November,1999 to January, 2000

Date: January 30, 2000
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I've got things to say but i think Fiddler on the Roof just finished and the only reason i'm still awake is cuz i was waiting for it to be over so i coudl stop it from taping (for my music project...oy!). Right, so i'm really not looking forward to tomorrow. chemsitry in teh morning, chemsitry test, chemsitry after school....ahhhhh. Alright, so i'm goign to go stop my tape and then go to zzzzzz.


Date: January 27, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:09pm
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Soo...i just got back from yagmcb at the Ford Centre...and it was very cute. it was the same version as the one that was done at my school except that there were only 6 characters, not 9. There were two guys sitting next to my friend who were like singing along but they didn't know th was REALLY annoying.

I'm pretty sure i've decided what i'm goign to do next year. see, i realized i had the option of finishing in august and, as tempting as it was, i figure it woudl be a bad idea. so i was looking for other courses i coudl take along with al/geo, english and phsyics. I knew i watned to take vocal...but that's the only other thing i coudl think of. so i asked my music teacher what grade vocal i shoudl take and she said to just take grade 12 cuz i have all teh theory and everything. then she asked what grade i skipped in stings cuz i must have skipped a grade. i told her i didn't really skip a grad,e i just started a grade late...she told me i shoudl take grade 9 stings (the one strings course i havne't taken). now, at first i just kind of blew off the idea cuz it seems to ridiculous, but the more i thought about it, the more i liked the idea. i mean, i am looking for an easier course to take...and i'm basically assured about 105%...and my teacher told me that if i needed to just take a class or two off every so often cuz i have work i need to do in an oac, that she wouldn't mind at all. so, my courses for next year will be oac al/geo, physics, english and another easier one that i will find interesting but won't be toooo much work, grade 12 vocal and grade 9 stings...not too bad!

Anyway, i think i've run out of things to say...goodnight

Date: January 25, 2000
Journal Start Time: 11:56pm
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...i feel there are so many more tonight...
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2102400 minutes ago an incredible man passed away before having the chance to see his master piece shine. he'll never know first hand the difference he made in so many lives. jonathan larson brought so much into my life through RENT...the family we have created because of it and the constant bond that we share, no matter how much the actual show has to do with it any more.

Today, Richard (Dickie) Remley died of liver failure...and i really don't know what else to say about i don't think i will, for now at least.

Thank you to all those who just knew the right things to say...

Date: January 22, 2000
Journal Start Time: 1:32am
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Oh I just can't wait: Charlie Brown next thursday...and possibly other plays next week too
The last show I saw was: Needfire, last night
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I'm not really in the mood to update now, but i'm also not in the mood to sleep and have run out of other things to do. This has been quite the week...lots of ups and downs. LOTS of isu issues that don't seem to be sorting themselves out...yay, lindsay gets stuck alone again for projects that are to be done in groups...what a wonderful flashback of grade 8. i went out tonight, which was very nice. i went out for dinner with erin and jenny and then we watched The Thomas Crown Affair cuz her parents rented it and erin said it was really good. i did enjoy it, although i fell asleep a few times.

I saw Needfire last night and...well...the dancing was incredible! otherwise it was ok...they pretended there was a story but there really wasn't...and some of the music was good, but some got to be a little much. i saw my old counsellor from Centauri there...she got a job as an usher at the Royal Alex and started if you see Monique, be extra nice, cuz she's the bestest! she's getting married to another counsellor from the camp...on my birthday...aww! it was really nice to see her again and talk a little.

well, i guess that is all...this weekend i get to spend all my free time doing homework which i'm not looking forward to. i have to go to the library...ahhh! i haven't used my library card in AGES!!! i hope it does't explode the computers or anything. The joys of term 2...the months of the ISU...dun dun dun.


Date: January 19, 2000
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So, i'm having some problems figuring out what to do next year. today i got a very strong feeling of wanting to get out of high school...and realized that if i take english in summer school i coudl be finished high school in 6 months...but what woudl i do next year? ok, so i coudl do a semester (i didn't think i coudl cuz someone todl me that my school doesn't offer oac physics semestered, but i found out that it does) but that would be a semester of oac english, oac physics and al/geo...which are three of the hardest oacs offered at my school...and it would mean taking them every day for 5 months and having tons of work for those 5 months...but then having nothing for the next 5 months. my last option is what i was planning to do until today...which is take those three courses full year, plus add in a few other courses. alright, that woudl work if i coudl think of a few otehr it means hanging around there for another full year and a half (including the end of this year), basically i don't know what to do! i've just really had enough of the work and the people and the teachers and just the whole feeling of being there. knowing me i'll probably end up taking 6 courses full year...cuz that's just what i tend to give into...but i don't want to. my mom thinks i shoudl take co-op again to improve my communication was the one area that was pinpointed in my co-op evaluation and now she's ready to bite my head off...she doesn't like the reasoning that it's mostly cuz i have trouble expressing myself well in french, but that i am getting better...which is also written on the evaluation...oy!

oops, that was a long paragraph! Todya i got my second 5% in calculus with another 5 mark test...and i have a third one tomorrow...three tests in one week in the same subject when you only have the class three times in teh week seems a little wrong to me...but hey, that's my calc teacher for ya. I'm having some fairly major ISU issues these days...especially with finding a group for chemsitry (ok, explain this to's an other words, INDEPENDENT study groups...uh huh)

Alright, i've had my fill or rambling for today...actually, today and yesterday...anwyay, so long

Date: January 18, 2000
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I really should be: umm...finishing my chemistry that i didn't understand but understand now.
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I know i know...i'm not doing very well in the update department...this have been kind of crazy and things i didn't want to happen happened and things i want to happen didn't's been a kind of crazy little while. i think it's best i just leave that at that. but before i go on, i have to thank one incredible friend who'd better know who he got me to a point in my life where i really need to be and as much as i don't relaly want to be here, it is important...i know i couldn't have done it without you. thank you.

let's see...i get my co-op mark tomorrow and then i will know all my marks and will be able to figure out my average which i'm hoping will make me happy. i had co-op today adn did nothing...well, very very close to nothing, but it meant i had time to do some i did...and it's a godo thing too cuz i needed the time to myself this evening, and i got it. yay. you know what, i need some sleep...maybe i'll be up to writing some more tomorrow. goodnight

Date: January 13, 2000
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I really should be: doing just this cuz i have no school tomorrow :o)
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It's been quite a while since i last updated...i know. lots has happened but i'm back. however, i'm still not in teh mood to write about ny...btu i will...maybe tomorrow cuz i have the day off...woohoo! its' cuz grade 8s are coming to look at my school and there are so many of us that we'd scare them away. i was kind of indirectly asked to go in to play in teh music room all day and at night to promote the music program but i just coudlnt' say's the third day back at school and i already feel like i have a million things i hav eto do. there acutally are a few things i have to get job fair, some assignment for english where we have to read three stories...and i have a few ISUs assigned so far.

Now, because it's the first week after the break and i have exams before the break, i've been getting my exam and term marks...and i cna't say i'm too pleased with them, but they're not as bad as they coudl be. funny thing is the two marks i care about most were both my lowest exam and term marks...they would be oac chem and calc. english, however, made a very happy turtle...92% on the exam and the only 90 in my class for the term...what an improvement from my 73 at this time last year with mr stupid. physics, which i really thought was a complete disaster, was not a disaster at all...83 on teh exam, 88 term...i'm perfectly happy with that! what else is was very good...french was pretty good too...and those are all my real courses. then there's co-op...i got back my last term I assignment for co-op to find that i didn't lose any marks at all on any of the in-school component of the i'm assured a 60%...i just need to find out how my superviser gave me and then i can get my overall term I average figured out...what excitement.

Well, so those were my exams...what else is there to say...i'm goign dancing by myself tomorrow cuz no one loves me :o( i'm being a brave girl...and i'm goign to see about picking up my new violin music before dance too. i'm really excited to get it acutally...k, not so much the scale book that i have to get, but i'm playing Spring from the four seasons and i'm soo glad i will have the chance to play such a beautiful piece of music. well, i can't really think of anything else to for now i will say goodnight (well, goodmorning...but we dont' need to be so technical here, right?!)

January 8, 2000

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARA!!! I hope you have a wonderful day :o)

Date: January 6, 2000
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two minutes left to say happy half birthday to me!!! my mom was really sweet about it...brought me ice cream with a candle :o)

So i guess some people are waiting for me to finish writing abotu what i did in ny...and i will, i really will...maybe tomorrow. i just haven't been up to it these past few days. i ahve it all written down so i won't forget anythign!


Date: January 5, 2000
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I know i still have a few days of my trip to cover, and i will...i promise...just not tonight. tonight i wanted to just say how much i appreciate so many of my friends...though i do'nt know which ones acutally read this. i knwo i've never met some of you but you make bad times so much easier. well, you know who you are (i hope...) i love you

Date: January 3, 2000
Journal Start Time: 1:07am
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Oh I just can't wait: for March break...that's kind of pathetic
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I realized that i'm not really in the mood to update now...maybe later today...

Date: January 1, 19100 ;o)
Journal Start Time: 8:37pm
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! well, the wolrd didn't blow up and tripod's working so i'm back! LOTS has happened in the last week so this will be long, if i'm able to get through it all in one go. sooo...where did i leave off?!? i guess i'll go day by day and see how far i can get!

First of all, i woke up feeling very much like i was getting sick....oh good, cuz that's exactly what i needed. i ended up being right and have been sick since then. anyway, I left my house at around 9:30 and got the train station about 15 minutes later...and got right on teh train! it was sold out so there was no chance at having two seats to myself :o( it was alright though. the guy next to me was nice and had a friend sitting on the other side of the aisle...not that that really made a difference. well, we left on time and arrived at the boarder on time...but spent THREE hours there, we were only schedualed to spend we were two hours late arriving. overall, the ride was very uneventful. I met Jessica (who i stayed with) at a corner outside Penn station along with her whole family and we arrived at her house at around 12:30...then we went to sleep!

The plan for today was to see De La Guarda in the afternoon, but Jessica realized that they don't have sunday matinees so we scrapped that idea! we decided to go into the city and take our chances at finding a show to see. our first thought was scarlet pimpernel but their box office didn't open til 12 and it was 11 so we went to Studio 54 to see if cabaret's box office opened earlier, and it we got $25 rush tickets. we had three hours to kill so we went to the Stardust cafe for lunch and both had chocolate chip pancakes which were YUMMY :o) then the waiters started was fun! we went back to studio 54 at 12:15 and stood around in teh lobby for 45 minutes...then we sat in the theatre for another hour! we ended up knowing someone who worked there so she told us to find her after teh first act to see if she coudl get us better seats, cuz the rush seats were ALL the way at the top of the mezz. we found her...and we ended up in teh third row of tables in the orchestra...not bad!!! the show was very good, but not as good as the tour. we saw an understudy for sally, who i liked very much but jessica didn't care for. after the show, we went to jessica's grandmother's from dinner..and what a dinner it was!!! there was sooo much food...and then some more!!! we had lasagna, chicken, meatballs, sausage, salad and broccoli...and then TONS of desserts! it was all very good. i called matt when we got back to jessica's so that we could figure out plans for the next day...somehow he concluded that i live in a cardboard box...anyway! that was my first full day in new york!

MONDAY (27):
Sooo...the plan for today was to meet matt in teh city at 1:45 and to see w;t at night...but w;t only had $50 tickets left so that didn't happen. Jessica's friend Sarah came over at around 11:30 adn we watched tv til we left. we arrived in the city at what i think was the same time as matt. it was really nice to see him again. we didn't know what to do so we went to the Marriot and talked for like two hours. we started getting hungry so we went looking for a pizza restaurant that Sarah thought exsisted, and it turns out that it does! it was yummy. Matt then took us into the village and we walked along St. Mark's Place and then went into The Gap...and then we started on our way back so we (me, sarah and jessica) coudl get scarlet pimpernel tickets and so matt could go home. but, as luck woudl have it, our subway stopped for like 30 minutes when we were i think a stop away from where we were getting off. it did, however, mean we had another half hour together to talk and that was nice. we got the the neil simon theatre (i think!) right at 6 and got $20 student rush tickets up in the centre mezz. then we went to the miss saigon theatre cuz sarah wanted to talk with one of the cast members. while we were there, we saw the letterman show let out...and saw matt damon!!! then we were off to see scarlet pimpernel. i wasn't so thrilled with the idea of seeing it to begin...but then i looked in the program to find that david st louis and carolee carmello were part of the cast...fine with me!!! David only had a small part but he made the show so much more fun! he was a bad guy and i kept yelling at him...but he didn't listen! i talked with him after the show and got a pic with him. then it was back to jessica's house for a good night's sleep.

Alright, i'm not really in the mood to continue this now...i will soon though.

Date: December 24, 1999
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it is now the day i am leaving for new york...can we say happy turtle?!? it hasn't really sunk in yet...i hope it does soon! lara's picking me up at 9 i think cuz we're nt sure about parking and all. she's being a good cousin and coming in with me to make sure things work out alright. thanks lar :o)

soo...let's see. what have i done in teh last two days?! Lisa cow came over yesterday and we went all over eglington! first we went to bathurst to get somethign from Loots...then we went all teh way across to mount pleasant so i coudl pick up what i painted on tuesday...and it turned out sooo well...soo cute! then we went to yonge so i coudl go to Kitchen Stuff for a gift and Lisa needed to go to toys R Us and then we went into teh yonge eglington centre...acutally, thats' not really teh order we did it in but it's close enough! i had to get cheese strings at the Dominion there and Lisa got a gift for her mommy. then we came abck to my house. when we arrived, a message was just we listened to it. it was lara asking what was happening cuz she had a gingerbread house in need of decorating. i called her back saying i wanted to get a scarf and possibly a head band ear warmer thingy and i thought sporting life might be my best we planned that.

Lara arrived before we were ready to leave and she decided we'd go to the Roots we started on our way and then Lara didn't like the traffic so we ended up at sportin glife anyway! i got my scarf and ear warmer thing quite quickly and then we went to lara's. we made spagetti...yumm...and pre-made garlic bread and salad...though we added extra lettus to the salad. it was quite yummy! then we had ICE CREAM for dessert and turtle was in love :p THEN it was onto the gingerbread house...wahahahahahah

i NEVER EVER EVER thought one could have so much fun decorating a cookie! let's see...what were some of the highlights...we decided to make santa going down teh chimney upside down and all of his santa friends were peaking out from sprinkle-covered ice cream cone trees...THE SNOWMAN (nuf said!)...the pretty bow at the back (yay lisa) bush that looks nothing like a bush aside from the fact that it's made with little green candies...and last, but definitely not least, the melted snowman that resulted from an extra glob of icing and a few gumballs!!! can i tell you...we were literally rolling on teh floor laughing!

anyhoo, at around 10, lara drove us to my house and we came online and had fun typing using one hand each...oy! cow went to sleep early cuz she had no sleep the night before and i was going to go to sleep early but then 3 people i needed to talk to came online and i didn't go to sleep as early as i had planned! mommy cow came to pick up lisa at 10...and then i was on my own. i went ot shopers with erin and packed and went over to someone's house for dinner and packed some more and finished packing...and here i am...leaving for new york in 9 hours and 45 minutes!!!!!!!

OH! a very very merry christmas to those of you who will be celebrating today :o) and, i probably won't be able to update again til after new years...that is, as long as tripod doesn't explode with all the y2k stuffs...happy new year!!! take care. goodnight

Date: December 22, 1999
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soooo....lots has happened in three days! i suppose i shoudl start at the beginning (let's start at the very beginning. a very good place to start. when we read we begin with....ok, sorry!) Monday i had two exams...french at 9 and physics at 2. after my french exam, which went very well, i found someone who's in my physics class but she had to write an exam at we studied a bit and i helped her study a bit (it was kind of strange...she had her grade 11 math exam and their practice exam was my exam from two years ago...and i recognized it!) and then she went in to write her exam. i didn't bring a lunch with me so i walked around the corner and got a very yummy veggie sub and ate and studied. i wnet back to school and waited for my vp in the office so i coudl get my new laminated student card...only because i was sick of physics and had nothign ebtter to do. i had an hour to kill so i sat by my locker and tried to studying but stupid ignorant grade 10s who finished their exam early came and were talking REALLY loudly right by me so i coudlnt' concentrate at all. so i walked around the school a few times...found the girl i was studying with before and we went to the room where our exam woudl be so we coudl study a little more.

The exam started...and then it ended like 3 minutes later (k, it really didn't...but it sure felt that way) so, it was a bad exam. he didn't test us on things he taught us...he tested us on applications of what he taught us which woudl ahve been fine if the exams was FOUR HOURS LONG...but it was an hour and a half so it really wasn't fair.'s not fair..i know i know. i finished off the day with a hell of a lot of studying for chemstiry...which REALLY came in handy!

That's right...chem exam yesterday at 11:30 and much to my surprise, it went quite well. there were only two questions i kind of made up answers to but they're both only worth one mark so i'm not soo worried. After the exam is when teh fun started! i met up with a friend, lindsay (to avoid confusion...LindsayK) and mentioned to her that i needed to eat something so we ran to catch up with a group of people who were going out for lunch. it ended up being a lot of fun. it was a group of people who i know from random placed but wouldn't usually put together. anyway, we ate and talked about lots of stuff. then LindsayK and i went off to paint our pottery. i'd say what i made but it's a gift for someone and i don't know if they read this so i'm not going to tell :P at any rate, it's REALLY cute! LindsayK made a mug for her's the evolution of the's really cute! anyhoo, then i went home and was feeling odd so i did nothign for the rest of the night.

and that brings us to today. no, i lied...i'll be at today in a few sentences. i read what the weather was supposed to be like today and i decided that LindsayR (see, that's where teh confusion woudl have started if i didn't call the other lindsay LindsaK) and i woudln't acutally line up for oliver tickets this morning but take our chances and arrive at 10:30 when the box office opened. so, now we're at today...i met LindsayR at eglington station at 10:15 after a fridged walk...i don't knwo why i didn't just take the bus...well, i do...but whatever! we got to teh POW and got tickets for the matinee and then i had to go to the royal alex to exchange some tickets fo rmy parents. then we were on our way to shopping :o) the other co-op student where i have my placement told me about a store to go to so we went and it wasn't open we walked a bit...and it still wasn't we walked a bit more...and it still wasn't we gave up and walked over to the Eaton's Centre. i was quite successful...i got a gift for a friend, sox for myself so i dotn' haev to walk around barefoot in ny, and a cd for my dad. I introduced LindsayR to fallafel and she enjoyed it very much..or at least that's what she said! After lunch, we started our treck abck to the Princess of Whales to see the show.

Now, i wasn't sure what to expect really. i'd been told the kid who played Oliver was awful and the Artful Dodger was great... well, i guess that's kind of how i felt. Oliver wasn't awful...he was very good...but the artful dodge stole the entire show! one of the ensemble kids (snake) is a my brother's friend's brother so it was fun to see him...he's adorable! i also really like nancy...and fagan...i coudl really see robin williams playing fagan...anyway! overall it was really quite an enjoyable show. after the show, we took teh subway back to eglington and then i took the bus home. i was feeling a little strange again when i got home so, once again, i've pretty much done nothing. I watched The Ref cuz my friend was in a choir for it...but i'm not even sure they showed the choir in the movie, only their voices. i guess it was kind of cute. they cut off the end, i guess so it woudl fit into the 2 hour time slot...but the last line, right before the went to commercial for the last time, was "grandma's trying to chew through her gag" umm...yeah, so that was the end...

Tomorrow i have another day of excitement planned. my parents and brother leave for Nicaragua at 6:30am and then Lisa cow is coming over when she gets out of school. we're meeting at englington station and goign to toys R us...and, she does not yet know this, but we're going to a bunch of other places too! i need to pick up what i painted yesterday adn try to find a scarf and look for two more gifts...i really dotn' usually leave things so late but this year's been so crazy with school goign right up to exams...and then exams themselves...anyway, so i'm not so organized this year.

Wow..that's long! alrighty...that's all for me tonight. take care

Date: December 19, 1999
Journal Start Time: 8:34pm
On IM/ICQ with: Denis (and as of 8:41) Nat (and as of 8:51) Tonya
Stuck in my head: "Yes I've made a choise, for Papa I will stay. But I don't deserve to lose my freedom in this way you monster..." Beauty & the Beast
In the cd/tape player: Vanessa Mae playing the 4 Seasons
I really should be: figuring out what exactly I've dont in chemistry for the last four months
Quote: "Mama it's a snowman...a REAL on!" The Preacher's Wife
Oh I just can't wait: exams being over (tuesday at 1:30!), paintint ceramics after my chem exam tuesday, Oliver! Wednesday night, shopping after getting Oliver tickets wednesday morning, NEW YORK IN SIX DAYS!!!
The last show I saw was: Art
Updates: nothing today
Link:Canadian Blood Service
Journal End Time:9:32pm

I realized today that these journal entries are always pretty much teh same thing...and boring. i was reading through some other people's online journals and decided i am goign to try to change what i write here adn what i end up talking about and all that. i'm not too sure of what people do differently but i'm going to give it a would be nice :o)

so first, i will tell of my boring day. I woke up early again...i think it was to my dad walking upstairs this time...i tell you, i'm such a light sleeper. anyway, so i got up and ate something but was feeling kind of strange...probably czu i forgot to eat dinner last night...anyway, then i got right to work. i'm SOO sick of science in general...and i'm SOO glad i only have to put up with it for another two days. i didn't realize how much we've learned in chem until today...there's a hell of a lot to cover. physics is fine. i've got 6 pages of notes for the whole 4 months and i've got it all covered...but i've got a stack of notes almost as big as my acutual binder for chem...YUCK!

I went outside once today. actually, once this weekend. i went with my parents to give the friends we usually spend christmas with (we intrude on their christmas cuz we dont' have anythign else to do...aren't we nice!) gifts for their grandchildren cuz they're going to be in ottawa this christmas and we're going to be in ny and nicaragua (me in ny, the rest of my family in nicaragua...just in case that wans't clear).

So, i got back home and got back to studying...i really do HATE exams VERY VERY much. i'm so tired of studying...blah. umm...oh, i practiced violin this morning for the first time in a really long time and it felt really good. i always forget how much i love to play until i pick up the instrument again. it's such a good way of expressing. i can tell what i'm really feeling when i don't acutally knwo it...that didn't make much sense. i can tell how i'm feeling by the tones i produce and how easily i get frustrated and stuff. Right...then, after more studying, was the highlight of my day. with my trip coming up and all, i'm getting in touch with those i'm going to be seeing...but i coudlnt' get in touch with matt. it had been almost a month since i'd heard from him at all. so, i got his # and my parents let me call him...and tonight i finally got through :o) so matt, i dont' knwo if you ever read this...but thank you for that brightened an otherwise very boring and gloomy day.

I'm getting REALLY excited about this whole ny thing. i've got a few fairly definite plans. seeing De La Guarda (i think that's what it's called) and matt on sunday...w;t on monday...i'm not entirely sure about tuesday but i do know i'm just staying at jessica's at night...then wednesday we're seeing the rent matinee and nothing so far at night...and thursday i get to meet nick :o) i'm spenidn 2 hours fo christmas in nyc (as long as my train's not delayed).

wow, this is acutally getting ot be quite long. i think i am goign to go for tonight. i'll try to think up something interesting that i feel i can talk about here...and then talk about it here tomorrow...or maybe tuesday cuz i'll have soooo much chem left to learn tomorrow night. soo...byebye

Date: December 18, 1999
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On IM/ICQ with: Denis and Nat
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In the cd/tape player: Vanessa Mae playing the 4 Seasons
I really should be: studying, kind of
Quote: "she's having a baby, not a gafilta (sp?!) fish" Rugrats movie
Oh I just can't wait: Oliver! wednesday night :o)
The last show I saw was: Art
Updates: I've added a few new subject things here and I have some ideas of things to update but they're not happening quite yet
Link:Lisa Press' journal (so she doesn't bite my head off)
Journal End Time:6:45pm

Ok, so it's 11:04 now...but you'd never know if i didn't tell you! so my day's been REALLY boring. i woke up at 8:30 to the sound of my mother getting my laundry...she shoudl know that the slightest noises wake me up! oh i got up, ate, took a LONG shower cuz i was cold and then got to work...physics...BLAH. i worked til 2 and then my parents got home and reminded me to eat lunch, so i did. then i went back to work...more physics...til i fell asleep for an hour. when i woke up, i did chemistry for a big long while. my family left again...and i forgot to eat again...oops. i've been trying to get in touch with someone and just kind of doing nothing for the last little while...but boy was that a BORING day. not that tomorrow will be any better. i hate exams.

Date: December 17, 1999
Journal Start Time: 11:19pm
Stuck in my head: "I heard of a group with others like me who felt the way I feel..."The Last Session
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Quote: ok, i time, promise!
Oh I just can't wait: for Tuesday at 1:30....freedom!!!
Updates: nothing...sorry...soon!
Link:Lisa Press' journal (so she doesn't bite my head off)
Journal End Time:11:32pm 8 days i will be IN nyc :o) :o) :o) i'm just a tiny bit excited!!! i've got my train tickets up stairs and everything! before i can get too excited about that, i have to get through another three exams...oy! i've already written, calc and english. i was REALLY worried about calc but it ended up going really well. music was music and english...well, i found it easy but i know some people had a lot of trouble with it cuz it wasn't really what we've been studying, so it's not exactly fair to have on an exam...but what is done is done. i've found a set back to having a good mark going into an takes a good makr on the exam to keep it up!!! for example, i have to get no lower than 27/30 on my english exam for my mark to stay at what it is or higher...i don't know! physics will be another on earth am i supposed to get 90 on a physics exam??? yeah, right! well, monday i have to be at school from 8:30-3:30...french exam at 9, physics at annoying is that?!??! then tuesday i have chem..and then i'm free at 1:30...WOOHOOOOO!!! that's only 4 days away...i can survive that least i hope i can! i've had this strange dizzy headache going on the last few days and it is now making it hard to concentrate so i am goign to stop typing and just click around for a little while. byebye

Date: December 14, 1999
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Stuck in my head: "I heard of a group with others like me who felt the way I feel..." The Last Session
In the cd player: a baroque cd to help me study
Quote: i had one but i forget what it was...i'll put it up next time!
Oh I just can't wait: to be in NEW YORK!!!!!!
Updates: nothing today
Link:Amtrak (cuz they're getting me to NY!!!)
Journal End Time:11:23pm

If you didn't read the little bit before this...I'M GOING TO NEW YORK!!!!!! As long as it's ok with Jessica to pick me up, i'll be there as of 10pm on the 25th and i'm so incredibly excited!!! i want exams over NOW...aug! Speaking of which, i start exams tomorrow. i have my music exam at 2...wish me luck PLEASE!!! i'm acutally a lot more worried about calc than music...that's at 11:30 on thursday...maybe if you start sending good luck vibes now it'll help for thursday. i'm really scared about that exam.

Things seem to be working themselves out for my music isu, which is making me really happy and relieved. Someone else from my music class has agreed to do it with me...he just has to agree to do the musical i want to (tls) and then we'll get to work! if he doesn't want to do it i'm not sure what i'll do...if i'll do it alone or find somethign he'd be interested in too. upside to doing tls no matter what is that lisa cow wants to do it with me and my teacher said that woudl eb fine, which woudl be soo much fun!

Lisa Press is mad at me cuz i'm not putting her as my link i'll link her HERE happy??? ok, i think lisa is going to explode so i'll be finished for tonight. byebye

Date: December 12, 1999
Journal Start Time: 4:34pm
Stuck in my head: When Pigs Fly (yes cow, i got big spender OUT of my head...i don't have to kill you!)
In the cd player: rien
Quote: "They're reviving Jesus Christ on Bway" ~Lisa Cow
Oh I just can't wait: for exams to be over!!! ahhhhhh
Updates: nothing today
Link:Press' journal (cuz apparently i never talk to her and i feel bad!!)
Journal End Time:4:40pm

I went to Buffalo to see Rent yesterday and had a wonderful time! can i just say WOOHOO for the line being inside!!! we were outside from 6 til 8 waiting for the building to open and it was soooo incredibly cold i do'nt think i could have done that for 12 hours! I do have a lot to say but i have to get back to studying (damn exams!) and i'm going to lisa cow's tonight which leaves me about another half hour ot good solid work time (to make up for the lack of studying i did yesterday...oops!) so ta ta for now :o)

Date: December 8, 1999
Journal Start Time: 9:58pm
Stuck in my head: "and not it don't make sense the wya the world can let you fall..." Parade
In the cd player: rien
Quote: great way to start this off...I don't have one today!
Oh I just can't wait: for HEAT....why isn't the furnace fixing man here yet??????
Updates: Take a's right here!
Link:Sas Kicks Ass (cuz i just stole most of this from Tonya and thought she shoudl know!)
Journal End Time:9:59am

Well well well...what have we were...a conformist?!? i wasn't going to do this but it makes things so much easier when you want to update but don't feel like acutally typing! so today and yesterday i've been FREEZING because our furnace broke and the furnace man hasn't been here to fix it yet. GRRRRRRR. for a while i was wearing two pairs of gloves (i'm down to one know cuz typing in two was really ahrd), two pairs of sox, a weat shirt, a t-shirt, two pairs of pants, my ski jacket and a sleeping bag....IT'S COLD IN HERE!!!! i was acutally looking forward to school this morning just so i coudl be someplace heated! i'm not looking forward to tomorrow cuz i have orchestra and that's just painful. especially when one already ahs a headache. i've had one for the past while but it got quite a bit worse today, i guess cuz of the cold...i do'tn know

I'm goign to Buffalo in two days...thats' soon! geez, that's really soon!!! you know what else is really soon...exams...yuck. but that also means that they're almost over..less than two weeks! which is a VERY good thing. i was supposed to study physics tonight but was much too cold...oops.

I had a very yummy dinner tonight that consisted of a little soup and some broccoli. my appetite's been kind of non-existant lately. la dee da...this is getting boring again. alright, i think that's enough for today...ummm, yeah, that's enough :o) take care

Dec 6, 1999

Look what i did...i no longer have journal entries from February here! i guess you probably saw them up at the top though...well, not really them but kind of them. Happy 4th day of chanukah. what have you (those who celebrate) received so far? First night, i got cookies, gelt and a dreidl filled with candy. Second night i got two blank audio tapes and two blank video tapes. Third night i got Tarrapin the Turtle...who is sooooo incredibly CUTE!!! then tonight i got a Broadway street sign...and i'm not so sure what i'm supposed to do with fits quite nicely as a hat though. I got my mom a really nice cook book and my brother decided he'd give it to her with me. it's really beautiful. it's all desserts...and they all look so good! I also got my chanukah present from my aunt and uncle...When Pigs Fly soundtrack. i'm quit eenjoying it. there are some very very funny lines in it. i just realized that half of my thumb is really hot and kind of hurts..that's probably not a good thing.

I have a physics test tomorrow and i wasn't able to force myself to study at all tonight so i'm hoping to be in better spirits tomorrow at lunch so i can get a decent mark. I shoudl be getting my calc test back tomorrow and i honestly don't want to. i really don't think i did well at all...and i was hoping this test woudl pull up my mark. oh well, so much for that. i'm quite worried about my calc exams. Exams start in a week...that's just wrong. then again, they're over in two weeks...which is just as wrong but i like the sound of that more. i acutally have my first exams...well, part of an exam..on friday. we have the listening component to our music exam. That also means that the actual written part is only 1.5 hours rather than the 2 hours for all other oac exams...oh, except oca II french, which is also only 1.5 hours cuz it's just a sight passage and some passé problems there.

ok, this is a really boring entry so i'm going to stop writing. byebye

Dec 3, 1999

Happy Chanukah!!! yes, that's right...chanukah crazy is that?? i think it's pretty crazy myself. Today i got cookies, a draidle filled with candy and gelt...yum yum. Sunday's our massive family chanukah party...oy! Tomorrow i'm going to see threepenny opera at stuff. i probably shouldn't be doing any of this cuz i really have to start studying for exams...but they'll just ahve to wait!

i have my music solo on monday and i'm already nervous. i hate thati'm teh only person playing a string instrument for their solo...everyone's going to think i'm so awful cuz they don't realize thati'm teh one tuning each note, not the instrument...grrrrrr. ok, enough from me...goodnight!

Dec 3, 1999

December, how on earth did that happen??? A very very happy birthday to Ilana (yesterday) and Laura (today)...all the best in teh coming year!

Well tonight was a night of theatre :o) I went to see Lisa and Amy in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum...and it was very funny! some parts were a little shakey...and the orchestra...well, whatever...but i really really enjoyed it. i laughed so much my throat's really sore!

Tuesday night was my school's winter concert. it was pretty well i guess...and not to toot my own horn...but i got an award :o) i could swear i was glowing! i kind of knew before but taht's alright..i was soo happy anyway. it means that i have to write a note to teh tssmta (toronto secondary schools music association) to thank when am i supposed to find the time for that?? i keep telling myself i'll do everythign on teh weekend but i really don't have the time to...i'm seeing a play saturday afternoon and we have our family chanukah party sunday afternoon...and there goes my weekend.

I'm reallylooking forward to tomorrow (which is acutally now today) being over. i have to go in early to rehearse for my music solo for the last time (eeeek!) and then i have a chem test and then a calc test...BLAH. on that note, i'm going to leav eyou be! til next time...

Nov 24, 1999

It's been forever since i updated...but i've been really busy with school and shtuf. Sunday and Monday night i was up way too late trying to get things done and then yesterday i just sat and watched tv for a while which i NEVER it was nice. I had a late opening today and i acuatlly slept as long as i could, so i guess i needed it. Tomorrow i have orchestra so there will be no sleeping in at all...oh well. I've been feeling pretty crumy tonight...uncooperative tummy...Cow, it's your fault! You know what, this entry's not going to go anywhere...when i have some thinking power back again i'll write more! goodnight

Nov 18, 1999

I'm really not in the mood to write anything here but I'm not really in the mood to do anything so here I am. It REALLY feels like friday today...I usually have orchestra on Thursday but i had it on Wednesday this week so everything's all off balance. This morning i rehearsed my music solo with my was alright. Seems i can play things so they sound so much better when i'm alone in my living room. It's probably a good thing the piano will be there to drown me out a little. I have the most trouble getting dynamics to work while i'm in high positions on lower strings...and that probably didn't make so much sense to most of you...sorry! I have a music test on Monday and a chem test on tuesday...let's see, which one is going to be sacrificed...i choose music...I'm pretty confused in both of them acutally. I guess i'll be working tomorrow night when i really want to be out doing something...i have no idea what or with whom, i just know i want to go out tomorrow night.

Today i saw my co-op play for the last time :o( i'm getting way too accostomed to seeing plays multiple times! The audience was MUCH worse than on tuesday. They were from all different schools (my school included...but there were only three of them and my teacher...and theyre older and cared to see teh play so they were all good!) and, for te most part, they were in like grade 8...they were not at all respectful of the actors.

soooo...i've been calculating my marks to date...100% in co-op baby!!! my co-op teacher's in teh hospital again...and won't be back til the new good. i don't really know what's going on. that yucky but not as yucky as i thought it would be physics test brough my mark down 3%...but it's still a very happy mark...second next to co-op i believe. i tried getting together a mark for french and realized that i really dont' have any of my makrs excpect for two grammar tests and an audio recorded thingy...i'll have to wait for my report card for that one. Oh, i know what i can talk exam schedual. I'm very mad that they stuck my french exam in teh schedual. it's not that it means more studying, cuz there is nothtin gto study for it...but it means that i have to at school at 9 for the exam...and then stay til 3:30 cuz i have my physics exam at 2. I hate when that happens. I mean, i coudl go home but i'd spend as much time traveling as i would at home os that seems kind of silly. I don't think there's anyone in my french class taking 12 physics this year...grrrr...i'll have to sit around by myself...grrrr. THe only good thing about when i have my exams is that, although i have 6, i'm finished on the 21st, which is the tuesday. I've got an idea, i'll tell you when all my exams are, cuz i'm so sure you're dying to i'm running out of things to say and therefore things to do :o) soo...Wednesday the 15 i have oac music @ 2. the next day i have calculus @ 11:30...friday is english @ 11:30 i believe. monday is french @ 9 and physics @ 2...then tuesday is chemistry @ 11:30 i, overall not so bad...but not so good either. oh well, there's nothin gi can do about it.

You know what, i've run out of things to say...i ran out of interesting things to say long again but i think this has just about emptied the..umm...pot? is that a saying?? anyway, i have no more to say :o) goodnight all

Nov 16, 1999

I just realized i told myself i'd go do my chem reading 15 minutes ago...oh's only a few pages :o) I'm trying very hard to find things to do online...i've been on the computer forever today trying to scan a huge pile of stuff for my co-op portfolio so i dot'n have to go photocopy's taking sooooo long.

Lately i've been listening to Vanessa Mae playing Four Seasons...she's soo good. Four Seasons is definitely my second favourite piece of music...only next to Paccabel's Canon in D. Canon gives me shivers it's so's even more amazing to play. You are surrounded by the harmonies and they just fill you's such a wonderful feeling. We're playing Winter in string guess is the soloist is going to be amazing but the orchestra (ESPECIALLY the seconds) are going to ruin it for him. i'm glad i sit next to him and not at teh back where all the yucky noises come from. I auctlaly havent played it yet this year...i guess we'll do it at teh end of orchestra tomorrow. I can't say i'm looking forward to waking up at 6:30...BLECH.

Today was my second of three times ushering for co-op. It was a sudent matinee so it's was completley casual. The whole theatre was filled with little TFS kids...but they were surprisingly well behaved! I stayed awake and understood this time...GO TURTLE!!! I had no idea whne hte play started todya...well, it started at 1...which meant i left at 2:30..and was home at 3:10...i love getting home before school's been let out. it's a kind of mwahahahaha feeling, if ya know what i mean.

Yesterday, while walking to school, a light blub went on above my head...I won't go into great detail cuz it really makes no sense without a huge explanation...but i've decided i AM goign to do things i want to do. When i am able to, i'm going to walk to and from school cuz it feels good. i don't care that it takes a half hour next to the 15 minute bus ride...i don't care that it's getting to be's what i want to do and if i dont' do it it's not going to happen. so yeah...there is more to what i was thinking but that's the basic idea...and i don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me, but as long as i understand me that's all that matters, right?!?

Look what happens when i have nothing else to do...journal entry gets to be much longer than usual! you know, if i wanted to do this later there probably would have been more people to tlak to and i woudlnt' be stuck boring all you poor poor people. Another page scanned...i wonder how many are left...i'm probably about half way through the pile...ARG!!!! ohhh..this is the prettiest movement from 4 seasons...the slow sounds like the violin is crying.

Ok, enough of this...time for chemistry...maybe :o) so long suckers

Nov 14, 1999

Sorry, not update yesterday...all i did was get my hair cut (which i think i've decided i do'nt like) and sat around being sick...BLAH. Today was a little mroe eventful. The beginning of the morning wasn't so great. but then i went out for lunch with cow and had a wonderful time. Marché is YUMMY!!! i had a BIG waffel with strawberries and maple syrup and it was very very tasty. Cow had the same thing...but she had a coke as well...i'm still not so sure i agree with her reasoning but that's alright! Then we went over and talked with the Theatre Q's guy..whose name i jsut realized i do'nt know...and that was fun too. i went home and got ready for dance. i didnt' do anythign in dance cuz i was not feeling well at all. i tried marking the combination at the end but i amde teh mistake of doing a turn and i was out for the rest of the class cuz i got really dizzy. so anyway, i came home, did my physics AND finished my chemsitry...watched most of Shine...and that is all. now, i am cold so i'm goign to snuggle in bed and try to get my head to co-operate long enough to read. goodnigth

Nov 12, 1999

Look at that..twice in a day! I found something to say so i thought I'd say it...i've been reformatting things around the site over the last hour so that things are spaced out evenly and the set up of each page is a little more similar. I may have more pictures up sometime in the near future but I'm still not sure. alright, that is all...goodnight :o)


I shoudl still be at co-op but i am a sick turtle so i left early. i hate being a sick turtle...and it happens way too often! I think dancing last night was not a good idea...although it was a really great class. i think i may try one more different class next week and then make a final decision. apparently the wednesday jazz1 is even harder than thursday/tuesday i think i'll try that and see. last night's class was wasn't a challenge and i could do everything but i really enjoyed it anyway.

My music teacher told me today that she wants me to play two contrasting movements for my nice of her to tell me now! I dont want to paly two contrasting movements...the first one's goign to make me cry. The first one actually isn't really's really slow...but it has to be very much in tune for it to sound good at all. THe second one his quite a bit more difficult cuz it's faster and has a lot of moving around...but cuz i am playing with piano accopanyment, it has to go slower so the piano can keep up! no complaints there!

alright, my head hurts and doesn't wnat to think. when it has more to say i'll be back. ta

Nov 10, 1999

DIE EVIL PHYSICS DIE. So, i'm trying to figure out who to erase a whole field of science. tonya was no help...does anyone have any suggestions??? oh, and i need them by tomorrow at 12:45...PLEASE. Oh, i've got a better idea...if you know anything about magnetics you could write my test for me :o) ok, i like that idea better. I honestly feel like i know nothing...i studied for 5 hours tonight and know NOTHING. OH OH OH..tonya just announced she's killing physcis for me...i may have to take back my plea. i hope she gets it...i don't think i can write my test tomorrow. maybe i'll do just that...tell my teacher that i cna't write it...give no reason, just say i can't...he's reasonable...maybe he'll say ok...but probably not. ok, you know what...all i have to say now is more complaining about physics so i'm going to stop...i'm sure you've had quite enough.

Woohoo...dancing tomorrow with Tonya :o) Goodnight

Nov 9, 1999

I think the only reason i'm writing here now is to keep up my record...4 days! i really don't have anything i feel like sharing right now. i got back a happy chem test today...and had a calc test. i realized i have a hell of a lot of studying to do for physics...umm...i think that's all. well, take care all. goodnight

Nov 8, 1999

Look at how good i've been...THREE days in a row...even i'm proud of me! so, what happened today...i had an essay test in french and it went quite well. most people complained that there wasn't enough time but i managed to finish right before the bell. then i had music...oo, funny story there. we had to arrange a three line piece for instruments in our class so someone had theirs arranged for violin, viola, flute and piano. usually i'm the one who plays violin, Georgina is the only viola and Lindsay, in this case woudl play piano. Problems started when they realized that Georgina wasn't there...alright, so he'll transpose it for two violins insted...then i go and tell my teacher i cant' play today. oy! so...the end result...two flutes, Lindsay playing violin and me playing the bass part on teh piano with my right stuff! bass part on teh piano is kind of confusing...LOTS of jumping around.

So anyway! after music i go of to co-op...i really think they just forgot about me today! i got the mail and dated it and everything, like i always do. i waited a while. we ate lunch like we always do. i waited another while. i made out a deposit slip thingy and went to the bank...oh wait, i think i did homework before that. so yeah, i went to teh back, as usual. i got back, did more homework. (btw, the doing homework part is not usual...) Then my supervisor, Ghislain, asked me to go get something from the photocopier and staple i did. by this time i'd finished my homework that i had with me. at 3:20 i went to ask Ghislain what i shoudl do and he told me i coudl do more homework but i ddin't have any more so he told me to go home and he's say i was there til 3:30...fine with me! it was so much fun getting home at 4 from co-op...that's the only thing i don't like about co-op...i get home about a half hour later than if i was coming home from school.

Tomorrow is BIG calc test for turtle. she is scared but thinks her teacher is making it out to be more than it really will be. she thinks she understands everything but can't get her answers to be the same as the answers in teh abck of the book. she can answer all of the questions that were handed out on the colourful papers from her teacher but the book just doesn't want to co-operate...she hopes it will begin to co-operate tomorrow at lunch cuz otherwise she's slightly screwed.

ok, turtle has rambled sufficiently for tonight...and she hopes she will have more rambling to do for you tomorrow.

Nov 7, 1999

Well, over the weekend i had quite a few complains of my lack of journal updates....are you happy now??? two days in a row!! oh oh...and alice...i had a wonderful time at your party, i guess it was three weeks ago now...

Last night i was at a little birthday party thing for lisa press...and it was good fun! neither of us harassed animals excessively...we were good! cow and i slept over...but cow left in the wee hours of the morning...her mommy picked her up at 10:30!!! i stayed around til 2:30 doing i'm not too sure what...and then i walked to dance. dance was alright today. i couldn't do so much (more than usual...) cuz, being the bright turtle that i am, i sliced open my hand friday night...anyway, so i couldn't put my hand down and then there were also the usual restrictions.

I got home at like 5:45...just in time to watch Annie! i quite enjoyed it...alan and kristen and audra oh my! i love how they just randomly break into fun little dances all the time. so anyway, i did just about NO homework this weekend...bad turtle, i know. i have a bunch of stuff due on tuesday so i'll be a busy little bee tomorrow when i'm not tryin gto play my violin. I've got an in-class french essay test first thing tomorrow morning...but we're allowed to use dictionaries so i shoudl be just fine.

I'm thinking of changing my journal to use one of those fill in the blank thingies...what do you think? maybe i'll do half and half...i'll keep thinking about that. i'd probably update more if i just had to ask myself a bunch of questions rather than having to pull it all out of my head right then and there! alright, i think that's quite enough for tonight! goodnight all

Nov 6, 1999

Sorry i've been such a bad's been an interesting week. Tonight i was an usher at Thèâtre Français's new play, Encore une Fois Si Vous Permettez, and then i got to watch it. it was really great...go see it! Let's see...we had an early closing today but i ended up getting home at the same time as usual...long story. i sewed teh pockets of my skirt together...who woudl put pockets in a semi-tight skirt??? seems like a pretty stupid idea to me. anyway, they're gone now and i feel much more comfortable wearing teh skirt without them. i took a class at randolph on tuesday...i have no idea what i'm goign to do with much to consider. all the classes i want to take are on days or at times that i can''s sooo annoying. alright, i'm not thinking so straight so i'll leave you with that...maybe i'll think of more to say tomorrow. bye