should be: doing some kind of homework...i've got quite a selection
Quote: "The more i get to know men, the more i appreciate dogs"
-- Topsy Turvy
Oh I just can't wait: til JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: no matter how close a friendship, it can always break apart
The last show I saw was: Caucasian Chalk Circle (saw Memories of Water on Thursday)
Updates: nothing recently...but i'll have a new picture up when i get around to uploading it
Journal End Time: 12:32pm

I have been extremely busy and exhausted since I last updated. It all started Wednesday morning when i arrived at school at 7:45 for quartet and learned that we didn't actually have rehearsal...someone forgot to call me to tell me. My physics teacher was surprisingly nice to me with a whole bunch of lead to me having good lab results and not having to hand in the lab til tuesday.

Thursday morning i had orchestra and didn't get home again until midnight. i went to meet lara right after co-op and we wandered around downtown til about 5:45. we went out for dinner, which was a whole other story within itself! there were some communication problems going on with the waiters...oy, anyway. we met max at 7:45 and went to see memories of water. i quite enjoyed it...but i was pretty tired already cuz or orchestra and all that so i did fall asleep...but not enough to miss anything important. The play ended up being about an hour longer than i expected...and then we drove max i sat down to do homework (that i later leanred is not due til tuesday) until about 1:30...i didn't fall asleep til 2...and then had to wake up early for stuff.

so, rehearsal i honestly could not read and play notes at the same time. i was getting really frustrated with myself and felt that the others were frustrated with me too cuz they can practice together in class but i cna't cuz i'm not in their class...anyway, i was not a happy girl. i had a little nap in chemistry (oops) but i felt like i was sleep walking all day. i'd go into each class and just put my head down on the desk and keep it there til the bell rang once again.

I had to stay after school to work on my chem isu, which is finally making a little progress...though not much. I was hoping to get home and take a nap, but there wasn't time for that. i got home, sat down, took a shower (not sitting down...i stood up again first), shoved a little food in my mouth, and was off once again. i was playing with the quartet at a fundraiser for our stage band. we were just dinner music but the whole evening went from 7-12.

My plan until about 9:45 was to stay for the whole time cuz i liked the people i was with and the musci and all that...but around 10 i put my head on the table and pretty much fell asleep. at that point, bridget told me to go home...and i agreed that that woudl be the best idea. i felt bad asking my parents to pick me up cuz i was goign to get a lift home with someone's mother who was there...but i just coudln't keep my eyes open. i got home and fell asleep right away..and didn't wake up until 10 hours later (i think that's got to be a personal record of some sort).

Yesterday i went to see another Ryerson play with my aunt. it was the last one of the season so it was all the second year students who will be doing the majority of the plays next year. It was a really great play and it was done very well...i didn't fall asleep! I ended up seeing Topsy Turvy last night with lisa and max. it was pretty good...but i think slept through quite a bit of it. so, i got more sleep than i usually get in two night on friday night and i can't keep my eyes open by 9 on saturday...there's something wrong with that...

Date: March 28, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:05pm
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Stuck in my head: one of the songs i'm playing for quartet so it don't have words i can type out
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? nope
I really should be: doing some kind of homework...i've got quite a selection
Quote: "We are more inclined to hate one another for points on which we differ, than to love one another for points on which we agree."
-- Charles Caleb Colton
Oh I just can't wait: til JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: that when a fish tank goes uncleaned for 5 years it gets VERY smelly
The last show I saw was: Titanic
Updates: nothing recently...but i'll have a new picture up when i get around to uploading it
Journal End Time: 11:51pm

two days in a row...and tonya said i never update! it's been a long feels like this morning happened last week! i got to school at 8:30 and had quartet. it went pretty well. i'm having a little trouble with things just cuz the other three are in class together so they can rehearse then...but i just have to join in where they left off so i'm tripping on notes all over the place but it doesn't sound awful any more. we have another rehearsal tomorrow morning (i hope...someone was supposed to call me and no one did...i guess that means we're meeting...humm...). not much longer til the concert/fund raiser thingy.

my teeth have been bothering me all day...i don't know what teh dentist did but i don't like it. all my weak little front ones that felt like they were being pulled out when i got my braces off. hum, i have to remember to wear my retainer tonight...i keep forgetting! probably not much longer til i don't have to wear it any more...

school-wise today was not a bad day. we watched teh second half of Jules et Jim in french (kind of odd...) and had a test/quiz thing in music. co-op was quite uneventful but the other student was there so we got to just talk. oh, we washed trays for the permier on friday...and i can't go :o( i'll probably be seeing it in two weeks for the student matinees again.

I had violin after school today. it was a good's amazing how much i can get done after not practicing the music for a week! i talked with my teacher about TMC and told him that the head of staffing told me i wouldn't be able to go cuz 'll have to leave early but my teacher seems to think it won't eb a problem and he's going to putting in a good word for me...woohoo! the power of connections!

I got home and did homework...and next thing i knew it was 10:30 and i didnt' have nearly as much done as i had hoped. i'm seeing Memories of Water on thursday so i knwo i'm not going to get any work done and i have three assignements due on friday so i have to do them before then. i went to do a chem lab and couldn't find i wrote two pages of notes for english insted of reading the book...oh well, i'll live.

My brother was cleaning out the fish tank (you could no longer acutally see the fish and it was beginning to STINK) now the sink down here is covered in green sludge...yum!

ok, that's enough from me. nighty night

Date: March 27, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:48pm
On IM/ICQ with: Jennnnnn, Dyann
Stuck in my head: "Find one song, before the virus takes hold, glory..." Rent...yeah yeah...
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? nope
I really should be: asleep or reading english or studying music or catching up on chemistry
Quote: "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
--Friedrich Nietzsche
Oh I just can't wait: til JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: that somehow i can leave the dentist feeling like i left the orthodontist...and i have no idea why
The last show I saw was: Titanic
Updates: nothing recently...but i'll have a new picture up when i get around to uploading it
Journal End Time: 12:10am

Well well well...nothing has happened since saturday! i had dance sunday and went to my autn and uncle's for a bbq at night. well, then there were the oscars...i watched the beginning and heared the end. it was acutally kind of funny...we now have ea computer closer to the tv in teh basement but not close enough to see the screen so i was on the computer and listening to what was winning and all that. so time's passing...and i hear that they're getting ot the end...and i'm waiting to hear best pictures...and all of a sudden i hear "have a great night" (or something like that...) I completely missed them announcing best picture! it didn't take long to figure out...anyway, i guess that wasn't so funny.

Today was pretty boring. we had an Earth Week assembly first period and then they showed a little movie to preview Cyrano de Bergerac, which is mainstage this year. it was very well done. chemsitry was fine..we did a lab that took us for ever cuz we didnt have a new pipette pump so we had to keep taking it off and putting it back on...oh well, we got it done. ok, at lunch i was supposed to have my one choir rehearsal before our concert at massey hall. so i go to the music's locked and the other has a coupel students. i go to the music office to ask my teacher if there's rehearsal and she says there is...but no one knows where ms moyer is. turns out she forgot that she changed the day of rehearsals and was in teh office photocopying music all of lunch...oops!

Afternoon: physics...ok, i'm having some issues with my physics mark. not that it's a bad mark at all...but jsut some issues. my mark went up .9% from last term (makes sense...stupid, EASY isu...anyway) so my mark went from 87.5 to 88.4...grrr! AND...i calculated it to two decimal points and it turns out to be 88.5...ah well, i suppose i'll live! Then i was off to calculus. calulus is good stuff makes sense and i can do it! mind you, we have a quiz next class and no one understands how to do the i still don't feel too bad!

After school i did my chem isu lab for two hours and i have a feeling it's goign to be a big huge disaster. then i was off to the dentist...yay! i really hate the dentist. my mouth still tastes funny. my orthodontist sent him a note telling him to take xrays so they could discuss wisdom teeth...did he take xrays? nope. he said the bottom ones are half in and he's thinking they probably won't have enough room...didn't mention the top ones. oh well. personally, i'd much rather them stay right where they are...

alrighty, time to sleep...i have a late opening tomorrow but sitll have to be at school for 8:30...damn quartet! goodnight

Date: March 25, 2000
Journal Start Time: 1:56pm
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Stuck in my head: "CHECK THE LIBRETTO!" Forbidden Bway Strikes Back
In the cd/tape player: Forbidden Bway STrikes Back
Is it on? i just turned it off
I really should be: doing one of various ISUs
Quote: "Staying in the closet is a very selfish thing to do. You're sending a message that you're ashamed of who you are."
-Wilson Cruz, 1999
Oh I just can't wait: JUNE 25!!!
Today I learned: i am still a marvelous procrastinator
The last show I saw was: Titanic
Updates: nothing recently...but i'll have a new picture up when i get around to uploading it
Journal End Time: 2:32pm

guess who's going to be in new york for FIVE weeks this summer!!!!! me me me :o) i got into the pre-college program at barnard college out of columbia and i'm just a little excited! I've been glowing for just about 4 days straight with no signs of stopping anytime soon! so, i've been back at school for 4 days and have already had 2 tests, a quiz, and a huge assigment due. great week, huh?!

I had a quartet rehearsal tuesday morning cuz we're playing at a fundraiser next friday. it's called Spring junior and senior stage band are playing...and my teacher decided she'd stick in teh string quartet...i thinks she feels sorry for the string players! WE've had a lot of rehearsals...three last week and probably another three or maybe even 4 this coming week. we don't have one monday, which is nice! now i'm just hoping it won't be cancelled cuz internal (that word doesn't sound right...someone wnat to correct me?) workers are probably striking sunday night and this dinner swing thing is happening at a community centre...yikes! it'd be a really big disaster cuz it's not like they can refund everyone's money adn just cancel the caterer if they feel like it.

Last night i went to see Magnolia with my parents cuz it was at the Eglington and my dad wanted to see it befor ethe oscars. i really did enjoy it...but it's too bad a certain someone spoiled a certain part of it because she didn't think i'd see such a movie...well blah to you. i really liked how everything just worked so well...and the camera angles were great...adn teh acting was wonderful...and the whole beginning/end thing...very nice.

So, this weekend i am going to do lots of homework (ha!) as usually...right. i don't have any plans except for goign to dance tomorrow...i haven't been in three weeks...oh boy!

alright, i guess that's all....thank you to everyone for all your wonderful support since wednesday!!!!

Date: March 20, 2000
Journal Start Time: 3:31pm
On IM/ICQ with: Denis
Stuck in my head: "Where oh where has my little dog gone? oh where oh where can he be?" (where are these songs coming from???)
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? nope
I really should be: doing my physics isu and practicing violin
Quote: All Those Years

My friend Debbie’s two daughters were in high school when she experienced severe flu-like symptoms. Debbie visited her family doctor, who told her the flu bug had passed her by. Instead, she had been touched by the "love bug" and was now pregnant.

The birth of Tommy, a healthy, beautiful son, was an event for celebration, and as time went by, it seemed as though every day brought another reason to celebrate the gift of Tommy’s life. He was sweet, thoughtful, fun-loving and a joy to be around.

One day when Tommy was about five years old, he and Debbie were driving to the neighborhood mall. As is the way with children, out of nowhere, Tommy asked, "Mom, how old were you when I was born?"

"Thirty-six, Tommy. Why?" Debbie asked, wondering what his little mind was contemplating.

"What a shame!" Tommy responded.

"What do you mean?" Debbie inquired, more than a little puzzled. Looking at her with love-filled eyes, Tommy said, "Just think of all those years we didn’t know each other."

--by Alice Collins

Oh I just can't wait: for the end of june
Today I learned: that bananas can be very filling
The last show I saw was: Titanic
Updates: PICTURES!!! (though not so recently any mroe)
Journal End Time: 3:50pm

Well, i'm home sweet home. it isn't nearly as cold here as it's been for the past week, which was nice to come home to. The plane ride this morning was fine. we got up at 5am and the plane left at 6:35...acutally it left more at 7 but it was supposed to leave at 6:35. I was quite worried about what they'd serve us for breakfast...i just kept picturing scrambled eggs at camp...yuck! It actually did have potential in the end...honey nut cheerios, a banana (i had a REALLY big banana!) and a bagle with cream cheese. well, my bagle was hard as a rock and had spots on it and two sesame seeds so i didn't eat that. We had a connecting flight in Detroit again...and this time they barely cleared away our drinks before we landed. Actaully, that's kind of strange...on the flight to Detroit, they cleared away teh drinks with time to spare and that plane was quite a bit bigger than the one today.

Yeserday was a crumy day. It was cool and wet and rainy and cloudy all swimming :o( We had planned to go to an art show at lauderdale by the sea...and we thought about not going cuz of the rain...but we decided to be brave. One stand was was acutally some really cute stuff...but it was only one booth. we then went to a little store down the street adn they had samples of all teh different foods they were selling...and it was all REALLY good! My mom then decided that we had to have lunch at the beach one last time...problem being IT WAS RAINING!!! Tha tdidn't stop my mom and dad...they ate on a bench in the wind and brother, grandmother and i ate in teh car with the windows open...close enough, right?! For dinner my parents went out and my grandmother went to a show so my brother and i stayed in...and i did physics physics physics...blech, i'm still not done!

I have to go on a hunt for a building with my mom...i'll finish later if i think of it

Date: March 18, 2000
Journal Start Time: 10:23pm
On IM/ICQ with: Staci, Denis, Tonya, Brian
Stuck in my head: "They say that breaking up is hard to do..." (don't ask me how i got that in my head...i'm still trying to figure it out myself!)
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? nope
I really should be: doing my physics isu
Quote:"If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear."
--Pooh's Little Instruction Book (inspired by A. A. Milne)
Oh I just can't wait: for the end of june
Today I learned: that flea markets can be a lot of fun once you find the right one...though it may not be fun for everybody...
The last show I saw was: Titanic
Updates: PICTURES!!! (though not so recently any mroe)
Journal End Time: 10:54pm

Soo...someone noticed that i've been updating for real...thank you miss tiger :o) Today was a nice day. we left early for a flea market we'd never been to before. I ended up being quite successful...i got an Ella Fitzgerald cd for my upcoming music project, a pretty skirt that came with a top i don't think i'll ever wear, and a smaller purse than the MEC one i always carry around...and it has two pretty little butterflies on it...aww!

Lunch plans were kind of a disaster but ended up working out just fine. we got back and went for a swim...i did mor ereal swimming...increased on teh number of lengths from last time :o) umm...then i showered and had dinner in tonight...worked on physics and that was my day.

Tomorrow I hope we go to an art fair at Fort Lauderdale by the sea. My brother doesn't want to go cuz it doesn't sound like much fun to him but we'll be able to go to the beach there too so it's not all bad...i guess we'll see what my parents decide.

Well, it seems i have nothing more to say. i doubt i'll update again before i get until then, byebye

Date: March 17, 2000
Journal Start Time: 10:19pm
On IM/ICQ with: Jessica
Stuck in my head: Forbidden Bway Cleans Up Its Act
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? nope
I really should be: doing my physics isu
Quote:"To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are"
Oh I just can't wait: for the end of june
Today I learned: that it watching snails can be more amusing than you'd think
The last show I saw was: Titanic
Updates: PICTURES!!! (though not so recently any mroe)
Journal End Time: 11:00pm

So, i didn't make it back wednesday...oops. anyway, as i was saying..Old Navy :o) i replenished my wardrobe...and with colours so my mom's happy. i got pants, which i really did need, so that was very good. After Old Navy we went to a book store and i got Forbidden B'way Cleans Up its Act, which i am loving. it's sooo funny. when i listened to it for the first tim ei was acutally laughing out mom thought i was going crazy!

Tuesday...what happened tuesday? oh yeah, we went to teh pool in teh morning and i dont' knwo if we did anythign in the afternoon. oh, i know what we did...we went to the international cartoon museum in Mizner park in teh late afternoon. They had a schultz exhibit on but not because of his retirement or's been on since october. it was really great. They had cartoons ALL over teh place and were running the video made for the 40th anniversary of Charlie Brown...and little discriptions and facts all around...lots of fun. After that we were off to a dinner theatre show...The Best LIttle Whore House in Texas...well, it was interesting. THe meal wasn't very good and the lead actors were awful. One couldn't sing, act or speak and the other didn't know any of his lines. The ensemble was pretty good though...and the story was ok. My brother and I were teh youngest people in teh room NO QUESTION. my parents were close teh the next oldest in age...oy!

Wendesday: beach day! i didn't end up going in the ocean cuz i was trying to do physics but i ended up falling asleep and getting a square shaped tan on my's basically gone now. Not much more to say about the beach...there's sand and water...whoopie. Anyway, we went to TJ Max after and i got shorts, which i also REALLY needed...and they fit really well. so, i'm happy with that little trip.

Thursday...that was yesterday...umm...oh yeah, we went to the club house and to teh big pool there. Geez, it's always so hard to keep track of what was done on what days during a holiday. anyway, that pool always has softer-feeling water and it usually more crowded and warmer. We went to see Titanic at night. not a show worth seeing, in my opinion. The voices were great and the acting was good...but the songs were boring and there was no real staging aside from singing in line after line. the sets weren't half bad either.

Hey, now we're at today! Todya was just really relaxing. I did a lot of my physics ISU and went to the big pool again. then we went out for dinner...and that's about it. just lots of sitting around. Anyway, i think tomorrow we're goign to a flea market we've never been to and then sunday we're planning on going to an art fair at Lauderdale by the sea and possibly going to the beach there...but we'll see about the weather and everything.

oh,'s HOT :o)

Date: March 15, 2000
Journal Start Time: a bit before 6:34pm
On IM/ICQ with: no one
Stuck in my head: Forbidden Bway Cleans Up Its Act
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? nope
I really should be: doing my physics isu
Quote:"You know, of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you're the Charlie Brown-est"
-Lucy, from the International Cartoon Museum
Oh I just can't wait: for the end of june
Today I learned: it actually is possible for a part of me to burn before my cheeks
The last show I saw was: The Best Little Whore House in Texas
Updates: PICTURES!!! (though not so recently any mroe)
Journal End Time: 7:02pm

Hello from the sunny south!

I'm in Florida and am enjoying being warm...but not too much else. Well, that's nto quite true...i'm not not enjoying myself...i'd just rather be home i guess. We arrived sunday night so basically just went to sleep. Monday we got our first taste of the pool...i do love being able to swim outside. We went shopping in the afternoon...oh how i adore old navy!

(supper time...i'll be back)

Date: March 10, 2000
Journal Start Time: 4:49pm
On IM/ICQ with: Denis, Lara
Stuck in my head: a song i played on piano LOTS of years ago
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? nope
I really should be: doing nothing! happy march break!
Quote:"Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock."
-Pablo Picasso
Oh I just can't wait: for the end of june
Today I learned: that sometimes it can be a good thing to go to school on teh last day before a holiday
The last show I saw was: Sears festival at Leaside
Updates: PICTURES!!! (though not so recently any mroe)
Journal End Time: 5:02pm

no school for a week and a half...yay!!! as much as i am not looking forward to being in florida, i am looking forward to not being in school. i guess that's the price i will have to pay. i do, however, had lots of school work to keep me, i guess i'll manage. i got back some very happy marks! my english mark went up and i'm not too sure how. i put in less effort and did less work than last term...not that i'm complaining! we acutally had a full lesson in chemistry. there were like 3 people away...we finished the unit...stayed in right til the bell...what a class!

I had a good lunch time. i played cards with a group of people who i don't normally sit with at lunch. i think i may sit with them more often. glad i gave them a chance.

After lunch i was off to calculus...scared out of my mind to get back my test. boy am i glad i went! turns out i did really well!!! 28/30...highest mark i've received in the far :o) my mark this term is 88...and that includes a very bad first test, so i'm really happy. it meant my mark went up 3% from last term...yay!

And then there's physics... the first thing he tells us when we walk in is that we get an bonus mark for being there that day...sounds good to me! we had a quiz (which, in my teacher's dictionary means test when he forgot to give us a week's notice so just calls it a quiz) it was long but not at all hard. we watched a movie that no one understood...oh well! so, then i left...only to realize that i forgot to hand in a co-op log so had to go back to the school and hand it in and go back to the bus stop again...blech! but now i'm and sound and dry!

Speaking of dry, can i complain about the weather here?!? teh last two days were BEAUTIFUL! people were wearing shorts yesterday it was so nice. then, yesterday afternoon, it rained...and that was the end of it! i mean, i'm not complaining about how wonderful teh weather was earlier this week...but make up your mind! i looked outisde after physics and the ground was white...i thought we were past the white stuff. apparently i was mistaken.

Alright, this has been more of my pointless rambling...take care

Date: March 8, 2000
Journal Start Time: 8:55pm
On IM/ICQ with: Matt, Ty, Brian
Stuck in my head: nothing, acutally
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? nope
I really should be: going over things for my French presentation tomorrow
Quote: "The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection, and not a fountain; to show them we love them not when we feel like it, but when they do."
-Nan Fairbrother
Oh I just can't wait: for the end of june
Today I learned: (yesterday acutally...) that it really hurts to sneeze with a sore throat
The last show I saw was: Sears festival at Leaside
Updates: PICTURES!!! (though not so recently any mroe)
Journal End Time: 9:52pm

So...let's see...where did i last leave off. ah yes, the weekend. it was not a bad weekend actally. Shul stuff saturday was a whole big family affair...OY! I went to see a movie with Lisa cow (the next best thing...bad movie...but neil patrick harris almost makes it worth while!) The evening was filled with tapes of Rosie and Trivial Persuit's millenium version...more OY! Sunday i bought a watch! i've needed (ok, wanted...) a new watch since the end of september, so that's only what...6 months?! then i went to dance and pulled something in my leg and still can't really walk on it. I stayed to watch my brother play basketball. They won their first game since my brother joined the team! so, they placed 3rd (out of four) for the season.

Sunday night i started getting stuff. i hate being sick so very much. sneezing has been the biggest pain in teh, well, throat acutally. Monday i got home from school at 5 and put on my pyjamas right away. I had a lot of work to do for the next day but i had NO attention was a long night!

Tuesday was not such a good day. i really didnt want to go to school, and wouldn't have had i known that the two reasons i went didnt actually happen...blah. i did, however, get back some happy music marks which almost made teh trip to school worth while. Well, i was off to co-op for the afternoon and was going to leave early til i found out that my teacher was visiting my placement at 3 so i coudlnt' leave...more blah.

Well, now it is wednesday...and today was an ok day. I'm feeling slightly better, which is always nice. I got back a bad chem test, but it wasn't nearly as bad as i expected. Then i had a calc test and i think it went really well but i seem to have proved that i can never tell with calculus. And now it is now...and i'm procrastinating going up stairs to do my french work cuz i didn't do it for tuesday but i had an excuse then! So, i'm goign to battle the stairs and get some french done...and, i guess that's about all. sweet dreams.

Date: March 4, 2000
Journal Start Time: 12:47am
On IM/ICQ with: Denis, Ty, Brian
Stuck in my head: "We have been blessed you adn I" Miss Saigon
In the cd/tape player: You're A Good Man Charlie Brown
Is it on? nope
I really should be: asleep i guess
Quote: "I love you my pentium II processor with...." "do do do do" Writer's Block (York Mills Sears Festival)
Oh I just can't wait: for the end of june
Today I learned: that pac man is a lot easier when you change the settings so that you go faster than the bad ghosts
The last show I saw was: Sears festival at Leaside tonight...but i saw Enigma Variations last night and Sears festival at York Mills on wednesday
Updates: PICTURES!!! (though not so recently any mroe)
Journal End Time: 1:14am

I know i've not been very good with updating...but this has been a bad week for spare time. Tuesday was especially bad. my chem test did not go well and it drained all the thinking power out of me so calc was bad and physics was worse (although i got back my physics test and got's funny cuz i really had no idea what i was doing for any of the questions...) I havne't gotten chem back but i'm not expecting anything from it.

Wednesday was quite a bit better. My french presentation went really well. the class loved it and were laughing the whole time. it just felt good to perform it. i got that mark back today...29/30 :o) THis really proved to me that my first term french mark was as low as it was mostly cuz of the people i was working with. i was always stuck with the same two people...both barely speak french and are nearly failing the course. I mentioned somethign to my teacher about it and she said she was planning on switching around the groups for the next assignment..and she did...and i got a good mark! Also wendesday i unexpectedly did my music solo. I sang Out Here On My Own from Fame and i don't really know how it went. i've been coughing for a while now and because of that i coudl barely hit my c#...which isn't great cuz usually i can hit at least an e...sometimes f or higher if i'm lucky...but my teacher knew i was doing it before my schedualed day and that i didn't know i'd be able to do my best. i also got a bonus mark for having it memorized..yay

ok, wednesday night was so very very amusing. i went with Tonya to see Max in Sears drama festival at York Mills. first of all, when you're supposed to be somewhere at 7 and you get there at 7:07, you are matter what you say tonya! I was really impressed by everything that night. All three pieces were student-written. Of them all i did like max's the most...not that i'm bias or anything! it was HILARIOUS! i swear i was laughing the entire time. it all took place in a video know what, i can't even try to explain it! it was just so much fun.

Thursday...umm...the only exciting part of thursday was the evening. i saw enigma variations starring donald sutherland (ooo...ahhh). i quite enjoyed it. i have to admit, i spept through some of it but i woke up just before the most important line so it was fine! Oh, Lara tried to stuff me after dinner but i refused...i let Chana convince me to be stuff though...hehe. i guess that's all.

And that brings me to today. well, technically yesterday but i haven't slept since it happened so it's still today in my mind. my day was BORING. we did nothing of importance in french...nothing at all in music and almost nothing at co-op...i did get to leave co-op early though cuz, well, they closed the office at 3. i got home and had a relaxing few hours. then i was off to meet a friend from camp to go see a mutual friend's play in the sears festival at leaside. first of all, it was nice seeing this friend cuz i havent seen him since camp and had only talked with him twice on teh phone...and second, the plays were great, once again! i was kind of sleepy through the last one but that's alright. the first one was No Exit by Satre, which is kind of fun cuz i just finished reading that in french class this was neat to see it performed and in english. the lead male was also someone i knew from teh same camp. well, then i came home and here i am...

So that was my week in review. i'm going to try to do better with updating but i'm making on promises. take care all

Date: February 27, 2000
Journal Start Time: 7:31pm
Stuck in my head: "Lift up your head. Wash off your mascara. Here take my kleenex, wipe that lipstick away..." Little Shop of Horrors
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? nope
I really should be: doing english, studying physics, studying chem or studying calc
Oh I just can't wait: to see Le Faucon on Thursday
Today I learned: that it's a bad bad idea to run up stairs after a dance class
The last show I saw was: Jewels (a ballet) but since i last updated i saw Tonya's play for the Sears festival and Le Faucon (Thêàtre français)
Updates: PICTURES!!! yes, i acutally updated!!!
Journal End Time: 7:38pm

I know i've been a horrible updater but things have been kind of strange lately. I have an awful week coming up...a french book report tomorrow, three tests tuesday, a french presentation wednesday, an english book talk/report thursday and my music solo friday. if all goes as planned, i will be seeing shows wednesday, thursday and friday i guess that'll kin dof make up for it. anyway, Tonya, i know i told you i'd stop doing this, but i will write more later sometime, though i'm not sure when...

Date: February 19, 2000
Journal Start Time: 1:00pm
On IM/ICQ with: Lisa Press, Dyann
Stuck in my head: "she sells t-cells by the sea shore" The Last Session
In the cd/tape player: When Pigs Fly
Is it on? nope
I really should be: nothing acutally...i have nothing to's kind of frustrating though
Quote: "Do you want some vegetables?" "what? chips come from potatoes, potatoes are vegetables. what do you have to say about that??" Guy at co-op yesterday...oy, strange man!
Oh I just can't wait: to see Le Faucon on Thursday
Today I learned: that it's probably a silly to believe someone from half way across teh continent will come just see a show with me...but i'd still like her to :o)
The last show I saw was: Trickster of Third Avenue East
Updates: PICTURES!!! yes, i acutally updated!!!
Journal End Time: 1:34pm

Well, it's been a week...oops. lots was going on this week...but not much worth talking about acutally. Valentine's day was just like any other always. i got one card and one gift from friends...yay. I made chocolate chocolate chip pancakes for my brother for breakfast...and let me tell you, they were gooood!

umm...Tuesday i got back a really good chem test, which made me very very happy. oh, i got back a really good english paragraph analysis thing too...which is fun cuz i spent maybe all of a half hour working on it. what else for tuesday...i got back a wonderful physics lab (thanks to brian) and a better than expected physics test. and then i had an awful calc test..yay. i had a good violin lesson that night though, so that made me feel better. OH...and i got the information about the program i hope to be oding this summer!

Wednesday...i don't think anything happened wednesday actaully, so i'll move on to thursday. i had orchestra in the morning and it wasn't too bad. in homeform i got a slip saying i had a guidance appointment which confused me cuz i hadn't made an said Re: french turour...and then ir emembered that i signed up to possibly be a french tutour. so i went down at the end of chemstiry and had to wait like 10 minutes to tlak with her. she just asked if i was still interested cuz there's a grade 9 with a really awful french back ground and the mother just wants to get him through this year with a passing grade. so i told her all the times i'm busy (which is a lot more than i remebered) and that was that. then i realized that i wanted to talk with my counsellor about the information i'd recieved a couple days earlier cuz the application requires a recomendation from a teacher and either a guidance counsellor or principal. she was free (well, waiting to talk with another student who hadn't yet arrived) so i showed her what i got. she started filling it was acutally quite amusing! she really doesn't know me...i could have told her anything and she would have bleieved me! there's one part where she has to kind of write about me as a student and she told me to just give it to another teacher and write a little explanation as to why my guidance counsellor didn't fill it out...fine with me!

after lunch i got back my calc test, which was worse than i had though...yes, this is really goign to help pull up my mark. it's so frustrating cuz i understand more than i did in anything of grade 12 math last year, but my mark is 8% lower and i just can't pull it up. each test mark is lower than the last...and i'm really not happy with it. grr. anyway, then i had physics and talked about ER...always good, right?!

Friday was yesterday...and it was another uneventful day...except for my music presentation, which went really well. after class i had to tell my teacher i coudlnt' go to string orchestra at lunch cuz of co-op (shucks!) and she told me i did a really good jog...yay! then it was off to co-op. everyone was INSANE yesterday at co-op! i was laughing soo hard all through felt good...i just feel so comfortable there. during the day someone talked me into wanting to go to the one acts after school but i foudn out that they were basically sold out, so that didn' thappen. i just stayed at home doing nothing...just like today

Acutally, tonight i really want to go see World Goes Round but no one can come with me :o( it's the show that my show at camp was based on so i'd reallylike to see it done...but it's not looking good. i woudl go alone but 1) that's no fun and 2) i don't know how to get there! i mean, i have some idea of where it is...but not a good idea. i just don't want to end up sitting at home, alone again tonight. can anyone reading this come with me??? yeah, right...i think i've give up on that idea...well, excpet that dyann's said she'll coem with me...but i have reason to believe she's lying...i don't know why i woudl think that... ;o)

Alright, i think i have run out of things to say. au revoir mes amis


Date: February 12, 2000
Journal Start Time: 12:43am
On IM/ICQ with: Brian and Denis
Stuck in my head: "Nobody ever treated me kindly. Daddy left early, momma was poor..." Suddenly Seymour
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? i think that's a given
I really should be: doing my music isusleeping
Quote: "OH! you're an actress! what restaurant??" Trickster of third Avenue East
Oh I just can't wait: to be finished my music isu
Today I learned: that seeing two plays in one day really is a good way to avoid doing a music isu
The last show I saw was: Trickster of Third Avenue East...but i saw Three Kings 11 hours ago...
Updates: nothing today
Journal End Time:

So...i saw two plays today...they were both really good...but i don't think i really understood Three Kings. I'm still trying to figure out if the stories they told acutally had anything to do with eachother or if they were completely unrelated. Trickster was very funny...not bad for a playwrite's first try! i was very impressed, as was my mom. as i said, they were both good...but in very different ways.

OH! yesterday i baked a chocolate cheese cake because i wanted to and it looks sooooo good. i haven't been able to eat any of it yet and i REALLY want to but i ate so much today...and way too much chocolate...oy. i had a lot of fun not having school yesterday. i think we shoudl have three day weekends more often...they're so relaxing. i'd be willing to take out a week of summer so that we could have more of them...anyone with me? i've got a better idea...we dont' take out a week of summer and just have three day weekends every week! i like that idea better. ok, see these are signs that lindsay shoudl keep her thoughts to herself czu she's too i will say goodnight...and that i haven't forgotten about writing about the rest of my ny trip (almost two months late...oops!) mwah

Date: February 7, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:21pm
On IM/ICQ with: Brian (but i think he fell asleep again), Ava, Denis, Katie, Ty, Chris
Stuck in my head: you know what, i don't have anything in my head tonight...
In the cd/tape player: nothing
Is it on? i think that's a given
I really should be: sleeping
Quote: "Don't sweat the petty stuff...don't pet the sweaty stuff."
Oh I just can't wait: to see lots of shows this weekend:o)
Today I learned: that new shower curtains are smelly
The last show I saw was: Songs for a New World
Updates: nothing today
Journal End Time: 11:38pm

Well, I have been feeling like a really big idiot these past few days and it's all Denis' fault...well, it's all my fault acutally...hehe :o) i was supposed to see Denis on Saturday but silly me typed in teh wrong phone number...and you know what, when the phone numerb is wrong you don't get in touch with the person! then i wished him a happy birthday thinking it was the 8th but it's really teh 7th and his birthday's on the 8th so wishing him a happy birthday on teh 7th just makes me look like more of an idiot..oy!

Today was a very boring day. Very little happened in French...there were presentations in music...and then i did NOTHING at co-op. well, that did mean that i got to get homework done which was good...but it kind of seems like a waste of time when they don't have stuff for me to do. if it gets to be too much of a regular thing i will say something.

My eye that was bugging me the other day is still bugging's nice and swollen and sore...blah. it's not been fun. i'll just hope it's all better tomorrow...right! let's see...what else. oh, my weekend plans so far! it seems i will be goign to the ballet with oneof my parents on friday night which i haven't done for almost a year now. then, saturday i'm seeing the new Ryerson play, Three Kings, with my aunt...and at night i'm seeing Trickster of Third Avenue East with my parents. and sunday night i'm goign to the showcase of the compatition dances at my dance school, which is always a lot of fun...soo much talent goign on there.

Tomorrow i will be going back to school at 7pm to be a part of the parents' association's meeting about the co-op program. they asked me to be one of the presenters cuz they wanted a repersentative from the a language co-op. i remember last year there was a guy there who was working at a japanese news was kind of cool. we are only allowed to say good things...isn't that a given?! i'm glad they asked me...made me happy :o)

ok, i think i am rambling...nighty night

Date: February 4, 2000
Journal Start Time: 10:12pm
On IM/ICQ with: Ricky, Ty, Denis, Tonya, Lisa
Stuck in my head: "Il est venu le temps des cathédrales. Le monde est entré dans un nouveau millénaire. L'homm a voulu monter ves les étoiles Ecrir son histoire Dans le verre ou dans la pierre" Notre Dame de Paris
In the cd/tape player: Notre Dame de Paris
Is it on? yes
I really should be: working on a music project or two
Quote: "I imagine that the reason that people cling to their hate so stubbornly is because they are afraid that if they let go of the hate, they will have to deal with pain."
~James Baldwin
Oh I just can't wait: to possibly see Denis tomorrow
The last show I saw was: Songs for a New World
Updates: nothing today
Journal End Time: 11:33pm

Alright, i've been VERY side tracked and it is now 11:13...anyway! so i think things are going to work out tomorrow for me to see denis, which will be nice. he's a friend from music camp..for the last three years acutally...but we never really knew eachother til after talking on icq after camp this it shoudl be nice. he's doing a debate at my school (he's coming in from mississauga) which is kind of strange...but will be a nice break from my multiple music projects if it does happen.

my eyes is bothering me...i dotn like it. it's sore to blink and hurts to touch...justone more thing to worry about that i don't need. it's also red and a little fun fun. k, enough complaining

Today we got new physics marks...he called them term two marks but they're not really cuz term two's only half over..but my mark has gone up 3% since term one...which i don't understand cuz i understand MUCH less than i did then. i did, however had a lab due today..and i have NO idea what i was doing...but a really good friend helped me understand and concuct formulas for about 4 hours...and i ended up getting it all right, which was a VERY big relief. another big relief was handing in my chemistry isu proposal. it took soooo long to get together and we had so little time...but it happened and, after about 7 hours of working on it before and after school (at school...those were osme long days) it is finished and no longer in my hands! we're making a breathalyzer...only problem we've encountered so far is that we have to test it and our 'subjects' have to be over 19. i think it's going ot be good long as it works!

I think i can't think of anything else to say...gee, this took a long time! goodnight

Date: February 1, 2000
Journal Start Time: 12:27am
On IM/ICQ with: Brian, Dyann, Iain, Ty
Stuck in my head: "I dont wanna grow up, i'm a toys r us kid. there are so many toys at toys r us that i can play with" I have no idea hwere that came from but i am hoping it will leave soon!
In the cd/tape player: Beauty and the Beast
Is it on? no
I really should be: sleeping
Quote: ""
Oh I just can't wait: for absolutely nothing
The last show I saw was: Songs for a New World
Updates: nothing today
Journal End Time: again, i don't know

I'm really just writing here so that there's more than just a blank page. happy february...and maybe i'll have more to say when i have a little more time.