February to April, 1999

April 19, 1999
Well, i had my LAST yagmcb rehearsal today. i dotn rehearse tomorrow and then we have 4 shows and then the cast party and then it's all over. next weekend i'm in ny and then the year's basically finished. That's insane. i'm acutally goign to ahve to start looking into universities soon...well, not SOON soon but not far now. Concidereing that i spent my entire weekend at school i dotn' ahve much to say! maybe somethign'll happen tomorrow...we'll see.

April 15, 1999
Let's see, what's new...well, i'm sitll sick but that's not new. I'm supposed to be at Massey Hall now but I have no voice so going to sing woudl ahve been kind of silly. I was thinking of going just to watch but i don't know I'd stay awake. It's always a good concert but i coudlnt' be bothered. YAGMCB is in less than a week!!! I am sooo excited. I know these hours of rehearsal are going to pay off so fast. what else? report cards come out tomorrow, but i already know all my marks. well, all but art. unless art is a crazy low mark my average is around 87%...i believe that's the highest it's been since like first term grade 9 so i'm relaly happy. what else...i didn't go to school at all yesterday. I was supposed to be at massey hall all mornign and then at shcool in the afternoon but I ended up at home. I shoudl ahve stayed home today. I had my English presentation so i coudlnt'. I lost marks cuz i coudlnt' breathe in the middle so took time to do that and didnt' finish in 5 minutes and missed half a q-card and a quote. There was a co-op meeting at lunch today. I then went to chemstiry to find that they messed up and have me signed up for a chemsitry co-op...i dotn' think so! I hope they keep it straight with this most recent form i gave in cuz i'm NOT doing a chemsitry co-op...not that i dont' like's one of the better subjects i'm taking this year. i jstu don't like it enough to do a co-op for it! I'll made sure that gets fixed up. humm...dinner time...byebye

April 12, 1999
Well, Tamara's leaving in 9 days for a 14 day vacation. I'm goign to New York in 19 do the math. I'm sick AGAIN...what is this like the millionth time this year. I think i've been sick for at least ahfl the school year now. I don't know what's goign on with me these days. I had charlie Brown after school today til five and do again tomorrow. After that we go into overdrive. I have rehearsal from 9-5 on saturday adn 9-3:30 on sunday. Monday's 3:30-9 and tuesday's 3:30-whenever we're finished...AHHHHH...can we say INSANE?! at least it'll keep my busy and get my mind off of unwanted things. Maybe i'll write again later when my head's a little clearer...though i don't know that'll happen for a few days. bye

April 9, 1999
Not much to say. It's been a bad day. Our good student teacher in English left so I'm stuck with Mr. Totaro for the rest of the year...aug. Math we had a supply and same went for geography. I did have a good chem class for once which was nice. I'm understanding! I think that's cuz it's just all math for now once again...we'll have to wait and see though. I think I'm getting sick again...I really hope not. Enough's enough for one year. Way too much has happened. I'll write again when i'm in higher spirits...bye.

April 8, 1999
Let's see what's going on in the life fo teh me today. I'm in a strange mood...not sure why. I had a big huge mass choir rehearsal today at humberside...i kind of lost my voice for a little while but i'ts basically back now. We have a lot fo work to do still...we barely know any of the songs! There seems to be quite a chance that Tamara wot'n be in NY when i am which woudl royally suck. I'll know on Saturday for sure...I'm not sure what i'll do if she's not there. I knwo i'll ahve to wait at least another 6 months after the 8 i've been waiting alreayd...AHHH. I'm not goign to worry til i know for sure least i'm going to try not to worry til i know for sure. Humm...passover's over finally...i got to eat real food off normal plates tonight which was good fun. You know what, i think tha's all i have to say...goodbye

April 6, 1999
Well, now that i know that at least a few people acutally do read this i guess i could put in something of a little more substance! Today was another boring day 1...i keep forgettig why i bother to go at i learned how to add again and found out that i will be getting a 99.5% if my teacher remains lazy and doesn't mark our isu in finite, did nothing in art AGAIN, i listened to more presentations that i know people didtn' write themselves in French and in music found out that i have a 98% for the term (:o) :o) :o)) and that i'm going to be playing a solo at the end of the year in an Albinoni piece we're playing which is sooo gorgeous i jstu can't explain it. Apparently Tamara was (is?) in Toronto...was spotted quite close to my house late Sunday night. There's also talk that she won't be in NY when i am but i'm waiting ot hear back on that from people i acutally knwo and trust (well, maybe not so much trust ALL the time but know better than the person this was heard from to begin with) I'll keep that story updated for sure! I have violin in an hour and a half and i haven't practiced all week so i think i shodul go do that and find somethin gto eat befor ei leave so i must be going for now...ta.

April 3, 1999
SO, not much has been happening around here lately. I went photocopying today...matt, if you read this, i think i shoudl be scared to be with you when i'm in ny...but you'll just have to wait to see why :o) In exactly 4 weeks i'm in ny...probably outside the theatre wating to do the lotto...i cant' wait or believe it's coming up so soon. I'm not in the middle of printing the invitations to my dad's kind of surprise's taking sooo long. I'm hungry and there's nothing fo rme to eat here...i guess i'll just be hungry for a few more days. I think it might just about be time for me to go read some of Jane Eyre...i've been putting it off for quite a while now. Don't worry, i'll be back...brwahahaha :o)

April 1, 1999
Well, it's yet another weekend's been a crazy week. I've got a pretty dead knee to take care of. Today was the second passover seder...blah. Anothe rweek without break...what fun. I had another Charlie Brown rehearsal today and it was as good as before. I'm goign to have rehearsals comign out of my ears soon! The entire week before I've set aside for jsut in case pracitces...i get to miss an afternoon of school for the dress rehearsal though which i like. I finally finisehd Hamlet in school today...we had to do debates over the Branaugh and Gibson was pretty stupid. We start up with Jane Eyre on Wednesday which i hope is at least a little better. I cant' think of anythign else to say for now so ta :o)

March 26, 1999
FINALLY the weekend...yet i still have so much work to do that I doubt i'll notice that I'm nto at school. We did a lab in chemistry today and i think the chemicals go to me...i'm feeling really strange and couldn't think by the end of that class or in geograph, which was right after. I think i'm going to go upload the new ready or not pics i received recently...have fun looking (sometime soon at least!)

March almost 26, 1999
I had my first Charlie Browm reheasal today and it was soo amazing...i've wanted to do soemthing like this for so long and I'm finally able to. Monday i get to watch a cast run though and we've got plans for the weekend before the show to have rehearsals and we ordered tshrit sizes...i'm sooo excited for it all. Hey, it's Friday now. only 36 days til ny and i sooo can not wait! I'm now talking with Jessica who i ahven't been abel to talk with since beofre i left for Florida which is very vyer nice. Tomorrow's another day from hell...i have an English presentation and another math quiz (test?!)and a chemistry lab...ahhhh. apparently some crazy stuff happened tonigth on university...i'm sure i'll hear about it tomorrow! i think i'm goign to be killed if i stay down here much longer so i must depart. ttfn

March 24, 1999
Let's jsut say this has not been a good day. First of all my knee's still killing me from sitting too much on sunday. I got back my logs from English and got 66%...i'm so ready for mr. Totaro to jsut disapear by accident. I coudtn' believe the mark. This was the hardest I worked all year on anythign for that class and i end up pulling down my mark rather than up. I had a math quiz and a geography test today (the quiz was longer than the test though...) and i knwo i did relaly well on both of them...if i hadnt' i know i'd just be sitting in my room sulking now. well, maybe standing cuz i have no where i can sit in my room where i wotn' hurt. I got my first role of pics from Florida back today and there are some really cute ones. I start rehearsal for charlie brown tomorrow and i'm really exctied for that. i think it's goign to end up taking up a lot of my time, but i don' tthink i mind...less time for english, shucks. I dont' think i can stand him for another 3 months but i cna't switch out of the class. whatever...i have to go shower and study for music and i have to wake up for orchestra tomorrow so i relaly must be going.

March 22, 1999
Once again, i'm here to say that I don't really have time to say anything. I have a lot of updating to do but from the looks of it nothing much will be happening for another few months! I just got a bunch more pics from Ready or Not and when i have a spare moment they will be up...I hope! Tamara's older sister, Jennifer, was on a tv movie, Mind Prey tonight with Eriq LaSalle. She played a nut who helped this guy (or maybe he did it for her, i'm not sure) kidnap a mother and her childern and maybe kill them but I'm not sure about that either cuz i only watched til Jennifer died. Those Podemskis are always dying! Anyway, time for some very muchly needed sleep catching up...those four hours last night didnt do me much good. Hopefully by tomorrow i'll have less to do and more time to myself...yeah right. sweat dream

March 21, 1999
I've still got loads of work to do so again, not much time to write. Yesterday I managed to finish my 60 Hamlet logs at all i ahve to do with Hamlet is a comparative paragraph that is the length of an essay about the difference in the way horatio, rosencrantz and guildenstern show their friendship...problem is i dotn' know if I'm supposed to do R&G as one or seperately...if they're not supposed to be compared together I have no idea what to say about how they are different. I've still got finite and a little less fo my chemitry project and a french book to read so i best be on my way...hopefully my tonight I'll have a little more time on my hands.

March 20, 1999
Well, I'm home. Don't you love it when you do more work to do when you're not at school than when you are?! I have lots to say about my trip but I don't really have the time now...I'm only taking a break from Hamlet and stupid chemistry and Tale of Two Cities and my French book and...wait, i think that's, and Jane Eyre. I'm going nuts with it all. When I have the time (next year sometime...) I'll write more. byebye for now

March 9, 1999
I guess i kind fo forgot to write cuz nothign's been happening around here. Today I tried to do my chemistry isp for about 4 hours and got very little done. I jsut don't ahve the energy to work on it. Tomorrow i get to go to school to pick up OAC and englsih and amth work which will be loads of fun. I'm goign out for lunch with Erin and maybe Jennn before hand. Elizabeth's coming over after cuz she has some stuff on tape that i want to copy. I have hebrew tomorrow night and we were supposed to be seeing Life is Beautiful but my teacher's parents are sick again so he wotn' be there but we'll ahve class with a supply this time. I was relaly lookign forward to seeing it. oh well. I had a really good violin lesson today. I'm acutlaly noticing my improvement now and it feels really good. I was supposed to have a amss choir rehearsal today and yesterday i was supposed to watch a cast run through or YAGMCB yesterday after school but when there's no school nothign happens. I think that's all that's happened in the last three days...pretty pathetic. Anyway, til tomorrow...

March 6, 1999
I didn't do all that much again today. Shul in the dad did a very wonderful job. Jenny came over around 3:30 and we watched Footloose and then the thing that the b'way cast did on Rosie. We decided a snack so we make popcorn and had fun with butter adn salt! Then it was time to watch A Chorus Line, which was really really good...geez i wish i coudl dance like that! Footloose was, well, very very 80' served its purpose! I've been trying to do my chem isp for quite some time now (it was really due on Friday but, well, i had no one to hand it in to) and I just cant' seem to get myself to work on it at all. I geuss I'll try again tomorrow. Tomorrow...that's dance and dinner out...i think i'll be able to find some time somewhere in there. Well, only 5 more days til i'm out of this showy mess :o) that's all...byebye

March 5, 1999
I finally got up and did something today. Kiddush making was pretty boring but I guess that was to be expected. In the afternoon I finally bought pants and rented Tale of Two Cities so i have a chance of knowing what's going on in the book and watned to rent Hamlet but it wasn't in. I went to the ballet was Picolo Mondo and Carmina Burana put on by Les Grandes Ballet Johan :o( I'm hoping very much that he's in Swan Lake which we see on May 7...the last one of this year. Tomorrow night i think Jenny's coming over and we're watching Footloose and Chorus Line which shoudl be fun.
Now, the thing with this's all crazy. Apparently on Monday i can get work for OAC classes on then sometime later in the week work for other classes shoudl be available...i'm not really sure how it's working but I guess I'll find out when I go. It's all a big huge mess if you ask me. Alright, that's all from me for tonight.

March 4, 1999
More doing nothing today. If anyone does read this I'd love to know...i wouldnt' be surprised if I am just writting this for me. Tormorrow i get to help my parents make the kiddush for least it's somethign to do. Alright, i have nothing else to say cuz nothing's been happening. byebye

March 3, 1999
No, i haven't been forgetting to hard drive went nuts on me so i haven't had a computer since thursday. Anyway, Thursday i went to Chicago. Elizabeth got me a ticket and we met at the theatre at 7:30. It was really great. Ute (Uta?) kept looking like she was going to kick herself in the head. I seemed to be getting better over the weekend but I've now got a cold keeping me busy...i don't think i've ever used to much kleenex in my life. The big news these days is the strike going on. This time it's support staff so we coudl be going to school except that the boiler at Northern, if not looked after, will blow up the city sooo home it is. it's not like i dotn' have things to do to keep me busy. It's snowing again now...i shoudl probably go out and shovel what's there to make my parents happy.

February 24, 1999
Well, here I am...not sure of what to write for now. Today's Lindsay (no, not me)'s Birthday...hope she had an amazing day if it's possible when you must suffer through a music class at Northern a week before the concert when the pieces still can't be played by most. Sounds like there's a good chance of at least a couple days of strike next week and i can't say i'm upset about it at all. i have about a billion tests and assignments due or to do in teh next 2 weeks...AHHHH...then i go to Florida and take another pile of work with to do there. At least it'll be warm. What else...oh, Chicago tomorrow :o) thanks a million to Elizabeth who will be baring the freezing cold tomorrow morning and getting me a ticket. Alright, i think that shall be all for now...time to try to get some chemistry done or somethign of the sort.