August to October, 1999

Oct 31, 1999


ok, now that that's out of the way! i'd upload a pretty picture of a pumpkin if i had the motivation but i don't, so no pumpkin. i'd also write in orange but orange and purple...ew! i spent a lot of today doing close to nothing...i arranged my piece for music (well, just about...i don't know how to change keys when changing concert pitches...can anyone help me????) and i went to canadian tire to get stuff to make my electromagent. oh, and i went pumpkin shopping...which took like an hour...and we didn't even get a pumpkin on that trip (but did get YUMMY cheese...mmmmm). we ended up getting one from one store we dont' like and another from a store we like even less...and they were expensive! having a pumpkin means i have to find some time tomorrow to carve it...i dont' think i have any spare procrastination time left...hrmph.

OH OH OH OH OH....GO SEE STREETS OF BLOOD!!!!! it was sooo great. i'm pretty sure it's headed to ny next so all of you from down there can go see it too! it really was so wonderful. i loved it. that puppeteer...he's incredible. sooo talented. in this show, he acutally incorporated himself into the story as one of the characters...and the! ok, i think that's enough from me for tonight...goodnight (morning?! whatever...hey, it'll be 1 in a half hour...oy!)

Oct 29, 1999

Sorry, i'm such a bad journal updater...but i also don't know if anyone actually reads what i write so i coudl just be appologizing to myself, which would be kind of silly. soo...i JUST finished my french project, which is a good thing cuz it's due tomorrow. acutally, as of last night, i had only done the bibliography and taken notes so i had a very (unusually!) productive afternoon. we got out at 12:20 cuz of p/t interviews...and i found my brother on the bus so we went and got lunch together and then came home and ate and then i got to work. speaking of work...the rest of my school (almost) get out at 12:20 tomorrow as well (same reason) but because of co-op i have a normally lengthed day...BLAH!

Tomorrow night i'm goign to see Streets of Blood at the Berkley street theatre...i'm looking forward to it. also at that theatre, i'm goign to be ushering and working stage for Thèâtre Français' play, Encore une Fois, S'il Vous Permettez. coem see it (and me!) from next week til the end of the's by Michael Tromblay and i read it and it seems fun enough. so far co-op's pretty much been afternoons of endless mailing lists...but i'm having a good time with the people anyway.

What far it seems i'm doing nothign for Halloween...i guess i'll hadn out candy to little kids...maybe see if i coudl go along with some of the five year olds on my street just cuz they'll be so damn cute. oohhhh...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! wishing you ALL the bestest in the coming year...and years for that matter. ok, my brother wants to use the computer and i think i'm out of things to say...ta

Oct 23, 1999

As i write this i have a gazillion things waiting to be done...btu i'm taking a MUCH needed break. so far, i've spent my other breaks practicing violin and playing around with my piano...good ways to spend breaks but they involve too much work and thinking...this is a REAL break! most of what i have to do is for co-op...and i'm done 3/4 of that. now i have to write an essay and do a french project and wrote a french essay (the other essay is for englihs) and do a chem assignment and somehow read physics that's in my locker more thing...oh yeah, harmonize a bunch of lines of music.

I just noticed that i have one relaly hot ear and the other one's really cold...i'm so sure you needed to know that. acutally, i have a funny story kidn of relating to that...i was in english the other day and i said, i guess not very loudly, that i had one cold hand and one hot hand. i think my friend only heard that my hands were cold so she went to touch one (the hot one) and gave me a strange look like i was crazy. i touched her with my other hand and she jumped and called me a freak quite loudly!

i had fun photocopying this afternoon...i had three pages and it took over a half hour...the joys of Kinkos. i start my new dance class tomorrow...yay, no more stuck up 13 year olds who act like they're 8!!! ok, i have to get back to work...BLAH

Oct 17, 1999

I just got back from a nice trip to Second Cup with my friend...she needed some cheering up and I needed to get my mind off things. I acutally wasn't going to go but I changed my mind at the last minute so we took off for 45 was nice. Things have calmed down for the weekend. I had to record a scary story in French and, aside from a few physics problems, that's all the homework i had for teh weekend.

I have more to add to my Forever Swing story. First of all, there was an article in the Canadian Jewish News about her this scared me! But that's not the main story here! Yesterday I went to see Ryerson's production of Museum with my aunt. She'd heard that there was a little street fair by the Eaton Centre so we decided to go see what was going on before we went to have lunch. We wandered about half was and there really wasn't anything going on so we were going to start back...and then i heard it...swing music. I decided we shoudl go check it out...and there, sure enough, is my next door neighbour, on stage...and this time i've got a picture to prove it! The cast did a 15 minute performance and it just happened to be for the 15 mintues that I was there. This whole thing really is quite funny...I wonder where i'll see her next. Maybe i'll find out she's Tamara's best frined...they did go to the same school...we disreguard the 4 year age difference :o)

Yesterday I babysat at night. The sweetheart of the two was already sleeping so i had to talk about Pokemon for an hour. The joys of babysitting a 5 year old boy! Oh, i love him anyway...but the younger one is still sweeter! I saw the younger one on the way to Second Cup and he was telling me all about how they bought little rakes special for him and his brother and how they went skating and he fell but he got back up again and didn't cry...the best thing about him is that he calls my brother Lindsay :o)

What else...this morning I was out of the house at 9 and then those i was with (me included) went to BakeWorks for a bagel and coffee...i just had a bagel and cream cheese (wait, DreamCheese...and i asked for garlic and herb and he gave me was, umm, interesting...) and that was my lunch. I had to work on my french thing with two people so they came over and that's been my day. ok, i haven't got anything else to say so i shall say goodbye...goodbye!

Oct 13, 1999

I acutally don't really have anything to say now but I don't feel like going to give chemistry/calculus/physics another try, so here I am! Nothing's reallly happened since Sunday...Monday I tried very very hard to study for chemistry all day but I kept finding other things to do! When I finally got to chem, i realized that my teacher forgot to tell us what it is we needed to study so I ended up with 9 pages of study notes...more than i had for most exams last year. Tomorrow I have a chem assignment that I havent finished, plus i have physics and calculus tests. PLUS i have orchestra in the morning and quartet at lunch...then i go home and study for my french test on friday...oh goodie! alright, i really don't have more to say...goodbye and goodnight

Oct 10, 1999

Well, the rest of my family's at a Bar Mitzvah...i was there for two hours but didn't really know anyone and was bored out of my mind so i got a ride home and here i am. life's been crazy beyond words...i think i'm busier now than i was nearing the end of last school year. i haven't been able to eat lunch with my friends for weeks now! i don't know...i guess i don't mind it all that much. well, if i did then i'd stop doing some of what's amking me busy and i'm not going to do that so i guess i don't mind!

I have lots to tell about yesterday! Ava was in toronto on a trip sponsored by her school, or something like anyway, we all (me, elizabeth and ava) wanted to see cabaret so we figured we'd go down to see if we could get tickets for teh matinee and that didn't happen so i suggested we go see about a show, Forever Swing at teh Wintergarden. so we go down and cuz they're still in previews they have $15 seats...way up in the corner at the back but still a good view.

the show starts and its' good...basically just singing and dancing...and 20 minutes in we hear "cigars, cigarets, cigarellos (sp?)..." coming from the orchestra but from someone who is obviously in the show. so, teh conductor of the band that's a part of the set tells her to be quiet czu there's a show going on. she tells him she can make it up to us by singing a song with the she goes up on stage. well, she turns around...and tehre's my nextdoor neighbour staring back at us!!!!!! i did know that she's a performer and singer and all but i had no idea she was in this show! it was really weird!

Anyway, to finish the story, today i was about to go into my house and she was coming out of hers so i said somethign to her about it (sooo unlike me...but i'd have been mad if i hadnt'...typical turtle) and she seemed to pleased. she said how it must have been weird seeing her do what she does rather than in her normal position of person living in the house nextdoor sometimes...and it was! she said how much fun they have doing the show and i told her it looks like they're having fun. she said her parents would enjoy hearing the story...heehee!

More random from yesterday...seeing Lara with Mary and Deanna from buffalo, waiting for lorilee at the devil...which acutlaly would have been much more random if it was at any other restaurant but that's alright! we (just the three of us again here) tried to get cabaret tickets for the evening and almost did but then didn't. we just hung around and wandered for a couple hours and then went to teh stage door after the show cuz ava wanted to get jessica to sign her tummy and i wanted to talk to norbert and get the pic with him that i couldn't get while with my grandmother and i don' think that sentense was long enough for you so i'm just going to continue to stretch it out to show you how good i am at making sentenses soo much longer than they have to be and also to demostrate why my english essays need so much revision after my first copy is written...k, i think that was long enough.

my future plans for this week are the following: monday--study chemistry ALL day for test on tuesday. tuesday--write chemsitry test, boston (music trip, which has been changed to take place at teh end of passover, which is why the meeting is being held...GRRRR...i'm thinking they're not going to change it back and this does not make for a happy turtle) meeting and choir at lunch, babysitting after school *i think*. wednesday--afternoon full of théâtre français...i hope they're not as crazy as last friday!!!. thursday--orchestra in the morning, quartet at lunch, randolph at night along with a physics and calculus test in the afternoon at school. friday--french test and another afternoon of co-op....can we say AHHHHHHHH??? yes, i think so!

Alright, this has been a long entry...i guess it can make up for the lack there of in teh past di can't promise i'll be any better any time soon! sorry...well, i hope youre having a wonderful thanksgiving/columbus day weekend if yo'ur efrom canada or teh states...otherwise i just hope you're having a good weekend! byebye all

Oct 2, 1999

Sooo...last weekend went, well, quite well. It turned out that tamara's last isnt' til tomorrow but we went anyway cuz it was too late to chnage all of our plans. well, i saw the show Saturday afternoon and saw Tamara before, after and during the show. she was in a rush after the show so we quickly got pictures with her and said we'd see her on Sunday. We were worried Sunday czu she wasn't on for the mat. but when we got our tickets and went to check the board, her name was up. oh, sunday morning we went to the bway flea was kind of neat. oy, i keep backtracking...saturday before the show we met up with Ava and after the show with jessica, who took us to her house where we were spending the night. met lots of people many new faces, not enough brain power to remember all teh names! got to see matt, but not for all that long once again. so anyway, back to the show on sunday. we went in to go to our seats and i looked at the board...yaz's name was beside mark's mom and i knew i saw carly's name up there too...i found carly's name and there it was, next to teh name Maureen...this was not good. The whow as weird without her. i felt very differntly watching it and concentrating more on the acutal show than on Tamara...anyway. so, after the show, jai told us one thing but, in the post that tamara put on the ny board (!!!!!) it said an emergency came up and she was really really sorry she couldn't be there. it also explained that she most definitely was not fired and that she chose the date she was leaving...and moved it up so she could leave with kenna. it was really nice having all that straightened out. so, that's been my tamara news lately...lots more has happened this week but i don't really feel like getting into it for now. maybe later!

Sept 23, 1999

GRRRRRRR i just wrote a wonderful entry and my computer went stupid and now i have to start all over again..this time with not as much energy czu i'm 15 minutes tireder (yes, it's a with it)'s funny to think i was a big disaster of a mess about 8 hours ago...i bet you'd like to know why that changed. it's your lucky day cuz i'm going to tell you I'M GOING TO NY THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! I, Lindsay Turtle, am going to new york this weekend and i will be seeing Tamara Podemski's last show of rent....did i mention i'm going to ny this weekend????? i'm in such a state of disbelief. it all feels like a dream...oh, btw, if it is a dream, someone dies when i wake up...

Well, i started co-op today...but you know what, the happiness of that is being overpowered by that of the fact that i will be on my way to ny in 48 hours...yes, 48....ahhhhh!!! ok ok, when i have my head back on my shoulders and all straightened out i'll write again...but til tehn....I'M GOING TO NY THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Spet 21, 1999

ok, so no one loves me...i haven't received one letter or call or email (well, email's not entirely true but pretty much true) so i will repeat my message from my last update: Someone please write/email/phone (the to my house if you know me well enough to know that or if you're south of the border of charge too!)

k, now that that's out of my is a very sad day in the land of RENT. Tamara Podemski has been fired. The reason still is uncertain but people are saying it was cuz of her voice...i'll know mroe for sure tomorrow and i will share.

I've been a sick turtle. It's been a pretty bad weekend...and the news today definitely didn't help that much. so anyway, hopefully i'll know more tomorrow and when i do whoever reads it will know too. goodnight

Sept 16, 1999

Someone please write/email/phone (the to my house if you know me well enough to know that or if you're south of the border of charge too!) I did not receive ONE email today...not a single one :o( Today was a blah day...i got out of school early and come home. I calmed Erin's nerves (or did my best at trying...good girl, you didn't talk to invisible friends!!!) on the bus on the way home. I basically spent the rest of teh day either trying to make my head stop hurting or doing homework...there was soo much of it, too...YUCK.

Yesterday, Lisa Cow used a quote she enjoyed of mine on her site and my site ended up with a link on my name...and in the past two days there are been 17 visitors...compared to the usual 4 or 5 (geez, that's pathetic...oh well...i'm working on it!) So, thank you cow for making my day...what can i say, people really are underscore stupid!

I really don't want to go to school 1s are sooo long. I have two tests tomorrow...BLECH. after school i'm meeting cow (hey, you're getting a lot of mention here today...i wonder if you actually read this!) and a friend of hers and lara and alana (whom i havne' tseen since camp ended last week but feels like a forever ago) and we're going to the univeristy fair...oh boy. oh, i didn't end up going to the film festival tonight. anyway, i've run out of things to say so i shall say goodnight. goodnight

Sept 15, 1999

Ok, so this time it's been just as long as it has felt...almost a week...sorry! Anyway, this week has been...well, it's been--that's about all i can say abotu it. Schools' been school...not great, but not too bad at the same time. I'm pretty sure my day 1 is goign to kill me...english, chem oac, physics 12 enriched and calculus's only the second week and i'm already feeling it...the little box in my agenda if full for friday :o( tomorrow i have the afternoon off cuz my co-op doesn't start til next wednesday and i was supposed to have plans at night but i have a feeling we're not even goign to try to make them happen cuz it's now pretty unlikely and probably not worth the effort.

Friday i'm goign to the university fair at the metro convention scary is that...i'm goign to go find out abotu univeristies! i'm going to a meeting abotu psat/satI/satII stuffs next all seems so very wrong. oh well, i guess i'm getting to be a big girl...nah

i'm sure i have more to say but my head hurts from chemsitry...yo'ud think a chemistry teacher would know that boiling off HCl would be bad for nose still hurts! oh oh oh...before i my american friends who have dropped by to can call and leave me a message(please do!) at's free and woudl make me happy to hear you voice! ok, that is all...and dont' forget to make the voodoo piestess her :o) goodnight

Sept 9, 1999
6:43 pm

I acutally thought it'd been longer since i updated...seeing that it had acutally been less than a week was a pleasant surprise...but also reminded me how long it's taking for this week to pass. k, i'll start where i left off...last weekend...oy! it was a get together at cow's house again...umm...with cow, tonya, laura and jill for some, max without the sleepover part, elizabeth, lisa press, lorilee...if i'm missing anyone, i'm sorry! it was one CRAZY night...cow kept telling me i was more crack than she'd ever seen! it was cuz i had had VERY little sleep the two nights caused consistent and quite uncontrolable laughter, very very little hand eye coordination (sorry tonya!)...umm...well, basically i just said every little thing that popped into my wasnt' intentional at all..i dotn' know what came over me! i also became the voodoo priestess...mwahahahaha *evil grin :o)* i acutally don't know how that came up exactly but it did and that's that. we, acutally they, played I've Never...that was way too much fun! we listened to German Rent (das rent!) mooo...mooo LOUDA... PARTYYYYY...that maureen is SCARY!!! Over all it was good fun!

Tuesday was teh beginning of school...second last year of high school..oy! i only had an hour in the morning to get my schedual (which was a slight in the morning...i needed co-op in teh afternoon...) and stuff. after steph jenny and i wen tto jenny's and then went back to school to pick up jennn so we could go to the rainforest cafe for lunch....YUMMM!! we then wandered around yorkdale which my wallet disappeared (i want my art back...if anyone'e seen a little black wallet lying around someone in yorkdale with two copper enamelling pieces in it PLEASE tell me...hey, it's worth a try) and then i went home and was not a happy turtle.

Wednesady we had all out classes...what a LONG day. i showed up my calculus teacher...and he thinks girls can't do math...HA...i got the answer right so na na na na na to you i see the development of another mr. stupid here?!? perhaps...anyway, my calculus class is enormous...over 35 people..not enough desks in the room! other classes are ok.

now we're up to today...went to my first preplacement seminar for co-op (where we got homework...) and at the end found out that i was able to get my co-op changed to day 2 afternoon which means that i missed english and chemistry (with a blechy teacher) this morning so i have to catch up on that. I then had physics (that's one big text book) and got homework and then calculus (not so big a text book) and got more homework. so what has turtle been doing tonight...HOMEWORK...YUCK. well, humm...i don't know that any more has happened. the rez in on showcase tonight...happy turtle :o) alright, byebye

Sept 4, 1999

I'm home...though i think i forgot to mention that i was leaving. I was at NMC (National Music Camp) of Canada. It was my third year there and i'd have to say it was the worst of teh years but that doesnt' say much cuz the other years were just incredible so this year was still good. I had a really amazing cabin. we were so all quite different but we just kind of clicked. and then there was Roger...our porn star stuffed bear...but this is probably not the place to get into that! I do have much to say about the week but my brain doesn't seem to be functioning properly this evening so I shall end this for now. bubye

Aug 23, 1999

Well, i spend yesterday trying to get myself to prepare for my co-op interview...and today i had my co-op interview! It was alright...but they didn't ask any of the questions we were told to prepare! Well, that's basically been my last two days! Tomorrow i'm supposed to be meeting Lisa Cow for lunch and i have a violin lesson at night. Wednesday i'm hoping very hard to see my friend who's home from school...and then Thursday i leave for camp and do'nt come home til september! that's just crazy...summer's so close to dotn want to think abotu it! well, that's all for today. goodnight!

Aug 22, 1999

It's been a year now since I last saw Rent and Tamara...weird how i remember a day so long ago so amazingly well...anyway, that's just been on my mind for the last little while so i thought i'd share. So, last weekend...well, it was rained friday basically until i started feeling sick. once i had an awful headache, it stopped raining and the weather turned nice...saturday was gorgeous but the sun didn't agree with me so i spent most of the day inside. sunday i was feeling a little better so went on a long boat ride but we'd received a call the night before saying that my mom's aunt died (quite expectedly) so we had to go back earlier than we usually woudl for teh funeral. I didn't really know this woman much at all but in a way that made me more upset cuz everyone was talking abotu how wonderful she was...and i never knew all of this first hand. anyway, it was nice...i'm glad i went.

Monday i went shopping (ahh, Lindsay went unheard of!) with Jenny and Steph to the Eaton Centre. I spent ALL my gift certificates! that meant cds and a shirt from Gap and Sugar Mountain stuff....and i cant' remember if there was anything else. i also got earphones cuz my good ones died at camp.

Tuesday i went to visit dani-lee at her new home. we went for a walk and talked...twas nice. then i had a violin lesson and that was the day.

Wednesday my brother somehow talked my mom into taking us out for breakfast...we went to second cup. then we went driving to my mom's friend's house who lives in a small town near-ish Owen Sound. it was over three hours in teh car....most of which i spent sleeping (this is a bad sign when it comes to me) We got there and not long after went ot visit a 2-day-old miniature horse along with others...but i was much more interested in teh cats that were around! I've never liked cats ever before...but i first fell in love with a small black and white cat...and then we found 3 2-month-old-ish kittens...two were grey and the other was grey and white. i wouldn't leave the grey and white one...i think it kind of shared my personality acutally. by the time we were kind of getting ready to leave, i wans't feeling well at all (for the third time in two that allowed?!?) I went upstairs to read when we got back and ended up sleeping rather than reading...then i ate a little dinner and basically just went right back to sleep. I had a bad night...constantly waking up...i hate that feeling.

Anyway, i woke up in the morning and was feeling, well...i wasn't feeling well but i didn't want to just sit around doing nothing all day but i wasn't sure i really wanted to go out and doing anythign was an odd feeling! i decided to go with and take part in teh day's events. we went to 2 neat little shops in another town and then we went to a slightly larger town for lunch and then to an old furnature factory that's now a big store where lots of different little things are sold...i got a sweatshirt and an unfinished picture frame for me to sand a little and then paint. After, we went to and old Indian amphitheatre and walked around...and my knees did not enjoy it at all... it was a pleasant walk. The evening, everyone went mini-golfing but i decided enough was enough so i started a puzzle...and that was thursday.

Friday was beach day...(with a fiarly not so sick Lindsay) eventhough it was really cloudy and kind of cool. we went to a new beach that we'd actually stopped in to see the day before. There were quite a few people there...more than we'd expected. As the day went on, the weather improved more and more...enough for me to go swimming once. also enough for me to get a burn on my back. we stayed at the beach much longer than we'd originally planned so we had a late dinner. We also decided that we wanted to go back to the beach the next day.... we did. it was looking like an even cooler adn cloudier day than the day before but my mom needed her one last beach day so we went. we were the only people on the beach (a different one) for about a half hour...maybe more. we were playing frisbie which, with the wind, was qutie a challenge. people slowly began arriving. my mom went swimming once but no one else ventured in. we ate lunch there, sat in teh sun (i burn the part in my hair...brushing it'll be interesting...) and just enjoyed it! we left teh beach around 2:15 and left my mom's friend's at around 3:15...and arrived home around 7 i guess. i wasnt' hungry at all so just ate somethign small and, after a little kerfufle with my mom, went to unpack and then ended up at the computer to get through my email.

Well, that was my week...wasn't it exciting...acutally, it wasnt too bad, aside from the whole sick thing. i realized while i was away that i hadnt' finished writing up abotu each show of rent i i finished that tonight. i'm in the middle of typing it all out and should be up in the next few days...along with a few new pictures i scanned before i left.

humm...plans for the near future include nothing tomorrow, my co-op interview monday morning and then physio and violin tuesday...and then i go to camp thursday, come home the following friday and then the summer's depressing! anyway, i'm trying to just go one day at a time...i really am trying very hard! oh oh...and my friend from new brunswick is coming home in the next few days so i'm going to amke sure to at the very least, talk to her...hopefully see her sometime in there. ok, that is all! i'll keep you updated as things begin to acutally unfold themselves. take care :o)

Aug 18, 1999

Well, i wrote out a whole big update sunday night and then my computer decided to hate me and, as you can see, ti got erased. this is going to be short cuz it's late and i'm tired...and have to wake up soon. anyway, i'm going away tomorrow til saturday so i wo'tn be updating again til then for now obvious reasons! umm...ya know what...i'll just fill you in when i get home...sounds like a plan. ok, that's all...aside from a big huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to nick who's now 19. all the best to you in teh coming year. k, das all for real this time. ta

Aug 11, 1999

Well well well...i have much to say! Last night i went to see Cique du Soleil...WOW! Everythign was just plain WOW! Today i acutally did somethign with myself! Yesterday I called my old neighbours, who now have little girl who are 2.5 and 5 but i hadn't seen the 2.5 year old since before she was walking! let me tell you...cuties!!! they're both so sweet and adorable...i love em! so, i biked over at took me abotu 25 mintes...the little one, jodana, seemed to take to me...right away we were in the backyard playing, jsut us! then rachel (the other one) came home and her mom told her there was a surprise in the backyard so she came back and seemed quite pleased to see me! i last saw her in february...not quite as long as jordana. so we played outside adn then played yatzee and watched a disney sing along thing and ate...and then i biked home again. let me say, my legs will hurt tomorrow!

i came home, had 30 seconds and then had a violin lesson...a very good one at that! i've been feeling quite good about my playing's making me feel good, which is nice. i took my 15 second trek home to find that i was wanted as a last minute babysitter down the street...more lovable, huggable kids for lindsay to play with!

So, that was my was a very enjoyable day. I finally got out and did! Tomorrow i go to the dentist and become an alien...but that's a whole other story!

OH! before i forget...i fixed up a few of teh articles and i added a few more pics again...soon i'll get my act together adn acutally label what's new and what's been updated/fixed...but for now, if you wnat to find it, you'll just have to search for yourself!

well, til the next update, goodnight

Aug 10, 1999
I did some more updating, well, yesterday. I added a few pics of tamara under the "unknown dates" section in RENT pics and a few of me...the three littlest (i'm little, not the pictures) ones of me are new...i personally think they're quite cute! Last night i went to see the National Youth Orchestra at teh Ford Centre and let me say, they were incredible! these were the best musicians in canada...and let me tell you, it was obvious! they played a song i played at music camp last year and, well, we sounded like crap compared to them! it literally was breath taking.

I spent all of the weekend with Lisa again this week. This time it wasnst' planned though. It was a good weekend, overall.

Today i didn't do much more than update here...added the picutres and figured out some html to make the articles with pcitures look better...i'll tell you when that's finished and worth looking at again. i still have a few more pics to scan and everything. it was also suggested to me that i add a "back" link to pages and that i add a section just abotu who tamara is and all that so look for that soon. i think that's all for today (night...morning?!?) ttfn :o)

August 5, 1999
I'm finally seeing Phantom tonight! I put it off for 10 years and now, two months before it leaves, i'm going to see it! I'm especially excited to see Jeff Hyslop (Jeff from Today Special) as the Phantom. Yesterday I went with Steph 'out' (to the great canadian bagel in englington station)for lunch and then we went to see Muppets From Space...can you say CUTE! got to love Gonzo! my new stress ball cow guy, aucltaly, girl, jessica (thank you sweetie :o)) and my tigger keychain were playing in the theatre. there were a coupel kids sitting in front of us who were watching us play and laughing at was really sweet! Anyway, i went home after and had a violin lesson next door again. it went really well...i was told things that made me very happy and proud of myself. it was all VERY good :o) And that was basically all i did yesterday...i dont' think i did anythgin at all the day before. my mom is in ottawa visiting her sister so we're only three in the house...not that it really makes such a difference...well, it does but, well, never mind. humm...i don't think i have anythgin else to say. so, i'm off the see the phaaaaantom of the opera (is there inside my midn) ok, byebye ;o)

August 3, 1999
Wow...August...that seems just a tad wrong. It was a wonderful July at any rate. So, how was everyone's Simcoe day weekend? mine was quite enjoyable i must say. Satruday it POURED pretty much all, this wasn't just your everyday thunderstorm...the rain was coming down in, well, i dotn' know how to explain it...there was just SOOOO much of was crazy.

At around 2:45 Lara was driving us to Lisa Cow's and i think the rain was the worst when we got off the high coudl barely see right infront of you. it was really nuts. anyway, so we were going to cow's cuz it was her birthday the day before (HAPPY BIRTHDAY COW!!! sorry i'm a little late!) and she was having some friends and family over. so we got there...and were the first ones there.

lisa press arrived shortly after and then cow went to rescue a not really lost tonya...right...wait, i think maz arrived before tonya...anyway, and laura came after work. in teh mean time, other family and more family friends were arriving.

some of us went swimming...played lots of monkey in the middle. we then had a bbq dinner along with salad and a little potato bits. i then got stung by a bee...which is now quite itchy but doesn't hurt any more. cow openned presents...and turtle did too :o) cow gave me The World Goes 'Round cd (i love it i love it i love it!) and Franklin's school play!!! VERY cute.

Everyone but me, lisa, lisa and lara left by around 11 i guess. We watched Cutting Edge and Lara left at 12. I fell asleep around 2 i think and apparently the lisas were up talking quite a while longer...i didn't notice!

We were all up and out of bed by 12...and we then ate a meal but couldnt' decide what the meal shoudl be. we went swimming again and then realized that we were all hungry so we went to fairview to get ice cream but ended up having, well, let's call it lupper. we met up with laura, who was on her very short break, so she ate with us. once done, we went to get our ice creams and walked back to cow's...only to find my cousin in the pool once again! cow joined her in the water while the rest of us (all 2) played cards.

we then watched Beauty and the Beast (they weren't missing their cheese OR bacon) and Lara and I watched Muppet's Christmas Carol...CUTE!!! I think that's around when we all realized we were kind of hungry...we ended up making various kinds of pasta and watched things i didnt' want to watch...making me not so happy to be going back to an empty house fo rthe night. we left around 12...took lisa press home and then went home ourselves...and no one came to pull our my heart ;o)

well, that was my weekend...oh, aside from my doing nothing yesterday. I JUST got a birthday present in the mail and, if you read this, thank you sooooo much best friend, i LOVE it (but i'm sure i'll talk to you soon :o)) ok, that is all. this was longer than i'd expected! take care all. ta