May to July, 1999

July 27, 1999
Hello all, how are you today? well i hope. i'm doing quite well. I actually got out of the house yesterday, which was nice. At night i went over to cow's house with lara, lisa, laura, rina, elizabeth and jill to celebrate the year anniversary of rent leaving toronto. it was quite fun. elizabeht wanted to go swimming but no one else wnated to. we ate pizza and watched comp videos and looked at pics and was nice. I got email from a second camp friend...thank you soooo much sandra :o) i love and miss you guys sooo much. let's see, now we'd be a half hour into our second specialist period of the day and we'd have break in another half hour and then only electives :o( i do hope i'm able to go again next's such a wonderful one huge family. umm...i think i've run out of things to say! maybe once i start actally doing somethign with my time i'll have more to put in here than just random ramblings that i know very few people, if any, care about! ta for now

July 25, 1999 (later)
Wow, twice in a day! It's now acutlaly during the day though and the other one was kind of at night but really in the morning of today...anyway! So, i got home yesterday adn really woudl like to go back again RIGHT NOW. I had an incridible time. I did things i've never done choose to perform with only one other person infront of lots of toher people...twice!! and i took a writing workshop for the first time in two years on the last day of camp and, well not by choise, but taking acting workshops and acutally doing everyting and enjoying myself. I also learned that the turtle can sing!!! Woohoo!!! I made some amazing friends and some not quite as amazing friends but friends nonetheless. Once again, the quality of the food impressed me greatly...Centauri food is definitely teh best camp food around. Probably cuz it's not exactly held at a camp but we dotn' ahve to know that.

The specialist programs were wonderful once again. I absolutely adored being able to do musical theatre for so much of two weeks. We ended up with a medley of songs from Beaty and the Beast, Chorus Line, Phantom, Chicago, Cabaret and World Goes 'Round. It went over really really well. We were all kind of worried about parts of Cell Block Tango but they ended up being the parts that the parents liked the most!

I'm sure I have more to tell but I can't seem to think of what! When it comes back to me and if I think it'd be of any interest to others I'll make sure to put it in. For now, adieu

July 25, 1999
I know it's been forever...I'm sorry! I got home from camp, well, now i'ts yesterday cuz. It was really really great...everythign i was hoping for. I will tell more when I regain my ability to think...promise!

July 7, 1999
A year ago today was Tamara Podemski's last show of Rent in Toronto. She's been doing an amazing job on Bway since then. It definitely doesn't feel like it's been a year but I can't say it feels like it's been more or less time. Time likes to play tricks like that. Anyway!

Computers can be such a pain sometimes…like Friday…my hard drive dies its second and final death. It died for the first time in February and for $600 it was revived so that all the info could be saved but we knew it wouldn’t be long til it died again…and it did. This time we were prepared though…everything was saved onto a zip disk. Well, most things…I’m still working at getting a lot of things back to normal…and it’s so frustrating. I said I’d say more about camp but that was two weeks ago now so I think I’ll just forget it. I leave for my second camp on Sunday and will be gone for 2 weeks. I’m really looking forward to it but do have quite a few worries about it…oh well.

I had a wonderful Birthday yesterday (much better than my day cleaning paint containers last year!) I went out for very very yummy ice cream and then to either Naughting or Notting (I dotn’ know which and am too lazy to go check) Hill. I liked it very much, though the friend I was with didn’t like it as much. Then it was out to dinner with Lara as my brother and my parents to Frankie Tomatto’s…gotta love Italian buffets! I’m doing soemthign with friends tomorrow but I don’t really know what exactly…it’s all being planned for me :o) I have physio in the morning and then whatever it is they’ve planned in the evening.

I’m currently in the middle of cleaning up my very extremely messy room…it’s taken me two whole days plus some to get where I am and I’m not even near done. I think I’m going to go out of my mind. It’s taking soooo long. I’m pretty sure I have all of Friday to work on it so it should be finished by the time I leave for camp. Okie, I think I’ll be finished writing for now…I’ll try to write more often, I promise!

June 30, 1999 It's about 2 minutes to July...scary! I'm almost 17! That's nuts. I had an AMAZING time at TMC. Oh, happy canada day now!'s july! ok, i'll write somethign a little more substantial when i'm not sick and therefore am able to thinking clearly. byebye :o)

June 17, 1999
Todya was my last day at school until sept. I had to say goodbye to Mr. Cameron...that was not the happiest part of my day. I've been given 4 of my final marks and so far my average is 91...and i'm extremely pleased. i had my chem project presentatino today...we got a 97!!! at the least, my final chem mark is may go up a % or two though cuz of my results on teh avagadro contest. Mr. McLean (math teacher who enjoys pestering me..) wrote a very nice little comment in my yearbook. Tomorrow (well, technically today now cuz it's after 12...) i'm off to TMC and i'm gettin gkidn of nervous and excited about it...things have come up and i'm worried that they might worsen...anyway. i'm hopin gvery much to see my first violin teacher at school... ms. gaber...and the other teachers who were at TMC when i went three years ago. It shoudl be interesting none the less. So, I wo'nt be here til the 28...don't miss me too much! take care :o)

June 9, 1999
Today i finished my English more Mr. Totaro!!! Well, that's not entirely true...i still have a few more English classes but we dont' really ahve any more learning to do. Same goes with French, finite, music (well, we're palying at teh assembly on wednesday but that doesnt' really count). Geography will be finished friday and math tuesday and chemistry either tuesday or'll keep goign til teh last minute as always! i just finished my design evaluation project for art and it's quite ugly if i might say so myself...i don't knwo what i was thinking. oh well, what's done is done...i'm not changing it now. i still ahve to write up abotu it...i dotn' think i have anythign good to say about it. The music banquet at my school was yesterday and it went quite well. Pretty sad at times cuz one of teh teachers has to retire adn no one wants him to...he will be greatly missed by everyone who has anythgin to do with music at the school. There were a bunch of little tributes to him and stuff...and he said some of the kindest words to me when i was getting my awards...i really don't want him to leave. i'm running out of things to say and i'm talking with my cousin on teh phone so i'm not really thinkning too well so i shall say goodnight. goodnight

June 4, 1999
AHHHHH...i just got a call saying that there's a place for me to be a counselor at TMC!!!!!! i'm going for sure for sure now! i leave on teh STAFF bus on the 17th at 3 and i'm soo excited now. That's in TWO insane is that?!? the year school year's over sooo soon...i now have 8 1/2 days left of school...yet in that i time i'll be doing a mound of evaluations and a chem isu...oh well. todya was music and finite and they both went really well...both took me about 15 minutes to finish and, well, it was a nice start to the end of the year. monday's enlgihs os i'm quite ready for him to kill me one last time. Alright, i think i need to call someone and just yell at them for a minute..i'm a little too happy to keep typing for now!

June 3, 1999
I knwo i's been a very long while this time...when i find i have time again i will writ emore often. School's got me going insane...though today was pretty my last day of real classes for the year. Tomorrow i have my finite and music 'evaluations'. They're not exams cuz there istn' enough time for us to ahve real exams this June. Fine with me! anyway, the government's been messing with education way too much this year. Speaking of which, today there's a provincial election going on here and i'm quite worry about what the results will be. i catn' imagine what mr. harris has in store for if he is re-elected. He's done so much in just 4 years..what woudl he do in anohter??? with respect to education, i'm out of the system before much more can have an effect on me but my brother's pretty much screwed. He's in the first year of the four year high school program which means he's on teh loosing end of the doubel year of grads...i'm really worried about him and his education.
so, you might ask what's been going on in this strange girl's life...and honestly i dotn' knwo that i can tell you! well, i guess there are some things i just don't want anyone who happens to randomly find this to know...and, well, aside from that i dotn' think i really knwo myself. i know that june means loads of school work and my dance show, leaving very little time. i was asked to be a counselor at Toronto Music Camp (TMC) and that's looking quite hopeful. I've also foudn a few more ideas for things to do over the summer. I'm very sorry, i've only divided this into two paragraph...but i NEVER use paragraphs when i don't have to...those of you who have received letters from me woudl know that quite well! Alright, i think i'm onto just plain rambling now. Maybe i'll have more to say tomorrow. for now i must go memorize more music terms and composers and styles and all kind of fun stuff. byebye

May 21, 1999
Another week's work done...and another 4 to go, plus one exam...chem. This week brought with it some good news too...Wednesday night was our spring concert at school, Tunescape. There, little ol' me was given the award of most oustanding orchestra student!!! I was given a very pretty pink rose and will get an engraved plaque at the music baquet June 8 for which i just bought new clothes! I wrote the Avogadro chem contest yesterday and it went alright and just alright...there were about 5 questions that there was no way i coudl answer cuz we wernet' taught anythign about velocity and pressure of atoms and stuff like that. Today's Adrienne's birthday...i wish i had some way of getting in touch with you Adrienne...happy 21st! Alright, that's all for now...I can't think of more to say!

May 15, 1999
yes, i know, its' been a week...sorry. I've got my reason (once again) let's just say i've had better weeks...much better weeks. When i have something new to say i'll come and say it..promise. for now it's back to getting myself through jane eyre awake.

May 6, 1999
I didnt' realize how long it's been sinse i last wrote...oops! anyway, i do have my reasons but woudl rather not get into that here. i got home from new york yesterday morning and am very ready to go back again. tamara got back to new york yesterday. that stupid wonderful timing thing. i've added a few things to my site...there are some turlte pics with a sort of "about me" type survey. i also added an amazing article about tamara written by her sister, jennifer. i'll write more about my trip when i feel like actually thinking again. byebye